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These Mysterious Disappearances In History Are Quite Unexplainable

It’s exceptionally terrifying, frustrating, and nerve-wracking when a person mysteriously disappears. It’s also extremely difficult when there are no answers or clues to tell us what happened to that person. Sadly, there are many unsolved mysteries that feel like they’re straight out of a movie or a scientific novel. This article shows some of the creepiest and strangest cases, which have caused a lot of confusion for everyone involved.

Felix Moncla


Photo Credit: Twitter / @alejandrav1010

Felix Moncla was sent to check on an unidentified aircraft while working for the US Air Force, in November 1953. When he flew out, Moncla and the unidentified aircraft were seen on the radar, overlapping each other. Shortly after, only one remained and the UFO flew north. There was no trace of the aircraft or Moncla.

J.C.P. Williams

JCP Williams

J.C.P. Williams was a New Zealand cardiologist that was responsible for what is now known as Williams Syndrome. He had a discovery about a developmental disorder affecting growth and proportion in many body parts. Williams was offered a job at Mayo Clinic; however, he never showed up. In fact, he completely disappeared.

Cheryl Grimmer

cheryl grimmer

Twitter / @nswpolice

Cheryl Grimmer was only three years old when she went missing. Her family spent the day at a beach in Australia. She was left alone for thirty seconds by the showers when she disappeared. Witnesses say a man grabbed her and ran off with her. She was never found.

Boston Corbett

Twitter / @OldNewsCo

Boston Corbett, also known as “Lincoln’s Avenger,” received his nickname because he spent some time hunting down John Wilkes Booth. He killed Booth, but shortly after, he went insane and was put into an asylum. He ended up breaking out of the asylum and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Lionel Crabb

Twitter / @Makeleio

Lionel Crabb served in World War II in the Navy, and he was recruited by MI6 to help do reconnaissance on a Russian cruiser, in 1956. He put on his scuba gear and jumped into the water, and then he disappeared. Shortly after his disappearance, a body with no hands or head washed up on shore. It couldn’t be determined if it was him.

The Springfield Three


After a night of partying, Suzanne Streeter and Stacy McCall went home to Streeter’s house. Streeter’s mother, Sherrill Levitt, stayed up waiting for them to get home. All three of them vanished, and their purses were unchecked at the top of the stairs in the house. There was also no sign of struggle. They have been missing for nearly three decades.

John Ruffo

NYC Swindler

Twitter / @NBCChicago

John Ruffo was a well-known business man who conned US banks out of $350 million. He was convicted and sentenced to 220 months in prison, but he disappeared. This picture of him at the ATM is the last picture on record of him. It’s been said that he could possibly be overseas with a new identity.

Forrest Schab

forrest schabb

Twitter / @DY

Canadian rapper DY, signed with CP Records, so to celebrate he went to Mexico. But, he didn’t make it back to Canada after he vanished. There are a lot of rumors regarding his disappearance, but it’s been said that it could be drug-related.

Jim Sullivan

jim sullivan

Twitter / @digitalhiss

In 1969, musician Jim Sullivan released his album U.F.O. However, he never got mainstream fame. He decided to move from California to Nashville, but he never made it. Sullivan’s truck was found abandoned near New Mexico. The strange thing is- his album U.F.O. was all about driving to a desert and leaving his family while getting abducted by aliens.

Sigizmund Levanevsky


Twitter / @maxfield_munson

Moscow held an event to celebrate their new bomber plane, in 1937. Joesph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, invited Western media to come and cover the event. Sigizmund Levanevsky was a Russian pilot, who got into the cockpit and took off. He flew toward Alaska and was never seen again.

Henry Hudson


Interim Archives/Getty Images

Henry Hudson is well-known for mapping North America. He was hired to find a northern passage to Asia. Hudson and his crew got caught in a very cold Canadian winter, so they wanted to turn back. However, Hudson didn’t. He disappeared, and was never found.

Charles Kingsford Smith

Twitter / @BrisbaneAirport

Charles Kingsford Smith was a well-known aviator. He was a pilot who crossed the mainland Australia entirely and flying from Sydney to London. However, on his way back from London to Australia, he crashed near Myanmar in 1935. They were able to find the undercarriage, but nothing else was found- including the pilot.

Paula Jean Welden

Twitter / @lineupweekly

In 1946, Paula Jean Welden was a sophomore at Bennington College, when she vanished. Welden told her roommate that she was going for a short walk, but she never returned. Shortly after, a man bragged that he knew where her body was buried, but couldn’t lead police to the gravesite.

