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These People Just Found the Most Genius Loopholes at Restaurants

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When it comes to dining at restaurants, there are some loopholes that customers may not be aware of. These restaurant goers just exposed some of the most genius loopholes that everyone should try next time they go out.


College Cafeteria Hack

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The school cafeteria will charge so much for premade sandwiches at the deli. So, one student figured that he could just make his own sandwich using ingredients from the salad bar, which was much cheaper. He just had to go to the deli and buy two slices of bread, which was just $0.50.

Drink Vouchers

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While attending a holiday office party, employees were handed drink vouchers. However, these vouchers were simply tags that were used when filing. So, they kept going to the filing cabinet and getting more acting like it was the voucher they were given.

The Employee Hack

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While working at a Papa John’s, the employees were challenged to get customers to “upsize” their medium pizza to a large. In exchange, they would get points towards movie tickets each week. Well, one employee figured that whenever a customer ordered a large, he would just put in that they ordered a medium and would “upsize” it. The customer never knew because the price was the same anyways.

Freshness Guaranteed

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A bunch of teenage boys figured out how to get free groceries from a store that guaranteed that their food was fresh. If they rang up an expired item, then the customer would get a fresh item for free. So, at midnight one night, the boys went through the store and found four carts full of expired food. They received $400 worth of free food!

McDonald’s App Glitch

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When the McDonald’s app first came out, there was a glitch where you could order 40 McNuggets for just $1. So, one kid would often order 200 nuggets for just $5. The trick was to order some other items so the cashier wouldn’t notice the price.

There is Such Thing as a Free Lunch

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While in college, one student’s roommate decided to leave halfway through the semester. Before he left, he let his roommate have the rest of his meal tickets for the cafeteria. Even though his name was on them, the cashier never checked, so the student got free lunch for the entire semester.

Never Ending Chips

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In the UK, Walkers was running a promotion that one in 4 bags of chips would have a coupon towards a lunch. The lunch could consist of a sandwich, chips, and a drink. One person figured that if they bought 4 bags of chips and used the coupon, then they would be guaranteed to get another coupon because it was in one of 4 bags. They had never ending chips!

That’s A Lot of Pop Tarts

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One grocery store was offering two promotions that resulted in some kids getting 2,500 boxes of Pop Tarts for just $40. The boxes of Pop Tarts were on sale for 98 cents and there was a deal where if you bought 10 boxes of Kellogg’s product, you would get $10 off. So, it ended up being about 15 cents for 10 boxes.

Dr. Pepper Stash

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While working at a supermarket, one employee noticed that a two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper was on sale for just 59 cents. He then discovered that there were coupons roaming around for 55 cents off of a bottle. So, he bought 400 bottles for just 4 cents per bottle.

Homemade Starbucks Latte

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An iced latte is just espresso with milk. So, to save a couple of dollars, ask for iced espresso in a large cup and simply add the milk yourself at the bar the next time you go to Starbucks.

Free McDonald’s Meals

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At one point, McDonald’s offered promotions where you could get a free meal if you scanned a QR code when you walked in. So one genius took pictures of multiple QR codes from different locations and would figure out which one would get him the free meal.

When the USA Wins, You Win

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During the 1984 Olympics, McDonald’s ran a promotion that if the US won in a sport, customers would receive a free item from the menu. There would be stickers on the food items that would let you know what you’ve won. Well, that year USA did so well and almost everyone at McDonald’s received free meals.

Name Your Price

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While using the self checkout at a grocery store, a prompt would ask if the price of a baked good was correct. If you clicked “No” you could input your own price.

Coin Toss Promotion

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Papa John’s offered a promotion where if you guessed a coin toss on the computer correctly, you would get a free pizza. However you could only play once a week. One customer created over 60 email addresses so he could play over and over again.

Buffet Hack

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A Chinese buffet restaurant would increase their price after a certain time, which was when they would put out the seafood and such. So, one father-son duo would come in 15 minutes before the price was increased and still get to eat the seafood.

Create Your Own Code

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When dining at a Buffalo Wild Wings, you’ll be asked to fill out a survey online. In exchange, you’ll get a free 8-piece of wings next time you come in. One kid figured out the formula for the creation of the code and kept getting free wings throughout college.

Best Buy Promotion

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At one point, McDonald’s offered a $1 credit to Best Buy when you ordered a large drink. So, one maintenance guy who worked at the restaurant would go through the trash and find these promotions. He was able to get himself a free computer by the end of the year.

The Mooing Milk

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A milk company ran a contest where they filled some of their cartons with sand and a speaker that would moo when you shook it. So, one girl would go through and shake all of the cartons she could find until she felt the one that had the sand. She won 10 times.

Different Currencies

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While in elementary school, some girls discovered that if they used coins from Chuck-E-Cheese in a vending machine, they would get a $1 credit. It lasted a few weeks before their mom realized what they were doing.

Taking a Split

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While working at a restaurant that offered AAA members a 10% discount, some servers would skim money off the top. One of the servers had a membership and would scan their card whenever a customer paid in cash. So, they would get the 10% difference.

Candy land

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There was a candy crane machine at a restaurant that had a trick to it. It was a play until you win kind of game, so if the claw closed all the way, it would think that you didn’t get anything. So, some kids figured out that if they just got one piece of candy, let the claw close all the way, they would get unlimited chances to keep getting candy.

Free Teavana

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One couple discovered that whenever you went to Teavana, you could use a Starbucks Reward to get a free ounce of loose leaf tea. So, they used all 30 of their points. However, the next day they saw that they still had 29 points left. So, they just kept going back and getting as many ounces of tea as they had points, but only one point would be subtracted.

Hard Work Pays Off

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At one guy’s office job, there was a policy that if you worked 10 hours in a day, you would get $30 for dinner. So, he would work 10 hour days all week long and pocket the extra $150, which was tax free.

Endless Salad

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One woman had a membership with a salad place where if you racked up enough points, you could get a free salad. One day she used her card and was told she could get a free salad. The next week, it happened again. When she checked her points online, she had so many she didn’t know what to do with them. Didn’t know how it happened, but kept getting free salad.

Tim Horton’s Tea

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One former employee from Tim Hortons lets us in on a secret about their tea. If you order a hot cup of water and a tea bag on the side, it only costs a quarter rather than over $2.

Free Burger Hack

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Years ago, Wendy’s would give out free burgers to anyone who took the survey at the bottom of their receipt. However, you would get a new receipt even when you ordered the free burger. So, it was a never ending cycle of burgers.

Free Steak

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One college kid went to buy some steaks at a grocery store for a special dinner with his girlfriend. The store’s policy was that if the meat rang up the wrong price, then the customer would get it for free. When this happened, he went back and got as many steaks as he could and got them all for free because they all rang up the wrong price.