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What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?


Instagram has become a monumental social media app that is all-encompassing and super user-friendly. Every other Instagram sends updates to your mobile phones to adjust to the increasing requirements of its users.


Instagram has become a platform where one can showcase skills, sell its business, become an influencer, share ideas, and share selfies and videos. A few years back, there was traffic on Instagram that also started relying on the chatting feature.

Chatting on Instagram is another cool feature due to its outstanding and incredible features. It allows you to text someone, send video and pictures, and take controls, i.e., to keep in chat or show once, voice calling, and video calling.

You do not need multiple apps to engage with people; you can use ONE app, i.e. Instagram, to socialize, share videos and photos with amazing features, and send direct messages.

In 2020, Meta-owned Instagram broke the news of launching ‘vanish mode’. Vanish mode is an incredible feature you can use while sending a DM.

What Exactly Vanish Mode Is?

Vanish mode is a chatting feature that is chatting in incognito mode. Once vanish mode is on, your chat does not save and keeps removing the earlier messages. The messages that you send or receive will vanish after being seen.

Vanish mode is amazing, and it looks amazing. Anyone can get into this mode to chat. It is highly recommended to ensure privacy in a chat if you don’t want your chats to be read by others.

Businesses also use vanish mode to have chats that they do not want to be read by someone else. They use it for private chatting related to business. Business profiles that want to Instagram real followers with large followers are usually at the risk of being hacked by hackers who want to hijack their business.

Once vanish mode is on, you will see your screen turned into night mode. This feature cannot be used in some countries, which means it is limited.

Just like Snapchat, your chats will vanish after being seen. Once you turn on the vanish mode, the other person will get a notification. Moreover, if anyone takes a screenshot or does a screen recording of the chat, the other person will be notified. Thus, it is a mode that turns on to have your chat’s end-to-end encryption.

How Can You Turn ON Vanish Mode?

Here is the complete guide on how you can do it:

Step One:

Open your Instagram app and go to the main page, i.e. Home Page with the home icon.

Step Two:

Now tap on the right corner of your mobile, i.e. chat icon similar to Facebook Messenger.

Step Three:

Open a chat box by tapping on any chats or start a new chat in the message thread if you want.

Step Four:

Now the chat is open and in front of you. Swipe Up from the lower area of your mobile until the screen turns dark.

Now, if your screen has turned dark and some ‘shush’ emojis fall from the top, you are in vanish mode.

Now whatever chat you do with that person will vanish after being seen. This feature does not support group chats and voice/video calling.

Vanish Mode Does Not Turn ON?!

If you cannot turn on the vanish mode, there can be possible reasons behind that. Make sure your app is up to date.

Some users cannot turn on the vanish mode because they are running the older version of the app. For that, go to Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone), search for the Instagram app, and check if it needs to be updated.

Another reason why you cannot turn on vanish mode may be because of your region. It is possible that your region does not have access to this feature of Instagram.

How You Can Turn Off the Vanish Mode:

You can easily turn off the vanish mode without any hustle, just as you turned it on.

Step One: Open the chat with vanish mode on.

Step Two: Swipe up from the lower area of your screen until the night goes off.

Now you are out of vanish mode. Whatever messages you send or receive while vanish mode is turned off will keep showing until you delete them manually.

Things to Remember:

Remember that the chats are self-destructive and disappear only when the vanish mode is turned on. The chats you do before the vanish mode is on or after turning it off will be there until they are manually deleted permanently.

Your voice or video calls will not disappear even if the vanish mode is turned on.

Vanish mode does not support the disappearance of chats for the groups.

No backup is possible for the chats you do in the vanish mode.

Why Use Vanish Mode:

It will help if you chat in vanish mode to ensure the privacy of the chat. If you don’t want a snoopy to get into your phone and read your private chats, then this is the best option you can use.

Businesses that have their private chats on Instagram must use this chat feature. It will ensure privacy for them.


You can chat in vanish mode if you don’t want your chat to be forwarded, copied, or saved. If someone takes a screenshot or video records your chat in the vanish mode, Instagram will notify you.

It works both ways; for example, if you turn on the vanish mode for a chat with your friend, chat from his side will also sneak into vanish mode.

You cannot chat in vanish mode with the accounts you haven’t interacted with before. Hence, it is safe as no random account can send offensive words or troll you in DM in vanish mode.

Final Word!

Thus, vanish mode is a great feature to use in your chats. It has some limitations as it does not operate in various areas in Europe and other countries. Moreover, this option is safest for the business profiles to do their private chats when vanish mode is turned on.