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Think Of Your Website Like A Living, Breathing Organism And You’ll Understand The Importance Of Proper Maintenance

Think of your website like a living, breathing organism and you’ll understand the importance of proper maintenance.


Many small business owners make the mistake of having their website built and then leaving it at that. Unfortunately, when you have a website, your work is never finished.

If you want to achieve optimal results with your website, attract as much traffic as possible, and (more importantly) convert as many of those clicks into customers possible, this is the article for you; we’re going to talk about the importance of proper maintenance and how your website is not so dissimilar to a living, breathing organism.


We need regular check-ups with the doctor

Every now and again it’s important that we have a check-up with the doctor. How’s the blood pressure? Is our breathing OK? Do we have a regular heartbeat? How’s the temperature?

With regular check-ups we can easily spot any ailments and be prescribed the appropriate remedies before anything gets worse.

Your website is no different.

You should regularly have an expert run some back-end checks to ensure that everything is performing optimally.

The fact is, one small mistake or faulty plugin can send your website tumbling. Run a tight ship!


We need exercise, nutritious foods, and proper hydration

If we don’t exercise and only eat rubbish foods, we begin to perform poorly. We feel tired and sluggish, we get groggy, and our lives start to suffer as a result.

Again, your website is no different.

If you want to achieve optimal performance and attract as much traffic to your website as possible, you’ve got to give it what it needs.

Yes, regular maintenance check-ups are important. But what about link-building? And

are you producing fresh content for your users to enjoy, consistently?

And what about page load speed? How quickly does your website load? Do you have a high bounce rate or are you struggling to convert those clicks into customers?

There are many technical tasks you can carry out in the back-end of your website that will boost performance and usability – all of which are important for keeping your website visitors happy and engaged.


We have to evolve with the times

Times change and with it comes new technology and innovation. If you fail to evolve with the times, your life will remain stagnant and you won’t enjoy many of the modern conveniences of our time.

Take mobile responsiveness as a prime example.

If your website hasn’t been designed to accommodate mobile users on phones and tablets, you’re going to lose a lot of potential business.

Instead, you should adopt a responsive design and ensure that your website is modern and up-to-date – otherwise you’ll fall behind your competitors.


We need to send the right message to those around us

The way we conduct ourselves sends a message to all those who encounter us. As such, it’s important that we put on a good display and indicate to people that we are decent, caring, and that we can be trusted.

Your website is no different.

Your website needs to send the appropriate signals and present itself in such a way that will attract the right people. What are your focus keywords? Who is your target audience? How can you enrich their lives? Do you solve a specific problem?

Take this SEO in Abu Dhabi as an example; if their 500* 5-star Google reviews are anything to go by, it’s clear that they attract the right people – and take excellent care of them when they arrive on their site.


Conclusion: Your website needs constant attention

Again, your website is never finished. It is a living, breathing organism that needs constant upkeep to maintain.

Put the time and effort in and optimize your website accordingly, and your business will benefit greatly from it.

More traffic, greater conversions, and satisfied customers who come back time and time again for a positive experience.

You can’t achieve these things if you publish your website and then neglect it…

Give it the love it deserves!