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‘Cat Whisperer’ Baby Can Make Any Cat Sleep Within Seconds

Animals often form special bonds with people of all ages, even babies. Some animals like to be protective of a young child and will snuggle them long into the night. One little girl’s parents are in awe at just how bonded their daughter is with cats.


18. First Days

Image: Imgur 4QT

Bringing home a baby to a house with animals can be worrisome for new parents. They wonder how the animal will take to the baby. Will it be jealous? Will it try to scratch or bite the baby? The parents of this little girl didn’t need to worry.

17. Curled Up

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

Stayce Cardona shared her daughter’s pictures on the Aww subreddit, a popular section on the website for sharing adorable images. One user commented that the images were “heart-melting” and it’s absolutely true!

16. Future Cat Lady

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

Almost immediately, the little girl showed that she had a good connection with cats. The parent on Reddit commented that it was a “future cat lady,” and we’d definitely agree. The little white kitten snuggled immediately with its new friend.

15. Growing Up Together

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

As the little girl grew bigger and stronger, so did the kitten! It wouldn’t be long before these two were exploring all over the house. Stayce, however, said that the cat would always stick close by the girl’s side.

14. Nap Buddies

Image: Instagram The_Cardonas

It doesn’t matter where the girl is or how old she is, it seems the cat loves to snuggle up with her. The two are inseparable and the duo are some of the cutest best friends ever. As Stayce said, “This girl LOVES cats and they love her.”

13. Fiercely Devoted

Image: Instagram The_Cardonas

The cats even prefer their little companion to the adults as the parent wrote, “The last cat didn’t let me close, but purred when she petted it. I am a bit jealous, but she is what she is – cat whisperer.”

12. Favorite Animal

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

Even when she was surrounded by snuggly plush blankets as a baby, the little girl still preferred the company of her kitty friend. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like the warmth of a kitty’s fur and the soft purring sound.

11.Gentle Pats

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

The cat is so gentle with her little human that she gently pets her on the head while the tot sleeps. One can imagine that she actually sees the child like her kitten, as she’s very loving to her.

10. Tolerant

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

The little girl is decidedly bigger in this picture, and yet the cat doesn’t care that she’s using her as a pillow. Instead, the kitty has opted to look outside while the little girl slumbers. It’s amazing that these two are so bonded, and we bet parents love this kitty babysitter!

9. Snuggly

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

These two don’t care where they are, they can get in a snuggle. Whether it’s lying on the couch or on the floor, it’s always a good place for a nap together. What adorable photos the child will have to look back on when she’s older.

8.Big Kid Bed

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

Even when the little girl starts to sleep in a bed, the kitty loves to lay with her. You just can’t break these two apart.

7. Even More Kitty Love

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

Now she’s snuggling with even more kitties, both of which are cuddled close. They know that this is their human and they must remain with her. We bet not even the opening of a tuna can would pull them away!

6. Cat Whisperer

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

Every cat this girl meets becomes her best friend almost instantly. She can sleep and snuggle with every feline she meets it seems!

5. Everybody Wants to be This Cat Girl’s Friend

Image: Imgur Stayce Cardona

It doesn’t matter the size, coat, or age of the cat, this little girl tames them all. Even when she’s up and walking, she’s still paying attention to her feline friends. This child might grow up to work with animals one day.

4. Adorable Artwork

Image: Reddit kiggidymao

Posting on redditgetdrawn, the parents asked if they could get an image of their daughter and striped kitty, Max, together. User kiggidymao obliged and made one adorable picture!

3. Cat Fan Forever

Image: Instagram The_Cardonas

As she gets older, the little girl is even more bonded to all of her animal friends. It seems that no day is complete without at least a time spent with some of her beloved animals.

2. We Need a Bigger Cat Bed

Image: Instagram The_Cardonas

At times, she’ll even snuggle with the cat right on its bed! It seems that they’re going to need a bigger one to fit all of her kitties!

1. Animal-Loving Family

Image: Instagram The_Cardonas

The family has multiple cats and dogs. Mom even does custom pet portraits and paintings. It’s easy to see that this family loves animals and that’s probably one of the reasons why the cats are so quick to bond with their daughter.