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Top Mobile Commerce Trends That Are Dominating 2021


With customers’ strong dependence and use of mobile devices, mobile commerce or M-commerce has become a great sales channel and its trends are what every merchant must pay close attention to. Apart from the fact that buyers browse via mobile sites, they also spend a great deal of time on mobile apps.


That offers major opportunities for businesses to sell and promote their services and products. Mobile devices are so deep-rooted in today’s society, and the fact that around 80% of people worldwide have a smartphone only confirms that.


What’s more significant for merchants globally is that almost one-third of customers are using their smartphones for shopping. Mobile commerce enables buyers to shop from the palm of their hands in countless ways comprising mobile apps, online marketplaces, etc.

M-commerce provides a lot of benefits to brands, like offering extra touchpoints from the brand to the customer, greater chances to interact with customers, and providing a better customer journey as a result of more extensive customer data. Consequently, it’s obvious to understand why every brand would want to incorporate M-commerce into its strategy.

This article shows some of the top M-commerce trends that are dominating 2021. So, read below to find them out.

Shopping Through Mobile Apps

It’s common knowledge that customers are using their mobile devices to shop online. Instead of using an Internet browser, the majority of consumers use mobile apps to accommodate their shopping demands.

That’s a turning point for eCommerce shop owners. It’s obvious you must have a mobile-friendly website. However, a mobile-optimized eCommerce shop is not enough to truly succeed in eCommerce anymore.

2021 is the year of mobile shopping apps. To begin with, almost every customer prefers a mobile app over a mobile website. So, by developing an app from a reliable app builder for your online store, you’re already providing your customers what they want the most.

On the other hand, a mobile app converts almost 160% more than a mobile web session. Consider how much more money would your eCommerce store make if it has that much higher conversion rate? eCommerce retailers have acknowledged this significant trend, and are adjusting accordingly. They have recognized the significance of targeting mobile users, so they’re developing apps for their eCommerce stores. Mobile apps are the future of M-commerce development.


Voice Shopping

Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri have grown in popularity in recent years. In addition, the way people use voice search has changed as well. In the beginning, people used voice search for stuff such as weather-related questions or telling their speaker to put music on.

In 2021, voice search entered the eCommerce scene. Voice shopping is predicted to reach an astonishing $40 billion by 2022. That will have a major impact on mobile commerce, given the fact that over 40% of adults utilize voice search on their mobile devices at least once a day.


Augmented reality and virtual reality have been common jargon in the tech area for quite a while now. The application areas for that kind of technology have endless possibilities. By 2025, the augmented and virtual reality market forecast is expected to reach $571 billion.

Mobile shopping apps have started to utilize AR to boost customer’s experience. For instance, a business that sells tables online can utilize AR to display what a product would look like in a buyer’s living space. That gives people the possibility to pick a color and see how the table will fit in their home.

Without mobile commerce apps, consumers are basically compelled to buy with a trial run, which is far from perfect. The last thing a customer wants to do is buy a product online, just to find out that it doesn’t adequately fit in their living space.


One-Click Ordering

The switch to shopping from mobile apps will alleviate the process of checkout in 2021. Submitting an order online has previously required quite a lot of information from the buyer. Think about all the information that needs to be filled in to process transactions on your eCommerce store.

Entering the information manually every time a buyer wants to purchase something online is dull and inconvenient from the screen of a mobile device. That’s among the reasons why shopping cart dropout rates are that high from mobile sites.

Nevertheless, the shopping cart dropout rate from mobile apps is only 20%. So, how’s that possible? A mobile app enables you to store customer’s data on their user profiles. Therefore, when they want to buy, they don’t have to enter the same information manually every single time.

One-click ordering will make it possible for customers to complete the whole buying process in just one click. That’s a win-win situation for both sides. For eCommerce owners, conversions will increase rapidly. On the other side, customers will benefit because they will be able to find what they want and purchase it in a second.

Final Words

Mobile trends will continue to have an important role in the eCommerce sector for the coming period. So, as an eCommerce shop owner, you must keep a close look on M-commerce trends to plan appropriately. If you went through the trends we’ve mentioned above, you’ll notice a common element in every one – application integration.