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People who have the absolute worst taste EVER But Great Execution

The great thing about art is its open to interpretation. Unfortunately, well-intentioned designs aren’t always viewed as the designer had intended. Here is a list of people who have horrible taste but their execution is flawless. Enjoy!


Normally people drink Fiji water; however, some people like to decorate their nails with the logo. At least, it’s a great way to advertise the pricey water.

Permanent SHOES

Adidas running shoes may be trendy, but they can also be pretty expensive. This guy found an affordable way to wear Adidas for the rest of his life, but for his sake- we just hope Adidas never go out of style.


This is not only strange, but it looks rather uncomfortable. However, it is quite modern, and some people might like this look.

JUDY Can judge

Who doesn’t love to watch Judge Judy on TV? We love how stern she can be, but a tattoo of her face? It’s common for people to get a tattoo of a celebrity; however, it’s unusual for a person to have a tattoo of Judge Judy- but who are we to judge their choices?


There’s something fishy about these shoes, but we can’t figure out why? It might be because these shoes are actually shaped like fish. These shoes definitely make quite the fashion statement, but we find them to be quite hilarious.


Cheetos may be a delicious go-to-snack, but we can’t say we would ever wear them on our nails. Having Cheetos on our fingernails wouldn’t help with our nail biting habit.

UNIQUE light switch

This is a very unique and funny way of showing which bathroom is which. Others may believe this is just strange, while others may think this is the funniest thing they’ve ever seen.


Usually, people strive to have clear and soft skin, while others want to have snake skin just like this. We wonder what this persons’ spirit animal is?

warm hug

This is the perfect coat for those who want to keep warm, but also like to be cuddled. It may look goofy, but at least it makes you feel like you’re not alone.


This is a unique way to share with the world that you are a great father. This guy feels the need to share his current status, which is not only being a dad- but a father.

Why a finger?

You may not believe this, but the finger is actually a USB key. We just hope that no one was hurt in the making of this picture.


Almost everyone has heard of sushi, but not many have heard of shoeshi. We aren’t sure if this is meant to be worn or eaten, but at this point neither one would surprise us.

Classy toilet paper

These earrings may be in the shape of toilet paper, but at least they are made out of pearls. Who would have ever thought that toilet paper could be made to look classy?


If you want to be safe, but yet look like you’re not wearing a helmet- so you can look cool, then this is the helmet for you. This helmet is super subtle…

Eye want a Taco

We are actually impressed with this picture. It may be a little strange to draw a taco around your eye, but it’s still pretty neat and unique.


Oh the irony, this person is about to be shocked when they realize that the tattoo is actually permanent.

Nickelodeon Fan

This girl must be a huge fan of the show The Wild Thornberry’s. We are hoping that this is just paint.

FISH lips?

This person must really like fish, since she got them tattooed on her lips. We just hope the person she dates likes fish too.

The NIPPLE tattoo

This tattoo is awful, yet creative. The guy who got this tattoo wanted it to look like it’s always winking.

no- Don’t do it

Nike may be well-known for their motto ‘Just Do It’, but we think when it comes to these shoes people should avoid them.

hot dog MANICURE

We get it, hot dogs do look like fingers; however, why would you put fingernails on them? That’s just a waste of food!


Pokemon, gotta catch em all! This girl put her collected Pokemon cards to good use and made a dress out of them. We have to admit, this dress is extremely unique and creative.

Dessert PIZZA

Sometimes you just can’t decide if you want to eat a cookie or pizza, and this is the perfect way to have both. We will have ten slices, please!

Bearly caught

When you want to make it look like you caught a bear, this is the perfect way to do it- without actually harming any animals.

CAT crazy

This person is obviously a huge fan of cats. We have to admit this is a pretty strange tattoo, but hopefully their significant other likes cats too.


Drinking tea is normally a way for a person to relax and unwind after a long hard day at work. However, this is a very strange way to drink to tea. To each their own.

RODENT pencil pack

We love pencil cases, and we love squirrels… but a squirrel pencil case is something we don’t love. We actually find this quite disturbing. We are just hoping that kids won’t actually use this at school.


This person wants noodles to be sent over ASAP, their message is now on their arm for the rest of their life- and in the most colorful way possible.

Angry APE

This tattoo makes it look like the apes have attacked earth, and have taken over humans.  Hopefully next time, this person just watches an ape movie, instead of tattooing one on the back of their head.


It looks like the kids ran out of paper, so they colored their puppy. We love the colorful look.

Stylish Ride

This is the perfect way to design your car when you want to stand out on the road. He sure is riding in style.


They say “You are what you eat,” so you might as well paint your nails your favorite food.

dog house

This isn’t your typical dog house. The person who lives here is definitely a dog lover. At least the painting was done well.


This dress is completely made from Starbursts wrappers. We can’t even imagine how much candy she had to eat to make this dress, but at least this dress showcases her unique style and her talents.

