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Just Minutes Into Their Wedding Ceremony, Bride Finds A Secret The Groom Didn’t Want Her To Know

Maggie and Caleb were so excited for their upcoming wedding. They were completely in love and could not wait to commit the rest of their lives to one another in front of their family and friends. The couple had planned their wedding day down to the last detail. But when the big day finally came, something completely unexpected happened that left the bride floored. Neither Caleb or Maggie could have expected what happened, despite all of their preparation, Their photographer happened to catch the moment on film and it went viral, which completely surprised the couple.


Caleb and Maggie effectively grew up together. They had been friends since they attended high school together in Asheville, NC. They moved in the same circles of friends, so they spent a lot of time together and shared all of the typical teen milestones, from homecoming to prom. Maggie had thought about dating Caleb at times, but she never acted on it. The two were such good friends that it didn’t seem like romance was in the cards. Several of their friends thought they should get together, but the two of them didn’t see it…until they did! After they graduated, Maggie and Caleb, they met again and saw each other in a completely different way. They decided to give dating a try. Still despite having a lot of history and knowing each other so well, Maggie could never have expected what would happen on their wedding day…and what she would learn about Caleb in the process.

School Buddies

Maggie and Caleb were both busy throughout high school. They were hardworking teens and focused on their respective futures. Caleb had plans to enter the marine corps after graduation. Both were determined and focused. While they were good friends, supporting and encouraging each other, neither gave much thought to dating. They simply enjoyed their friendship. Neither could have suspected then that they would end up getting married and becoming internet stars!


It wasn’t until Maggie and Caleb met again after they graduated that they noticed sparks. Both had started to grow up, and their lives and priorities were changing. They realized that their friendship might have the potential for something more and they decided to give it a try. They agreed to take time out of their busy lives to devote to each other and to see where things would go.

The Sparks Fly

As they started spending more and more time together, the romantic connection that they had became impossible to ignore. Caleb and Maggie officially began dating as a couple in the fall of 2013, and their families were thrilled. As time went on, the couple began to realize how deep their connection was and how much they had in common. They were happy and in love.

She Loves Me…?

Caleb and Maggie were young, but he knew without question that she was the love of his life. He wanted to marry her, but he was nervous. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Maggie, but he had no idea if she felt the same way. Still, he decided that the risk was worth it. He resolved to tell her how much he loved her and went to the store to pick out the perfect ring.

Popping the Question

Being traditional, Caleb first asked Maggie’s parents for permission to ask for her hand. They happily agreed. With her parents’ blessing, the ring, and his faith in God, he asked Maggie to be his wife and spend the rest of their lives together. Much to his relief, Maggie enthusiastically said “Yes!” That was one of the happiest days of the young couples’ lives so far. They would only be 22 on their wedding day, but they knew they were doing the right thing. With their love for each other and their faith in God, nothing could go wrong…or at least that’s what they wanted to believe.

Stress and Planning

Wedding planning was stressful and time consuming. Even though Maggie and Caleb were both generally laid-back people—and in fact that was one of the main things that had originally attracted them to one another as friends and then partners—they quickly realized that pulling off their dream wedding would involve for more than either had banked on. While everything was being prepared, the couple had little time to spend with each other, much less friends and family. But they wanted the day to be perfect and knew it would all be worth it.


Caleb knew without question that Maggie was his soulmate and that they were meant to be together. He had won her heart and intended to keep making himself worthy of her love. The couple were interviewed by “Today,” and Caleb talked about how lucky he was to be with Maggie. Not only were they in love, but their relationship was based on the solid foundation of years of friendship. He would do whatever it took to make sure things worked.

The Call of Duty

Caleb and Maggie had always hardworking and focused, even when they were in school. Despite being young, they were very mature and goal-oriented. As he had always planned, Caleb had become a Marine. It was a demanding job, but it was what he had always wanted to do. He believed that serving his country was an honor. This was difficult, however, on his family life, as he was often away for long periods of time. The couple missed each other. Maggie, as always, was supportive and took care things at home while he was gone. It was hard on Maggie, not knowing what was going on with Caleb at this time.

Early Preview

Caleb had always been very driven and entered into the Marine Corps when he was only 19. By the time he and Maggie were to be married, he had been an active Marine for three years. While this was quite an achievement, it also foreshadowed what their life together would be like. They knew going in what his job would entail. But what would the demands of his career mean for their marriage?

Bound by Faith

Maintaining a long-distance relationship with two demanding careers can be very incredibly difficult, but Caleb and Maggie loved each other and were determined to make it work. They also both had a strong belief in God, which not only strengthened their relationship but also their beliefs the everything would work out. They put their trust in God and waited. They knew they would be together again soon, and that God had a plan for them.

