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These People Take Genius Life Hacks To A Whole New Level

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Admit it, you love learning new life hacks that will make your everyday life so much easier. Well, have you ever thought about the people who actually think of these life hacks? We’ve put together a list of geniuses who are living in the future with their newly found hacks for life so you can get on their level.


Fancy Water Fountains

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Let’s be honest, drinking from a water fountain isn’t the most pleasant way to keep hydrated. This person decided to make their water fountain’s water a little fancier by adding a lemon slice. Now they have flavored water!

New Way to Cook Bacon

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If you’ve ever cooked bacon, you know just how painful it can be getting splashed with the hot grease. This person taped a fork into an empty soda bottle to use as a splashguard. Now they can enjoy their bacon without the injuries.

New Mode of Transportation

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People are always trying to find more environmentally friendly ways to get around. This guy created a whole suit that allows him to not only get exercise, but get to where he needs to go without using any fossil fuels.

Free Food

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Movie theater food is always marked up so much. So, this woman found a way to sneak her own snacks into the theater without someone questioning her. Nobody is going to question a “pregnant” woman.

Creative with Facebook

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This guy has the most epic profile picture. Who would have thought to make your Facebook profile photo match up with your header photo? He’s definitely living in the future of social media.

Keeping Your Shoes Dry

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Nobody likes having wet shoes on a rainy day. This mom found the perfect way to keep her son’s feet from getting wet with this genius raincoat. It’s a plus that he also looks adorable!

Ultimate Relaxation

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This guy knows how to achieve a level of self-care that nobody else does. While enjoying a nice warm bath, he also gets to play his favorite video game. That is the definition of ultimate relaxation.

Keeping Cool

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It’s hard to keep cool during those intense summer heat ways, especially if you don’t have a pool to jump into. This family decided to make their balcony into a pool with just some tarp and a little structure. They are winning at summer.

The Perfect Grilled Cheese

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Grilled cheese is the greatest snack to ever be invented. It’s quick, easy, and delicious. Well, this guy just made the grilled cheese making process that much easier. Put each slice into a toaster, melt the cheese, and put the two pieces of bread together to make a sandwich.

No Dirty Dishes

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Have you ever woken up starving and could eat an entire box of cereal? This guy knows that feeling all too well. So, rather than dirtying a bowl, he decided to eat straight out of the box. The only thing you have to worry about is the box getting soggy, so eat fast!

Hot Ramen

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How many times have you burned your tongue on Ramen noodles? This gal knows how to eat Ramen quickly without risking the chance of burning her mouth. Just add a mini fan to your chopsticks!

The Long Straw

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This kid is the ultimate couch potato. He’s so lazy that he can’t even pick up his drink to take a sip. So, he taped a bunch of straws together to make a long straw to reach his mouth without even moving.

Backwards Shoes

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If you’re ever on the run and want to trick whoever is chasing you, you need these backwards shoes. They will make it look like you were running in the opposite direction. This is definitely fashion of the future.

DIY Bluetooth

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Not everyone can afford Bluetooth technology in their car. So, this guy improvised and made his cellphone hands-free by securing it to his head with a strong rubber band.

Home Haircut

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Getting your haircut can get expensive, especially when you have to get it done every six weeks or so. This guy created an entire system on how to give himself the perfect haircut every time. He’s going to save a ton of money!

Two Player Mode

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If you play video games with two people, you know how disorienting it can be to see both players on the screen. This genius family created a system so that each player can only see their movements. It’s simple, but super smart.

Variety Pack

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Who says we have to just pick one type of cereal to eat in the morning? This breakfast champion found a way to enjoy all of his favorite cereals for breakfast at once.

Seat Reserved

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When the subway is crowded during rush hour and your feet are tired from walking around all day, just bring your own seat with you. This kid knows exactly how to always get a seat on crowded public transportation.

TV Dinner

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We all enjoy the occasional dinner in front of the TV. However, it makes the opportunity to spill food on ourselves that much greater. This guy figured out how to keep his clothes clean while eating on the couch. We’d say it’s pretty innovative.

Always Texting

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People are obsessed with being on their phones. This barber understands that some people would rather scroll through social media than talk to him, so he created a hairdressing cape with a see-through panel.

Just What I Needed

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How many times have you given a gift and realized that you also had to buy batteries to go with it? This little girl decided to prank her Uncle by giving him just the batteries with a note, “Gift not included.” She’s definitely going to be a comedian when she grows up.

Microwave Not Required

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Keep your leftover pizza from getting soggy in the microwave by heating it up with an iron. It’ll stay crisp and taste as if you just had it delivered. There’s nothing better than leftover pizza in the morning.

Iced Coffee Hack

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Keep your iced coffee from getting watered down by melted ice cubes with this genius hack. Make coffee ahead of time, freeze it into cubes, and put them in your iced coffee! You’ll just get more coffee when they melt.

Stay Entertained on Road Trips

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It isn’t fair that entertainment systems are only for the rear passengers in cars. This woman is winning at long road trips by putting her iPad on the sun visor while her husband drives. Now the time will pass so much quicker.

Doggy Bath Time

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To keep your dog from running out of the bathtub during bath time, put some peanut butter on the wall near the faucet. They’ll be entertained and more focused on their favorite snack than the uncomfortable feeling of being washed.

News from the Street

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Who needs news crews with large cameras and trucks anymore? This girl is becoming her own news reporter with just a selfie stick and a microphone. She’s ready to report on anything she sees at any time.

Puppy Pedicure

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It can be difficult to cut your pup’s nails, especially if they are scared or uncomfortable. This dog dad found the ultimate hack to keep his dog in one place while cutting its nails.

Always Watching

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This police officer is ready to stop crime at all times. While wearing stilts, he can see so much more from above and keep an eye out for anything that may look a little suspicious.

Making the Grade

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Math definitely isn’t the easiest subject to pass. This girl knows how to stay discreet when she needs a little help during her math test.

Waterproof Makeup

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Keep your makeup from smudging or washing off while you swim or even take a quick shower by wearing goggles. It’ll keep the water out of your eyes and your makeup absolutely perfect.