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These Dads Are Winning at Parenthood

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Dads are a wonderful gift to the world. They tell corny jokes, embarrass us in public, and know how to take care of us when we need it. These dads are not only attentive, creative, and caring, but they are also winning exceptionally at fatherhood.


Shotgun Prom

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The one thing you can always count on is your father to protect you from harm, both physical and emotional.

Dad Jokes for Days

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Dad jokes will never get old, no matter how terrible they are.

The Player

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This father has big plans for how he is going to raise his son. This perfectly posed photo is just a prediction of his son’s future during his college years.

Stuck in His Ways

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Some dads are just creatures of habit. They are stuck in their ways. Even though this dad decided to upgrade his phone, he still paid homage to his beloved Nokia.

Two of a Kind

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These two are going to be two peas in a pod growing up.

Vacation Jokes

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We can only wonder how long it takes for dads to come up with these dad jokes.

Assert Your Dominance

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There was no way his daughter’s boyfriend was going to feel superior to this dad.

Can You Take This Off?

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This child clearly has no choice as to whether he will like Star Wars or not.

Proving a Point

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Dads are not afraid to embarrass their children if it means making a point.

Boss Baby

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You don’t want to mess with this baby. He definitely takes after his father.

The Multitasker

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Who said that men were bad at multitasking?

Follow the Rules

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Just follow these rules and everything will go smoothly.

Babysitter Dad

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For some reason, there is a huge difference between when dads watch the kids from when moms watch them.


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Who said that punishing their kids had to be serious all the time? This dad decided to have some fun with it.

The Ultimate Dad Joke

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Because breaking one arm wasn’t enough for this father.

Worldwide Jokes

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It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, dads will still make jokes and embarrass you.

The Prankster

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One way dads keep themselves entertained is by playing pranks on their children. Honestly, it’s probably one of the reasons they decided to have kids!

Listen to Your Kids

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According to his wife, he needs to start listening to their kids. Now he has no choice.

Creativity at Its Finest

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Dads always seem to go the extra mile when it comes to being lazy. He could have just put the baby in a highchair.

Gifts From Dad

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This was a gift to his daughter on the night of her first middle school dance.

Punny Gifts

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His daughter begged for an iPad for Christmas. This is what she opened.

Selfie King

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Dads at any age want to stay hip and with the times.

Honesty is the Best Policy

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Lesson learned – never lie to your dad. He’ll make you stand outside with a large sign.

Master Hair Stylist

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Dads are known for being innovative. This dad found the perfect hack for putting his daughter’s hair in a ponytail.

The Classic

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This joke will never ever get old.

Puppy Please

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These kids decided to use the power of social media to get a puppy. Hopefully they got it!

Social Media

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If you think dads in public are embarrassing, just wait until they get on social media.

Driving Lessons

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This dad is fully prepared to teach his daughter how to drive.

New Comforter

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This dad makes sure that no boy will want to be in his daughter’s bedroom with this on her bed.

Proud Father

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Let this be a lesson kids, don’t use your fake ID where your dad buys his liquor.

The Troll

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Like we said, dads on social media can be more embarrassing than in person. These pictures will never ever go away.

Scaring the Kids

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There is a fine line between funny and scary. This dad just crossed it.

Rules of the Pool

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Safety comes first at this dad’s pool.

Photo Shoot

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After finding some hair extensions, this dad decided to have a photo shoot with himself and send the pictures of his family.

Backseat Driver

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This is one way to teach your child how to drive safely.

Twilight Reference

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The best thing about having a dad is getting advice about girls from them, no matter how painful it may be.

Keeping Clean

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This dad has eating a sandwich with his son on his chest down to a science.

The Photobomb

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Dads are notorious for photobombing their children’s photos, even if it is one of the most important days of their lives.

The Recreation

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Like father like son.