The jacket of many faces

We have to be honest, we are quite disturbed with this jacket- and we aren’t really sure what went through this persons’ head when making this.

old memories

One reason why people get a tattoo is to honor a loved one. But a play-station memory card? This person was apparently very attached to video games.


There are some pretty neat lighters, nowadays. However, this teeth lighter makes us feel a little uncomfortable.


If you are having problems deciding if you want to go barefoot or wear high heels, then these are the perfect heels for you.

baby MUSCles

We aren’t sure what look this guy was going for? He’s a very muscular man, but yet he has a tattoo of a baby body. We just have a feeling that his wife probably isn’t too happy with this tattoo.

BEACH cruising

When you can’t wait to go to the beach, so you bring the beach here. This car gives off major beach vibes.

sweet TURKEY

With Thanksgiving, it can be hard for vegetarians to find food they can actually eat. This is a Turkey everyone can eat, made from Rice Krispie cereal and M&M’s.

swirly mustache

We aren’t sure why a person would ever shave their mustache to look like this. Please get the razor, so he can shave it off!

blue jean couch

Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? Who doesn’t love a comfy couch? But a jean couch? We have a feeling that couch is extremely uncomfortable.

eye (see) PACMAN

If you’re obsessed with PacMan, then this makeup look is perfect for you. This makeup is pretty impressive, and it’s hard not to love this look.


Some people like to make their own home décor. We aren’t quite sure why you would frame a dissected animal on your wall. But to each their own, right?

Shrimp nails

Most people like shrimp, it’s delicious- but shrimp nails? We are just curious how someone thought to make shrimp tails into finger nails?

2 in 1 HEELS

Shoes can be expensive, so when you buy a pair of shoes they better be worth it. Just make sure your heels do more than just hold up your feet.

Show off your wounds

This tattoo is a sign of pride and of manliness. Everyone wants to show off that, but perhaps not badly enough to tattoo our whole body, as such.


Who wouldn’t love to get their hands on the latest Adidas collection? Unfortunately, it’s very expensive. This could be an outlet, or the person who lives there is just a huge fan of Adidas.


This is a case of bad blood that seems to be very gruesome, and we really wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it.

HAIRBALL cone hats

These cats are absolutely adorable, but yes- they are actually wearing cone hats made out of their own hairballs. It’s almost like a cone of shame.


We can’t deny, this is hilarious. We think they were on point with their design.


This is probably what the bathroom looks like at a strip club, very classy.

MUSCULAR punches

This tattoo is the perfect way to intimidate someone in a fight. It’s a perfectly placed tattoo.

PHALLIC clothing

Once you see it, it’s literally impossible to unsee it. The fashion designer who made this shirt doesn’t have the same dirty mind as the rest of us.

Hotdog & BUNs

We are hoping that the customers at this hotdog stand have a good sense of humor, and that they know what they are in for.

proofreading is crucial

Proofreading is the key to not making mistakes like this one. Unfortunately, the model had no idea what she was getting herself into.

PERKY fashion

News anchors from now on, should avoid this funny disaster by avoiding clothes with unnecessary pockets.

FLOWER skirt

The designer who made this skirt either has a great sense of humor or they made a complete mistake. Regardless, at least this is a lesson that we should avoid skirts with brown flowers at the bottom.

ABSOLUTE mistake

At the right angle, this could be an amazing marketing tool. However, at the wrong angle, this dress can be a bit judgmental.


The capital A and a capital C look a little too close for comfort. Sadly, the beloved aunt may not be getting the dedicated cake she deserves.


It’s strange how much this traffic cone looks like a German dictator.. The hat and the straight lined mouth weren’t needed.

MATCHy Matchy

Hopefully, no one sees her in the bathroom with her matching outfit. More than likely, she’s rethinking her tile-themed outfit choice at the moment.


If by any chance, anyone knows where to purchase these- let us know. (We’re asking for a friend.)

CYCLING no, no

A women’s cycling team from Columbia wore these uniforms, recently. Hopefully, they don’t have to wear these again.

foot filer

Here is another example of why you should always proof read and double check your work, so things like this doesn’t happen.

phallic fashion

It’s important to always ask for fashion advice, before you leave the house- so things like this don’t happen. Hopefully this is the first and last time that she wears this shirt.

picture perfect

To get this picture to work out perfectly, it took a lot of variables to pull this together. The placement, design, and heights were all needed to get this picture to work out.

Bouncy ball mix-up

This can only be constructed by an evil genius. Hopefully no one gets them mixed together.


The author may actually lose some readers based on this design.


The problem with this fail is more about the angle the photo was taken. Due to the angle, the cake looks phallic-shaped with the word “weed” written across it.

light switch operated

More than likely, the elevator would be more functional if they didn’t advertise the fact that it’s controlled by a switch.

strange couch

There are several reasons as to why this couch should never even exist. We are just curious if anyone bought it.

BANANA slide

Who has two thumbs and will not go down that slide? Probably all of us.