Jodi Huisentruit

Twitter / @mysteriYES

In 1995, Jodi Huisentruit disappeared from her parking lot at four in the morning when she was on her way to work. Some of her belongings were found beside her car, and there were no signs of struggle. She was never found.

Ray Gricar

Twitter / @frontcovercom

Ray Gricar was a homicide prosecutor for Centre County, Pennsylvania. In 2005, he told his girlfriend that he was going to skip work that day, so he could do some shopping. His car was found by a state trooper the next day, with no sign of him. Six months later, his laptop was found under a bridge with no hard drive. Since then, he has not been seen or found.

Brian Shaffer

Twitter / @truecrimegarage

Brian Shaffer was a 27-year-old medical student who was seen entering an Ohio bar with his friends, but he never left. This was the last picture of Shaffer before he went missing. Some believe that he somehow slipped out of the bar alone, as he was grieving the recent death of his mother.

Lauren Spierer


Twitter / @FoxNews

Lauren Spierer disappeared after a night of partying with her friends on June 30th, 2011. She is still missing and there are no leads on her whereabouts. However, her parents haven’t given up looking for her and they have maintained a social media presence to help find her.

Tara Calico

tara calico

Tara Calico was 19-years-old, when she left her house to go for a bike ride and hasn’t been found since. Her case went cold until someone found this Polaroid in a parking lot, and two other pictures surfaced of a girl who looks like Tara. But, they can’t be confirmed. Police believe that she was hit by a car while on her bike and buried the same day.

Teresa Butler

teresa butler

Twitter / @truenoir1

In 2006, Teresa Butler’s husband returned home after a work shift to discover his wife was missing. Her jeep was still at the house, but there were no signs of Teresa. There were a lot of valuable items that were stolen and her cell phone was missing. Two calls were made from her phone after she went missing, but both people she called had never heard of her before. She is still missing, and there are no answers as to what happened to her.

Asha Degree

asha degree

One morning in 2000, the parents of nine-year-old Asha Degree went to wake her up, but she wasn’t there. Asha and her brother shared a room, but he wasn’t sure what happened. There were reports that say that she was walking on the highway at four in the morning, and a few days later, her books and pencils were found near a neighbor’s house. She’s still missing and no one knows where she went.

Barbara Newhall Follett


By the time, Barbara Newhall Follett was eight years old, she had already written a novel- and by the age of 18, she had written four. She fell into a deep depression and on the evening of December 7th, 1939, she walked out of her house after having an argument with her husband. She went missing, and was never seen again.

Patty Blough, Renee Bruhl, And Ann Miller

payyt blough

Three young women went missing without a trace after boarding a small boat on Lake Michigan. It’s been said that they were possibly going to visit a floating abortion clinic. It is also believed that one of the girls died, and the other two were killed because they were witnesses.

Keith Reinhard

In 1987, Tom Young went to take his dog for a walk one day, and he never returned. Young had been renting a retail space, which was then rented to Keith Reinhard. Reinhard started writing about Young’s story, just one week after Young’s body was found. Reinhard then went for a hike and never returned.

Barbara Bolick

Barbara Bolick went hiking with a family friend, Jim Ramaker, in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. According Ramaker, he and Barbara headed to an overlook where they stopped to get a snack. Bolick walked back down the trail as Jim took one last look at the view. She went missing and hasn’t been seen since.

The Sarah Joe

sarah joe

Five friends departed the coast of Maui to go fishing on a small boat called Sarah Joe. They ended up facing Hawaii’s worst storm on record. They never returned and a massive search was underway but failed. Approximately a decade later, the Sarah Joe was found wrecked on the coast. It was near the grave of one of the five men in the boat.

Elisa Lam


In 2013, Elisa Lam was found dead inside of a hotel’s rooftop water tank. She was seen hiding (as if someone was following her) on an elevator on a surveillance video the night she disappeared. She was last seen walking out of the elevator, and she was found weeks later.

Ken McElroy


Ken was not liked in the town of Skidmore, Missouri. He was accused of violence, theft, pedophilia, and more. The people in town had enough of law enforcement not doing anything, so they took matters into their own hands. Two unknown shooters killed him in the middle of the street. There about were 45 witnesses, all of which were “hiding from gunfire”. The killers were never caught.

Garnell Moore


Since 2002, Garnell has been missing. His mother is in prison and his dad is nomadic. The last time he was seen, he was staying with his aunt. When Garnell’s relatives realized he was missing, his aunt gave some elusive answers. First, she said he was on a field trip, and then she said he was dropped off outside at school. However, she couldn’t give the address of the school though. He hasn’t been seen since.