Trusting God and Each Other

Their shared faith was the bedrock of Maggie and Caleb’s relationship. It made the distance and long times apart much more bearable. They trusted that God had a plan for them and knew that they loved each other. The couple knew that, in time, they would be able to be together and share their lives forever. Before they knew it, their wedding day was approaching.

No Photographers Available

The couple had planned a small, intimate wedding, focused on faith, family, and friends. They were hoping to find a wonderful photographer to capture all of the happiness and important moments of the big day. As the wedding approached, however, they hadn’t had any luck. Maggie and Caleb had contacted several photographers, but so far no one was available. They couple started to worry that they may not be able to capture the most important day of their lives on film.

Hoping for the Impossible

The wedding grew closer and closer, and Caleb and Maggie still hadn’t found a photographer. However, they had faith that it would somehow all work out. Around that time, one of the couple’s friends gave them a few suggestions, including Dwayne Schmidt. He was a popular and extremely talented photographer, but the couple knew it would be difficult to book him on such short notice. The hoped and prayed that he might be available.

A Perfect Match

Maggie and Caleb contacted Dwayne, and they all met shortly before the wedding. Dwayne showed them his portfolio, and the couple were so impressed that they asked him to photograph their wedding then and there. Miraculously, Dwayne was available and agreed. Maggie and Caleb were thrilled and relieved that they had found the perfect person to capture what would be their most important memories. They could not have known it at the time, but Dwayne was about to change their lives forever.

A Big Curveball

Now that they finally had a photographer, everything was set. Maggie and Caleb couldn’t wait for their wedding! They had no idea that anything would go wrong and had not made any back-up plans. Just one week before, however, the couple received a phone call with devastating news. They had no idea what to do and were worried that all of their wedding plans would unravel.

 Emergency Surgery

Dwayne called Maggie and Caleb. He was in the hospital and had to have emergency surgery to remove kidney stones. He hoped that he would be well enough by the time the wedding came, but as the surgery seemed as though it would be quite difficult, he had no idea whether he would recover in time. Maggie and Caleb didn’t know what they should do. Should they look for another photographer? Postpone the wedding? Hope that Dwayne would recover in time? As they had always done in the past, the two put their faith in God and decided to pray that Dwayne would be well enough.

Test of Faith

Caleb and Maggie’s strong faith had gotten them through difficult times before. It was one of the primary ways that they had managed the long times apart when Caleb had been away with the military. It was how they dealt with any difficulty or obstacle in their path. This was no exception. They put their trust in God that everything would work out.

Surgical Success

After his surgery, the couple heard from Dwayne again. Everything had gone very well, and he was resting at home, hopeful that he would be well enough within the week to photograph their wedding as planned. Maggie and Caleb were thrilled, but they were still worried that Dwayne wouldn’t be able to make it. It was too soon to tell. The couple decided to focus on all of their other wedding-related tasks to keep their minds off of Dwayne. They knew that celebrating their love for each other with friends and family would be magical whether they had photos or not.

Medical Miracle

A few days before the wedding, Caleb called Dwayne for an update. The couple was hopeful but given that the surgery had taken place only a few days before, they didn’t have high expectations. Much to their delight, Dwayne surprised them by saying that he was fulling recovered and would be at their wedding as planned! Maggie thought their prayers had been answered.

Not So Traditional

Caleb was extremely traditional. Unsurprisingly, then, he and Maggie had decided that they would not see each other before the actual wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, Caleb had a special plan in mind for his bride-to-be. He asked Dwayne whether he would be willing to take some additional pictures of just the two of them prior to the wedding. Dwayne enthusiastically agreed. Not only did he love the idea of Caleb doing something original for Maggie, but this would give the photographer a chance to do more artistic work.

Here at Last

The day of the wedding finally arrived, and Dwayne was circulating among Maggie and Caleb’s family and friends, taking all sorts of photos. He wanted to document every aspect of the couple’s special day that he could think of. After a while, just as he and Caleb had discussed, Dwayne made his way into the room where Maggie was waiting with her bridesmaids. He knew Caleb’s plans, but he wasn’t sure what he the photographs would show.

Executing the Plan

Dwayne stayed with Maggie and her bridal party as they were getting ready, and he took lots of photos of the process. He captured them chatting, putting on make-up, and getting their hair done. He wanted to make sure to document everything. Meanwhile, he was waiting for Caleb to arrive. When he came in through the back of the room, Dwayne could see that Caleb was very nervous.

The Groom’s Entrance

Maggie did not see Caleb and had no idea that he and come in. She was standing around the corner. The other women did, however, and waited with anticipation to see what he would do. Caleb kept his eyes down, so that he would not be able to see Maggie in her dress, and slowly moved towards her. He could hardly believe that the moment they had been building up to for so long was almost here.

