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There are some people in this world who are always stressed about trying to live the healthiest and longest life possible. There are also people who honestly could care less. They just try to live adventurously and they like to live life on the dangerous side. This is a list of hilarious people who could not care less.


Living on the dangerous side

This girl clearly wanted to live on the dangerous side by doing yoga on the train track. She didn’t know if a train was coming or not, but she took that risk anyways.

saving the nuggets for later

When you gotta go, you gotta go- even if that means that you have to put your food down on the bathroom floor. That’s a bold move, because the bathroom is full of dangerous bacteria that could make you very sick. However, when you’re hungry- you can’t waste food.


This kid has no shame in his game. He doesn’t mind taking the risk and going for it. We can only imagine how this situation ended.


As cute as this picture is, it isn’t safe for a dog to be on a motorcycle. The dog at least has goggles and a helmet on.

No shame in his speedo

This man has no shame. He’s comfortable in his lack of clothing, and if that’s how he wants to roam around town- who are we to judge?


This is the perfect example of a baby taking control of the situation, like the little boss they are. We appreciate a person who takes a little risk; however, this risk is a little overboard. This isn’t safe for the baby at all, and we don’t like seeing anyone getting injured- especially a baby. Stay safe out there!

opposite day

Talk about a rule breaker. This guy did exactly what the sign said not to. He doesn’t mind that he’s breaking a rule.

curlers and cardio

This Grandma apparently ran out of time in the morning to do her hair, so she threw in some curlers and went to the gym. We love that she has enough confidence to not care what people think.

CHEERS to procrastination

Cheers to procrastination! Who wouldn’t love to have a beer in the middle of class, but most of us aren’t brave enough to actually do it. It’s probably not a good idea to drink in class, but some people just don’t care.


Whoever decided to take a piece of this engagement cake was gutsy. They felt like they just had to take the piece that had the groom-to-be’s name on it. Someone is apparently very bitter.

Not a care in the world

This guy doesn’t have a care in the world. He’s drinking right in front of a sign that says “No alcohol beyond this point.” The cops apparently aren’t too worried that he’s breaking the law. This was risky, but it all worked out for him.

Life is a gymnasium

Some people see life as a playground. This person in particular lives for the danger and likes to jump and climb on anything they can. Life is too short to play it safe, right?

capturing every angel

There are some photographers who try to make sure that they capture every angle on camera. This photographer may have pushed it a little too far and took a huge risk. We are almost positive that the girl is probably not happy that the photographer did that.

deadly waves

This guy is enjoying the beautiful day, and he’s completely ignoring the sign right in front of him. The sign is very clear, that the waves are deadly. But this guy just doesn’t care that he’s putting his life and the person taking the pictures life in danger. Anything for a picture, right?

sassy grandma

This sassy grandma did the complete opposite of what the sign said. After a heavy meal it can be easy to fall asleep. She couldn’t care less about the sign.

Bike riding buddy

This guy really didn’t want to ride his bike alone, so he brought his best friend. We don’t really understand why he’s in a boat, but sometimes you have to improvise. This guy doesn’t care about being judged, he does what he wants.

RULES are(n’t) meant to be broken

There’s a reason we have rules, because they keep us safe and they allow for things to work out properly. This person decided to go completely against the rules and use a knife to open the package. They just don’t care. We just hope no one got hurt or it didn’t ruin the product they ordered.

absolutely NO SHAME

There are some people who are rule breakers and some people who just have no shame. This guy has absolutely no shame, and he seems happy about that.


Living life on the edge can be great and spontaneous sometimes, but not in this case. This is exceptionally dangerous, and we just hope the baby did not get hurt. Instead of taking a picture, the person should have helped the baby right away.

No diving

This person went completely against the pool rules. They actually went diving in the pool, they just have no care in the world.


This person took a stapler from work, even though it clearly says not to. They did the complete opposite of the directions, and they really just don’t care.

risky YOGA business

Wherever they are at, the view is gorgeous. It’s important to take in everything that life has to offer, and often that includes doing yoga. However, there’s a time and place for everything. She is putting herself at risk by doing yoga on a cliff. We just after this picture she was able to stand up safely.

Medicine rebel

Often times, being a rebel isn’t a bad thing. But when it comes to medications, it’s best to follow the instructions on the bottle. Taking two, when it says to take one is not a good idea.

Library rule breaker

This guy decided to break every rule the library has. Some people just don’t care about rules, and they like to do the complete opposite to be funny- or just for a picture like this guy.

Will do

This person could have gone and reported the graffiti; instead they made more graffiti to let the front desk know. Some people take risks for literally no reason, other than to have a good laugh.

texting at work

The pilot and the passengers are probably ready to take off; however, this flight attendant definitely isn’t ready. If a person is really that bored and if she hates her job that much, she should probably quit. Texting while sitting in the engine that’s more than likely, about to be turned on definitely isn’t the way to go.


Some people just can’t seem to follow the rules. This person had to eat the chocolate one minute before the packaging says to. The chocolate was apparently so good, that they couldn’t wait one more minute.

Talk about being ironic

Oh, the irony. The sign may have thanked the driver a tad too soon. We just hope no one got hurt in the accident.


He was instructed to look right, and he looked left. At least, this wasn’t a dangerous risk- like some of the risks on this list.

“Look, MOMMY!”