Amy Lynn Bradley

amy lynn

Virginia native Amy Lynn Bradley mysteriously disappeared while on a Caribbean cruise with her family in 1998. It’s been said that she possibly could have fallen overboard or left the ship voluntarily. However, there have been many sightings of what looks like Bradley, which suggests she was kidnapped and possibly forced into sex trade.

Zach Ramsay

zach ramsay

Zach Ramsay disappeared on his walk to school in Great Falls, Montana in 1996. One person is suspected of the crime, which is child molester Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. However, there was no evidence. Bar-Jonah was arrested on other crimes. But, police found a list with Zach’s name on it, and they also found coded messages like “Little Boy Pot Pie” and “lunch is served on the patio with roasted children”. He still hasn’t been found.

Ylenia Carrisi

Ylenia Carrisi is an Italian TV celebrity. After visiting New Orleans, she suddenly disappeared, in January 1994. Although, many people had different theories about her missing, whether she ran away or was abducted, upon her father’s request, in January 2014, she was presumed dead. However, since she went missing, many people have claimed to have spotted her alive.

Tara Grinstead

Tara Grinstead was a high school history teacher in Ocilla, Georgia. She went missing on October 22, 2005. A video surfaced on the Internet of a self-proclaimed serial killer who called himself the “Catch Me Killer,” and he talked about 16 murders that he had committed over the years in detail. One of the killings had fit the description of Grinstead, who had disappeared four years earlier. The video ended up being a hoax.

Richey Edwards

Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images

Richey Edwards is best known for being the rhythm guitarist for Manic Street preachers. The 1990s is when the group came into popularity, so his disappearances hit his fans hard. He had a history of self-injury, anorexia, depression, nervosa, and alcoholism in the years leading up to his disappearance. In 1995, his car was found abandoned in a popular suicide location; however, his body was never found.

Harold Holt


Bettmann/Getty Images

Harold Holt was the Prime Minister in the 1960s. On December 17, 1967, Holt and some friends were returning to shore on a yacht when he decided to stop by Cheviot Beach for a swim. Holt swam far out and he never returned. After searching for him, he was declared dead in absentia and it’s believed that he might have drowned. His body still hasn’t been found.

Bison Dele

Jonathan Daniel /Allsport

Brian Williams, also known as Bison Dele won an NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls back in 1997. Williams actually renounced basketball and retired in his prime. He did a lot of traveling and tried new hobbies during his retirement. He planned to sail from Tahiti to Hawaii, in the early 2000’s. On July 6, 2002, Dele, his girlfriend, older brother, and the ship’s captain set out on Dele’s catamaran. Sadly, his girlfriend, Dele, and the captain disappeared and they haven’t been found.

Glenn Miller


Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

During the 1940s, Glenn Miller was a big-band trombonist and bandleader. Once WWII began, Miller enlisted in the Air Force. Miller was ordered to fly to Paris, for a performance on December 15, 1944. He boarded a single-engine UC-64 Norseman with two other passengers; however, the plane never landed in Europe. Miller and the other two passengers vanished, and if they crashed, the wreckage and their bodies were never found.

Scott Smith

Larry Hulst/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Canadian rocker Scott Smith disappeared in 2000. It’s been said by many that he died in a boating accident. In November 2000, he and his friends embarked on a sailing trip that would send them from Mexico to Vancouver. Near San Francisco, a huge wave took over the boat and Smith disappeared. More than likely, he was swept overboard. The U.S. Coast Guard has searched for him, but he is still missing.

Rico Harris


Rico Harris was a former basketball player with the Harlem Globetrotters. Unfortunately, his alcohol problems caused him to lose a career in sports. After leaving the team, he became a security guard. Eventually, his drinking caused him to lose that job too. He moved to Seattle to live with a girlfriend, and in 2014, he went to California to see his mother but he would never make it back to Seattle. His car was later found abandoned outside of Sacramento. Harris still hasn’t been found.

Michael Rockefeller

T. Nielsen/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Michael Rockefeller is well-known and apart of the Rockefeller family. Unfortunately, his namesake wasn’t enough to get the resources needed to find him when he vanished. He went on an expedition to New Guinea to study native tribes with Harvard’s Peabody Museum. His boat overturned near New Guinea, and he was last seen on November 17, 1961. The Dutch anthropologist he was with survived, but Rockefeller’s body was never found.

Connie Converse


Connie Converse could have been a popular singer-songwriter in her day, if she hadn’t disappeared. The lack of success caused her to move to Michigan, where she worked as an editor. Soon after, she lost her job and fell into a deep depression. She wrote letters to her loved ones expressing her desire to start a new life, in 1974. She was never seen or heard from again.