Top Places In The World You Should NEVER Swim In – News
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Top Places In The World You Should NEVER Swim In

Almost everyone loves to go swimming; I mean that’s one of the best things to do in the summer. Going on a vacation to a place you’ve never heard of is the thing to do, in order to “see the world”. It’s important to perform some research before you go swimming, as not every body of water is meant for swimming. Here is a list of the top places in the world you should never swim in.

Sea Snakes in the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf waters are actually supposed to be free of sea snakes. They usually stay within the Pacific, but now they are making their way over to the Gulf of Mexico. A fisherman saw a snake in Texas. “It had white/bluish and black bands and came from under the weeds and then swam to the surface. It was a sea snake and I have no doubts about what I saw,” said the Fisherman. He also said that the “snake” had a paddle-like tail and he his fishing partner just watched it for a moment. The scary part is, snakes aren’t supposed to be in Texas.