This picture is just an example of why you should always get a second opinion when hiring a translation expert.


The person who designed the bus either didn’t realize the placement and it was a mistake, or they just don’t care.

DIRTY DOg wash

Well, at least it’s memorable.. Right?

FLAMINGO leggings

These leggings have a really nice design, until the seams met each other. Then things just went downhill after that.


We don’t understand how this could be a mistake. When you are designing a slide to have it come out of an animals behind, you should already know it’s a recipe for disaster.

The accurate test

If you are as pregnant as the woman in the ad and you still aren’t sure if you’re pregnant or not- you should probably rethink things.


Maybe this sports team should rethink their name? We get it, most common baseball names are taken or used multiple times- but there’s a reason why this name was free.

double MIRRORS

The person that designed this bathroom either made a huge mistake, or they had some questionable motives. Regardless, we just hope whoever uses this bathroom uses it with caution.


Normally, stepping in gum can easily ruin someone’s day. But if you actually like stepping in gum, then these shoes are perfect for you.


Ice fishing can get really cold, so instead of going through the effort of dressing warm- you can just create the illusion of ice fishing, without actually going.


Whoever made this classroom sign might want to change the sign again, or learn a little bit more about history.

DIRTY office

It kind of seems like this dentist office is all about the D. If you are considering taking your kid to this clinic, you might want to reconsider.

a CLOCK that’s cocky

The person who made this clock might have been a bit conceited- or cocky as some may say.

naked lamps

Whoever made these lamps should stay away from children, and they need to get some legitimate help.

hidden WALL

Sometimes you run out of money, and you have to compromise certain things for the budget. It looks like the hotel hit a budget problem and they didn’t have enough money to put in a window. Instead, they just kept it as a wall. Although, we don’t understand why they put curtains there.


Oh, just hanging out… While being held by a chain over your head.

the holidays are COMING

Whoever designed this children’s sweater, probably should have thought twice before they tilted the candle.


Style allows you to be creative with your clothes and even your hair. This Tetris hair is highly creative and original.

CINNABON earrings

These cinnamon bun earrings are extremely creative and unique… But really? We aren’t trying to be cynical, but the earrings make it look like her ear is infected.


This sign makes it seem like Santa believes that she’s been a bad girl, and has no plans to stop anytime soon.


We aren’t quite sure what this sign is trying to say, but it doesn’t seem appropriate.


It kind of seems like Santa is experiencing a Christmas miracle. One that is definitely unforgettable.

don’t quit SCHOOL

This is a perfect example of what terrible ad placement looks like. Kids, it’s best to just ignore what’s written on the bus.

robot baby

This infant looks like a robot. Whoever designed this bus should have double checked it.

silly face

This picture is absolutely hilarious. This is the perfect way to be memorable during a campaign.

no safety & smoking first

This boat is apparently all about smoking and not about safety. Welcome aboard!

Ladder door

This door looks extremely sturdy. It’s a steel door with a code upon entering. The only problem is the door is actually a ladder.


This survey is pretty easy. We are pretty positive that no one on the survey will answer no.

WARDROBE & company

The person that puts the newspaper together either thought this was funny or it was a complete mistake. Regardless, we have a feeling that not many sales will be made from this advertisement.


This display only shows how terrible this stand really is. It also doesn’t hold as much as it claims too.

Protect your ho

This sign was more than likely, the fire fighters way of making sure people keep their homes protected, but their design didn’t quite go the way they intended it to.


This could be the banks way of being metaphorical and make people feel as though their accounts were low? Regardless, this doesn’t look comfortable- at all.


The kid that decides to go down this slide definitely has a lot of courage.

blocked GARAGE

If you are wanting to enter the garage, then this is the perfect garage for you. If you are wanting to exit the garage, then you might get trapped.

Here comes the rope?

This jump rope team probably should have double checked the shirts before they got them printed.


The person who made this slide is definitely sadistic. Who actually thought this was a great idea for a slide?

quite the LIGHT

The person that designed this chandelier either made a mistake or they thought this was a hilarious design.

Yikes.. just yikes

More than likely, this organization supports preventing child abuse. Unfortunately, something got lost in translation in their badly designed sign.


This is just a perfect example that nothing lasts forever. Not even memories.

manly TIE

This would be the perfect Father’s day gift. This is a great way to show off a person’s manliness.


Who doesn’t love a good pair of denim jeans? However, this is a major denim don’t.

TRIPLE slide?

If more than one child goes down the slide at one time, they could easily run into each other. We just hope no one gets hurt on this torture device.

Wardrobe mistake

The middle part of the word “Canada” turns out to be very unfortunate. We aren’t sure if this was intentional, but this might be a great time for a wardrobe change.


This is the perfect example that the packaging team should change the look of the bottles. Otherwise someone who wanted to get a well-rested sleep, will end up having an uncomfortable night.


They definitely should have someone double check their design, next time. A new fresh set of eyes never hurt anyone.