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Baby Tortoise Went Missing, 4 Weeks Later Owner Hears Some Mysterious Noise And Realizes She Needs An Incredible Rescue Mission

Losing a pet is one of the worst things in the world! No matter how big or small, a pet takes up such a huge part of our hearts. When one woman’s tortoise went missing she was absolutely heartbroken. Then 4 weeks later, she heard the strangest noise. It was then she realized that she needed to assemble a team to help rescue her tortoise!


20. Family Pet

Image: Bow Wow Pet Service

A pet is more often than not a very treasured and loved member of the family. Pets bring so many of us joy in the best ways. No matter what kind of animal, a pet brings joy to the family!

19. Tortoise

Image: The Dodo

One woman can definitely vouch for the importance of a pet, no matter what size or animal type. Lyndsay Ward happens to have an adorable pet tortoise that she named Herman. Herman is her pride and joy and she absolutely adores him!

18. Bad Day

Image: Reddit

One day, however, Ward got the shock of a lifetime when it appeared that Herman was nowhere to be found. The day started off as usual with no indication that things could go so horribly wrong.

17. Playing Outside


On July 6th, Ward took Herman outside to play in the backyard of her Cambridge, England home. This wasn’t an unusual occurrence as she liked to give Herman space to move around in the garden. Everything was going great!

16. Garden Time


Herman was enjoying playing outside in the garden with his family. However, at one point, the family turned around as they were preoccupied with something. That was when something unbelievable happened.

15. Nowhere

Image: PetGuide

As soon as everyone’s attention was directed back to Herman it was obvious he was no longer around. Ward instantly grew worried and began to search all around the garden. She looked everywhere for Herman!

14. Unsuccessful

Image: Tortoise Forum

Ward relentlessly searched for Herman and wouldn’t give up. However, after searching for so long she realized that Herman was obviously not in the garden. That’s when she came up with a new plan.

13. Spreading The Word

Image: The Repository

Ward decided she had to get the word out about her missing tortoise. The first thing she did was print out a bunch of posters. She began to place them all around the neighborhood with all of the proper information.

12. Facebook Posts

Image: B-Town Blog

Ward also decided to spread the word over social media. She began to make Facebook posts about the situation. She pleaded with everyone to be on the lookout for Herman. Ward hoped that this would do the trick!

11. Weeks

Image: Tortoise Forum

Days passed and still, there was no word from anyone about Herman. Then days turned into weeks and finally, four weeks passed without any sign of Herman. Then one day, Ward heard something strange in the garden.

10. Weird Sound

Image by SocialNewsDashboard

One day, Ward heard a very unusual sound coming from the garden. Even though it had been weeks since she had seen Herman, she refused to give up hope. “I heard this scratching noise, and knowing the sound tortoises make, I just knew it was Herman,” she told Cambridgeshire Live.

9. A Pipe

Image: The Dodo

Ward and her partner Matt decided to check out a pipe that sticks out above the ground in the garden. They looked in it before but they figured that it was way too small for Herman to have crawled into. However, that’s exactly where Herman had been the whole time!

8. Inside The Pipe

Image: BBC

There Herman was, inside of the tiny pipe that no one thought he was in. Ward and her partner began to dig all around the pipe, hoping to get the little turtle out. However, they soon realized that they would need professional help.



The pair realized they couldn’t rescue the sweet tortoise all on their own. They quickly phoned the RSPCA for help. An officer rushed over to their home to assist them.

6. Digging Deep

Image: The Dodo

The officer from the RSPCA began to help them with the digging. They all continued to dig until they got about 3 feet into the ground. Finally, the officer was able to get the tortoise out of the pipe.

5. Reunited

Image: The Dodo

Finally, Herman was reunited with his family! Everyone was so happy to have Herman back in their lives. But how did he manage to get lodged into the pipe?

4. Maneuvering


It seems that tortoises are actually really great at maneuvering in small spaces. They’re able to burrow under fences and make their way through the craziest of places. Herman was probably just digging around when he found himself lodged in the pipe.

3. Doing Well

Image: The Dodo

Despite being trapped inside of the pipe for 4 weeks, Herman is actually doing pretty well. He’s still allowed to hang out in the garden, however, he now has a playpen area to keep him from getting into another bad situation.

2. A True Miracle

Image: PetHelpful

“It really is a miracle he was rescued,” Ward said. “We have no idea where that pipe leads to, and I’m so curious as to what on earth Herman has been up to for the last 28 days.”

1. So Happy

Image: Tortoise Forum

Ward is relieved and happy to have Herman back in her life. We can also imagine that Herman is very happy to have been freed from the pipe!