Mommy look! This kid has absolutely no shame. Hopefully his parents won’t allow him to grow up too fast.

He just did that

He did exactly what he was told not to do, but he actually did it… He actually was thinking of parking there. This guy definitely knows how to live life on the wild side.

Packed lunch

This kid decided that he no longer wanted to wait in line for a school lunch; instead he decided to pack his lunch… literally. He even brought his own microwave. That’s a pretty risky move, since a lot of his peers will more than likely ask questions and possibly even judge him.

Middle PARKING spot

This driver obviously couldn’t care less. This person isn’t even parked in an actual spot. They are parked right in the middle of the lot. Why? Just because they can.

Please Do (not) touch

They asked very nicely to not touch the floor, and this rebellious man decided to just go for it- and touch it anyway. This person even sat on the ground to touch it. He just couldn’t follow the rules.

Just ridin along

Driving safely is important, regardless where you are. This kid is riding the back of a scooter down the aisles of Walmart. We aren’t sure if the person driving the scooter knows that there is a kid on the back or not. However, this could be dangerous for the kid.

Laying on the rules

This guy decided to lay down right where it says not to. He could have laid down anywhere, but he just had to be a rule breaker.

Careless students

The sign is strict and clear. However, these kids couldn’t care less. They are all on their phones sitting on the stairs- rebelling.

JUST BECAUSE, no reason

Often times, people just like to do the complete opposite they are told to do, for no reason. This father and his son are breaking the rules, but at least this risk is pretty harmless.

TIME didn’t stand still

This guy just never wanted to grow up, and he rebelled towards time. He tried to hold onto his youth as much as he could, even if it means breaking the rules and taking some risks.

For women only

This guy went against the title of the book and he decided to read it anyways. The book has a clear and straight to the point title, but this guy had to go against it. At least this risk was harmless.

do not PASS OUT

This sign made it very clear that you cannot pass out, obviously this guy didn’t get the memo. Or perhaps he did, but he just wanted to be funny for the camera.


This man is known for taking the ultimate risks. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legendary actor and politician. He can’t be stopped, and he’s ready to take on any challenge thrown his way- and that includes smoking in a place that is prohibited.

A little moody

This seat has obviously been taken by someone who is not in a great mood. He wanted to sit here, and he wanted to live life on the wild side- by being grumpy, when the sign clearly stated that you need to be in a good mood to sit there.


We do not tolerate discrimination against certain people or groups. Although the sign technically meant to not bring china dishes on the patio, we still believe no signs should leave out anyone.


Living in a free country, you tend to do as you please. That’s great. However, when it comes to mailing a letter, there are clear cut instructions for a reason. That way your mail arrives in the right place, at the right time.


Most people would want a selfie with the queen, if they were standing right next to her. However, that doesn’t mean you should. Before you try to do something like this, you should always think of the consequences first. We have to admit, taking a selfie with the queen is risky business.

livin life on the edge… of a cliff

This guy took things obviously too far. We are all for people trying to live life on the edge more; however, this guy took it too literal. He completely risked his life for a picture, and we believe that’s not a risk worth taking.

GRANDPA supports Yolo

We are all for living your best life, and we are in support of YOLO. But please be wise about your actions, and don’t do anything that doesn’t make sense or do things that are too risky- in which your life is in danger.

She’s got no shame in her game

This girl is ready to show the world (or everyone on the subway) just how much fun she’s planning on having this weekend. She clearly has no shame in her game.

Risky planking

Planking is a popular trend, where you lay face down on an object. This person took planking to a whole new level. We just hope they were able to get down safely.

No dogs

How can you not love dogs? They are sweet, loyal, and just plain adorable. However, there are rules for a reason. They posted that sign for a reason. It’s hard kicking a dog out of a place, but sometimes it’s needed.


As the famous saying goes, “What happens in Vegas,” unfortunately doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Elmo took the risk of being honest. We hope the best for poor Elmo!

Music is life

Who doesn’t love to put their headphones in, and have a jam session? However, there’s a time and place for headphones. Standing in line, waiting to get some food isn’t the best place for headphones.

OREO obsessed

Style allows you to express yourself, and that includes doing your hair the way you want it. This hair is risky, because she probably won’t find a job, romantic partner, and she will probably get a lot of stares; due to this hair.

yolo bus

This bus looks like they offer a good time; however, a bus named the YOLO bus surely can’t be safe. Riding this bus, is the risk in itself.

Just hanging out & hanging on

This looks extremely dangerous, and risky. If you are wanting to hang out with your friends, next time consider going to see a movie- instead of hanging out on the side of a vehicle.

waiting on an emergency

A Big Mac may be affordable, but it’s extremely unhealthy. At least you can rest easier knowing that if you do have an emergency while eating, there’s already an ambulance there waiting for you… Yikes!

unicorn jump

Even though, the unicorn makes this more comical, it’s still extremely dangerous and risky. Next time, when you try to go bungee jumping- lose the unicorn?

Headless man

Mimicking the sign “headless,” can be risky. You are already doing what it tells you not to do, and if you are jumping over something while not looking- you can easily get hurt. It’s best to just follow the rules, so no one gets hurt.

“Look Ma, One hand”

This sign was pretty clear, that you need to use both hands. This person had to be a risk taker, and rebel against the rules. Hopefully, their package didn’t get damaged.