Capturing the Moment

Caleb made his way over to where Maggie was standing. They each stood on opposite sides of the door frame, careful not to look at one another. Dwayne knew what was about to happen and began snapping photo after photo. As the door slowly opened, Maggie leaned away so that, once again, she would not see Caleb before they were at the altar.

Emotional Connection

The couple had decided that they would not look at one another until they had made their vows in the ceremony. They wanted their first glimpse at each other to happen after they had declared their commitment in front of God and their loved ones. Standing on opposite sides of the doorway, Caleb reached out with his hand, searching for Maggie’s. With the couple still not looking at one another, their hands connected, and both began crying. They had waited for so long and the moment was finally here. Dwayne was at the ready, doing everything he could to capture this beautiful and tender moment between the pair.

Emotions Run High

Caleb and Maggie were engrossed with one another; the rest of the world was a million miles away. Still, their friends and family noticed the pair and were overcome with emotion. Dwayne made sure to capture everyone in the room, as well as Caleb and Maggie. He continued to snap photo after photo after photo.

Praying Together

At that moment, the couple had decided to say a prayer together. They were both overwhelmed with emotion, but through their tears, they asked God to bless their marriage and to support them through their life together. Everyone in the room was emotional as well.

A Stunned Bride

Maggie was completely shocked by what happened next. She and Caleb had planned to continue to pray together. However, in that moment, she heard Caleb’s voice. He spoke to the entire room about his love for Maggie and his faith in God. He had been planning and preparing this speech for days, but Maggie had no idea. She stood in shock, listening in silence to every word Caleb said.

Asking for Blessing

All of their friends and family were also silent, listening to the brave young man speak so passionately and emotionally about his love and faith. Then, just before the ceremony started, Caleb said another prayer, asking God to bless Maggie and their future family. Maggie was incredibly touched and knew, beyond any doubt, that she had chosen the right man to marry. It was such a beautiful moment, but there was no way for anyone at the wedding to know how many people it would touch.

Sharing the Joy

Dwayne was snapping away throughout this moving scene. Through his photos, those close to the couple who had not been able to come to the wedding were able to share in the experience. More and more people began asking to see the photographs. Maggie and Caleb were so thankful to Dwayne and happy to share all of their pictures.

Capturing Tenderness

In the collection of photographs, there was one that Dwayne was particularly pleased with. He had managed to capture the moment when the couple was holding hands around the corner, full of emotion. It was full of pure and raw emotion. Dwayne received so many comments on this photo from the couple and their families that he posted it to his Facebook page. The photo took off, as people began to share and re-share it. Dwayne had never seen anything like it!

An Internet Sensation

Caleb and Maggie started to garner online fame because everyone loved their story and what the photo represented. People were also taken with Dwayne’s talent. Because he had captured such a such a tender and emotional moment, people could feel the love and commitment that the couple felt for each other and for God. Dwayne also received a lot of attention because of the photo, as people kept sharing and re-sharing it on social media.

Feeling Grateful

Maggie and Caleb were so happy with their wedding—things couldn’t have gone better. The couple was thankful that they had been able to share the day with family and friends, and they were especially thankful to Dwayne for capturing all of the incredible memories made that day. They were eager to start their married life.

Rise to Stardom

After the photo of Maggie and Caleb began circulating on various social media platforms, Dwayne was in increasingly high demand. Hundreds of couples began contacting him to photograph their own weddings, hoping to have such wonderful moments captured. His business grew exponentially, and he even started to have to turn down work!

Going Wide

Dwayne’s photo of the special moment between Maggie and Caleb is still spreading like wildfire and getting attention. It was on the cover of “I Do!” magazine and has received over 61,000 likes, just under 9,000 shares, and more than 3,000 comments on Facebook. As more and more people see the photo, it is still making a huge impression and inspiring strong emotions.

Not So Normal

After their wedding, Maggie and Caleb were ready to leap into the normalcy of everyday married life. They assumed things would go back to normal but be better because they were now together. The universe, it seemed, had different plans. Dwayne’s photograph had effectively made the couple famous overnight, so now “normal” life included appearing on talk shows and giving interviews. While this felt strange to Maggie and Caleb and was completely unexpected, they were very happy that they were able to help Dwayne’s business grow, especially after he had brought so much joy into their lives.

All Part of the Plan

It was only by random and lucky chance that Maggie and Caleb were introduced to Dwayne, and even more. It was even more remarkable that he, being in high demand even then, had been available at such short notice. Maggie and Caleb had simply been looking for someone to help them capture their special day, and even when things started not to look so promising, they had trusted in their faith and knew that all would work out. And did it ever! Because of Dwayne’s photo, all of the joy from that day and that one special moment was shared with the world. Maggie and Caleb only hope that other couples will have such special moments of their own.