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Wedding Photo Fails Captured At The Perfect Moment

Wedding pictures are supposed to capture the best moments of your life. This list is full of the best moments captured on camera, and they are definitely unforgettable. Here’s a list of 75 wedding photo fails and this lucky wedding photographer got it all on camera.


The Upstage

The rule of upstaging the bride just got thrown out the window.

The Poop Cake

A cake that looks like poop for your wedding is definitely… unique? Rest assured no one else will ever copy your idea.

The Bathroom Gang

How many bridesmaids does it take to help the bride go to the bathroom?

The Cutest Guests

Well, I think these are the cutest wedding crashers ever.

The Beach Wedding

They took saving the budget on their wedding attire, in order to spend it on the destination- very seriously.

The Spooky Ceremony

Well, at least the fear of spending the rest of your life with someone is overshadowed by just fear of the spooky event.


The Starving Guest

This wedding guest is ready for the appetizers to be passed around. The groom better grab his crab cake and move on.

The Boss

I think it’s obvious who the boss will be in this marriage.

The Guest who’s against PDA

Apparently, not everyone supports PDA- even on their wedding day.

The Dead Photo Bomber

Well, that’s one way to steal the spotlight.

The Horse Who Stole The Spotlight

The horse wants some camera time too; move over ladies- there’s a new star in town.

Potty Break

When you have to go, you have to go.

The Happy Photo Bomber

Caught in action: a photobomber.

The Horse Legged Bride

Her legs seem to be a little horse like. Just me?

The Beer Spill

Blowing bubbles just didn’t seem like it was enough- so maybe throwing a beer on the bride is good luck?

Mommas Boy

“Steve, honey- you forgot your toothbrush!”

The Collapse of the Expensive Cake

“John, do you know how expensive that cake was?”

Flight of the Rotisserie Chicken

When pigeons and swans are too expensive, you buy a rotisserie chicken and make it fly.

Leftover Cake

Isn’t it normal to save food in your bra for later? It’s not? Oops.

Doggie Smooches

The dog is more jealous of not being in the spotlight, than her children.

The Return of Waldo

Where’s Waldo? Found him!

The Fisher

The idea of having this scenery as the background for their wedding pictures, was a great idea- but I don’t think they planned on having a random photo bomber fishing in the background.

The Big Swim

When she dreamed about her wedding day, I don’t think she planned on this happening. At least we were blessed with this hilarious picture.

The Big Disgust

Not everyone is happy with this couple kissing- even on their wedding day.

Oh Deer

Just a couple of deer galloping at the chance of taking the spotlight.

Level: Completed

Well, at least they unlocked a level- I call this day successful.


The Pre- Honeymooners

Hey, get a room!

Perfect timing

The groom set this up so he can get his moment in the spotlight for a change.

The Big Smoochers

Big smooches! The poor children look so disgusted.

The Talented Bridesmaid

This is definitely an odd pose for wedding pictures.

The Eight Foot Bride

That is one freakishly tall bride.

When You Have To Go..

When nature calls…

The Surprise

He is expecting to kiss the bride, and yet he gets surprised by a goat beard.

The Third Wheeler

He has no shame in his photo bombing game.

The Destination

That’s one way to take your wedding photos, on top of a mountain- in the middle of nowhere.

The Photo Bombing Bridesmaid

At last, a photo bomb by someone the couple actually knows- at least I hope so.

The Face plant

Go hit that dance floor! Not literally..

Schedule Conflict

I think there was a schedule conflict… A wedding and Navy training, why not do both?


Cake stole my look.

The Professional Planker

A celebratory plank. That’s a thing, right?

The Broken Dock

The dock breaks on their wedding day. Is that a bad sign? Not sure, but at least we get this perfectly timed picture.

The Unintentional Photo Bomber

This picture is perfectly timed, maybe not for the family- but he deserves his 5 minutes of fame too.

The Peaker

Talk about third wheeling.

The Goofy Bridal Party

Why does this wedding party still pretty even though they are trying to act goofy.

Puppy Love

Love is in the air.

The Bride Who Left Nothing To The Imagination

This bride took the “skimpy” look a little too seriously.

The Smart Aleck

He will definitely be the class clown in school.

The Distraction

It is kind of hard to focus on anything else in this picture…. I mean, that umbrella is very distracting.

Pit Check

Pit check! She doesn’t want to have body odor for the groom- who could blame her?

The Unexpected Wardrobe

Their guests got more of a show than they were expecting.

The Random Guest

An unexpected wedding crasher.

The Ceremonial Swim

They took beach wedding to a whole new level.

The Dress Holders

How many people does it take to hold up a dress?

The Unlucky Bride

She is definitely not singing in the rain- she just wants to get out of it.

Forever on the Internet

Their parents must be so proud that this picture will forever be on the internet.

Nude Beach

Getting married on a nude beach is one way to save some money- I’m sure they got the discounted rate.

The Bride Who’s Eager for Her Honeymoon

That’s definitely one way to prepare for your honeymoon, but at your wedding? Really?


Three’s a Crowd

This guy is an overachiever when it comes to being the best man.

The Shock

The brides Mom may have a heart attack when she sees this picture in the photo album.

It’s a full moon

The cameraman wasn’t kidding when he said he would be there to capture every single moment.

I see London, I see France, I see the Brides Underpants

When he asks, “what color of underwear do you have on?”

The Peep Show

The people who attended the wedding got more of a show than they intended to.

The Regret

The moment when you realize you are stuck with the same man for the rest of your life.

The Party Animal

We know who the life of the party in this group is.

Wedgie Friends

Best friends who pick wedgies together, stay together.

The Pre Honey Moon

I think this groom is ready to just skip to the honeymoon.

The Commando Bride

I’m pretty sure Marilyn Monroe had underwear on when her dress blew up, this bride should have followed in Marilyn’s footsteps.

Birthday Suit

This may be her special day, but it’s not her birthday. I think her Dad is regretting her wearing her birthday suit to her wedding.