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Trendy And New Applications For Instagram Users

Today 200 million+ brands use Instagram as a promotion platform. On average 71% of businesses in the US use it to attract an audience. Whether you are a small business or a blogger you have to resort to the power of social media. Every day we use Instagram to show our lives, inspire, motivate others, or view other people’s content. By using different kinds of solutions, we’re expanding the power of Instagram for us and our audience.


Directly, new apps are released daily to expand the capabilities of the favorite social media. But how do we know which ones are the best for us? And how to operate them correctly?

In 2021-2022, according to researchers, the most commonly used solutions are 4 types: Instagram photo downloader, reposting and reshaping tools, photo/video content editing apps, and analytical tools. Let’s look at them in a detailed version of the article.


Types of Mobile Apps for Instagram

Most mobile apps are ways to effectively communicate with your audience, promote your product in the influencer world, and stay in touch with Instagram trends. Even if you’re not a blogger, but just want to make your blog colorful, cozy, and stylish – these app types are the newest to choose from.

  • Instagram image downloaders and savers

Simple and easy-to-use applications. Provide the ability to view and download photos with the help of the anonymous option. Also, to save a photo you need 1-2 minutes, that depends on the service. There are several types of solutions. Services for the browser, computer, smartphones, and individual social networks. Most popular in 2022 are: Inflact, iGram, Insaver, InstaSave for mobiles.

The common features we can meet there are:

  • Anonymous personality for 100%
  • The ability not to log in to save the photos
  • Compression of content to save free space on the device
  • Ability to download stories, IGTV, Reels, and other formats
  • Reposting, resharing in the same apps is often available

Before installing an Instagram image downloader, it is useful to know if it works with your operating system: Windows, Android, iOS, or other. Some of them, kind of Inflact perfectly works on both iPhone and Android OS, computers, laptops, and tablets. Choose the best options for you and your needs.

  • Instagram planners/ auto-posters

Planning Instagram tools are the drivers of the content. They have the same purpose: to deliver the post on time. Planning makes it easier to work with a content plan: generate and test hypotheses, monitor traffic after publication on specific days and times. Most popular in 2022 are: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, VSCO, Snapseed, Adobe Spark, Design Wizard.

The common features we can meet are:

– Scheduling publications for different social media at the same time;

– Performance analysis with in-depth analytics and reporting;

– Managing several profiles from a single dashboard;

– Creating an effective content strategy with a publishing calendar;

  • Instagram photo editing apps

Instagram is a visual platform. The future of your business depends on the quality and detail of the content design. By the way, users often choose the brands on the first impression of its “Inst feed” and the “profile atmosphere”. To create this atmosphere and make a clear business positioning, you need to select the right tools.

We can divide the editors into two parts: content edition tools and graphic creation tools. Content Edition tools help to “beautify the content” and keynote the advantages. Users can switch and change the color, make the photo contrasting, resize and brighten it up.

Graphic Сreation tools are aimed to manage the elements: add icons and images, choose the most appropriate font for the style, design colloquial without a designer. Widely used applications: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, VSCO, Snapseed, Visme, Adobe Spark, Design Wizard, Easil.

  • Tools for Instagram analytics

The main purpose of Instagram analytics services is to monitor and gather information about profiles and statistics of your own and others’ accounts. There are several types of analytical applications: solutions for corporate and personal analytics, promotion through activity, audience growth in organic and non-organic ways, and other indicators and KPI metrics.

Here are the main features of analytical tools:

– Convert information into a graphics;

– Reports tracking of analytics;

– Make hypotheses based on the analytics;

– Competitor research & Market research;

This functionality allows users to find out the way to make the best decision connected to the personal, brand account, and its promotion. Besides, this information can be used further to work with your company’s reputation, improve your products or services and search for new ideas.

So, now you are a pro in the niche of applications such as Instagram image downloaders, analytical and content-making services, and savers for everyday use. Be ready to operate Instagram social media and its capabilities to the fullest extent.