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Dog’s Incredible Reaction After Being Reunited With His Family

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. They’re also part of our families, and when things go wrong, we freak out. The same happened to a family in Las Vegas. Their pooch Butterscotch left the house and went on an adventure. Butterscotch was missing for 12 days until he was finally spotted.


Then, the wife went to pick him up and guess how the father reacted when he saw his beloved pup! It will completely melt your heart!

20. The Gorgeous Butterscotch

Anabel Vargas and Jesse Arias are the proud parents of two amazing kids and a beautiful black and white dog who they named Butterscotch. But back in 2015, the pooch went missing… Everyone went crazy!

19. The Pooch Followed Them

The family went on a family trip to California and left Butterscotch home in the fenced backyard. Then, Vargas’ sister would come to take the pup to her house to look after him. But Butterscotch dug a hole under the fence and probably went to follow the family…

18. Grim News!

When the sister came home and didn’t found the pup, she called the family. They came home the next day and started looking for the pooch. The family printed flyers and posters to find him. Where could he be?

17. Checking Everywhere

The family stuck fliers at the vets, animal shelters, and called them to ask about Butterscotch. After a week, the family was desperate. Twelve days passed and finally, someone told Vargas they spotted a dog matching the description…

16. The Vegas Freeway

The dog that matched the description was on a Vegas freeway. Jesse Arias went there and looked for his dog the whole morning, but he couldn’t find him. He returned home, and his wife continued the search. You won’t believe what happens next!

15. Chilling Near a House

On her way to the freeway, Vargas spotted her beloved pooch resting in front of a house. She called him, and her furry baby immediately came. He hopped in the passenger seat, and Vargas started filming the whole thing. This is what she said.

14. Our Butters Went Missing

As Vargas started to film, she looks into the camera saying: ‘Everyone knows that Butters went missing about a week and a half ago.’ Then, she turns the camera, revealing the missing pup sitting on the passenger seat among all ‘dog missing’ flyers.

13. I Found Butters!

‘Well, look who I found!’ said Vargas as she sets the camera on the guilty yet adorable pup. ‘I’ve been looking for him all morning; there’s the posters,’ she added, pointing to the fliers. Vargas then explains the whole story…

12. We’re Going Home

The wife continues to film as she pulls to a stop close to the family home. She and Butters are ready to surprise the others. Arias notices the car and his beloved pooch. Meanwhile, Vargas says ‘Daddy’s outside! There he is. He’s outside!’

11. ‘Open the Door!’

The overjoyed father makes a run for the car and gets to the door, which is locked, so he yells with excitement ‘open the door!’ He doesn’t wait for the door to open, so he reaches through the gap in the window…

10. An Emotional Rollercoaster

It’s not a long video, but the man gets very emotional, finally being able to open the door. He hugs Butters and ruffles the dog’s head, with tears in his eyes, saying ‘What were you doing, stupid?’ And that’s not all!

9. ‘What Are You Doing?’

Arias keeps on crying and hugging Butters, kissing him and asking the pup: ‘Butters! What are you doing?’ The pup leaps at Arias and rests his front paws in a hug. He sure knows how to get away from his scolding!

8. ‘A Furious Wagging Tail’

The man might cuss his pet, but looking at his reaction, he surely is more than happy to see his pooch alive and well. He continues calling Butter an ‘idiot’ while lovingly leading him towards the house to reunite with the rest of the family.

7. Relieved to have Him Back

Aries’s heart is full of relief, frustration and annoyed that his pup ran away and didn’t come back home, but he’s thrilled to see his pooch. The kids are also excited to see Butter again, and the older one rushes for a hug.

6. Thousands of Views on YouTube

The video has been posted on 6 December in 2015 by Vargas and has gathered over 90,000 views. It has become viral this week, as it was shared on many platforms on the internet. Last fall Vargas shared her tale online. This is what she said…

5. The Full Story

Vargas’ story was then posted on social media. She explained her story on an online news group, writing that ‘Butters means the world to all of us and we never gave up! We’d still be looking if we had not found him. It was a very emotional reunion!’

4. Everyone Was Brought to Tears

People on social media commented, saying they’ve cried with Arias and that they related to his funny and touching reaction. Then, Arias responded to the comment. This is what he said, and we can’t stop laughing!

3. ‘It Is I…’

Arias wrote: ‘It is I Jesse Arias, the man running to his dog, crying like a girl and I guess being a big jerk for cussing at Butters.’ He then explains why he had this reaction, and it was just as we thought…

2. They All Missed Butter

‘I didn’t cuss at him in a mean way. I just missed the butt head,’ added Arias. And there is no doubt he tells the truth! And the great news is that Butterscotch hasn’t run off again since 2015.

1. Hope Never Dies

Even after 12 days, the family proved that they wouldn’t lose hope or stop looking for their pup. We hope the family and their pooch stick together and they’ll take Butterscotch with them, as he proved that he’s quite a fan of traveling too!