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How to Become a Video Game Designer 2022

Decades ago, video game designing was not a serious endeavor. But in the recent past, it has turned out to become a big career path. Game developers are becoming highly sought after by casino game companies. They build games for online casino platforms like Irish casino and other betting sites in Ireland. The act of video game designing has become the core of game manufacture.


Who Is a Video Game Designer?

A video game designer is a professional in creating the story and characters of any given video game. They also create the setting and other objectives of the game. After creating the game’s story, they also transform this idea and characters in the storyline into a playable form using computer programming code.

As video game designers, they keep improving their skills because people have so many gaming options now, unlike several decades ago. If there are any glitches or bugs, the designer also must figure out and resolve them. This way, they retain their player list.

What Do Video Game Designers Do?

As a video game designer, you have many tasks to perform because you conceptualize the games. You also see through the game from scratch to finish. In most instances, this will be done with the help of other game development team members. Some of the major things video game designers do include:

  • Game concept design
  • Game script writing
  • Interface design
  • Determining the difficulty of gameplay
  • Blending the storyline of the game into the gaming environment
  • Coordinating the game development team in most cases

Why Become a Video Game Designer?

If you love visual storytelling, graphic design, programming, artistic creativity, building adventure arenas, and have a passion for playing games, then a video game designing career would be right for you. You will also make a good living as a video game designer while working at your own pace if you desire. You can become an expert and design video games for betting sites in Ireland and other top betting brands.

How in Demand are Designers for the iGaming Industry?

The iGaming industry has grown, especially in the last decade, and continues to expand. More and more people are showing interest in becoming professional gamers. This ongoing upward trajectory in the iGaming industry has increased the demand for video game designers. Since 2019, this demand has grown by 5.31 percent per year. It has led to an increase in the income of video game designers. Most of them make an average of $105,920, with some earning $576,000.

The COVID 19 pandemic led to an astronomical surge in the number of people that flocked to gaming. This has largely continued the demand for game designers. This demand is also very high in the iGaming industry, given the search for game designers by startups and top game development companies. Besides, the latest innovations in tech like crypto and the Metaverse have given rise to the demand for designers talented within these areas.

How to Become a Video Game Designer

To build a video game designing career, you do not need to have a formal education degree, but you need to have a degree in video game designing. To become a video game designer, follow these steps;

  1. Get a Degree: You need to enroll in a reputable tech course to learn the rudiments of video game designing. A degree would position you well for bidding for design jobs. The degree you should seek must be based on your game design choice. It is crucial, even though talent for game design cannot be overlooked.
  2. Choose a Career: After getting your degree, the next thing to do is decide your career path in the video game design industry. This is necessary because it is a broad industry that requires you to focus on a specific area.
  3. Keep Learning: To excel in the video design industry, you need to know more than the basics; therefore, be grounded in your chosen area because the gaming industry is a high-pressure one that requires you to be active.
  4. Improve your Skills: Continuously seek to expand your skill set to be up to date with the trends in the industry. This expansion involves getting to know the latest gaming engines, gaming consoles, etc.
  5. Launch your Career: When you have gained enough experience, you can launch your own game and set out your path. Designing your own game will improve your mastery of the craft. Or you can join a company and become a part of a team that creates reputable games.

What Skills Does a Video Game Designer Need?

If you wish to become an expert video game designer, you will need a portfolio. The major skills you will need for a video gaming career include:

  • Passion for video games and gaming
  • Being very Creative
  • Being technically sound in programming languages such as C# and C++
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Being a good team player
  • Being innovative in your approach to game designing
  • Your problem-solving skills need to be adept
  • Being able to work under pressure if you have to work with big gaming firms
  • You have to be open to learning
  • Have an in-depth understanding of mathematics and analytical statistics


We have discussed the steps to becoming an expert video game designer and listed the skills you require to build a successful career. You have to be grounded and keep tabs on new technologies and software in the gaming industry. This will help you accelerate your career growth in this sphere. Also, take up useful internships and training courses for improving your skills. They will all come in handy in the long run.