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Very Simple Life Hacks That Will Cut Your Routine In Half

There are people who have found genius ways to make difficult things easier, and they should be applauded for it. They figured out how to get the most out of life with little effort. With how busy we can get, we often welcome life hacks. Below, is a gathered list of very simple life hacks that will cut your routine in half.


Crease Free Collar

Truth be told, no one likes to iron. Ironing can be a hassle and an annoyance. If you are running late, and you need a clean wrinkle-free shirt- sometimes you just don’t have the time to iron one. All you need is a hair straightener to iron your collar. Simple as that. Collars are difficult to iron, regardless. This life hack will save you time and energy.

Phone Holder

Phone holders for cars can get decently expensive. It’s also easy to buy the wrong one, because there are so many different sizes. Instead of spending a lot of money on one, you can make your own. Thread a rubber band through your car’s air vent and put a pen in the bottom section, to stop the rubber band from pinging back out. You place your phone where this person has their finger. Now you can talk on your phone hands-free.

Egg Yolks and White

If a recipe calls for you to separate the egg yolk from the egg white, that can get tricky. There are so many different methods for this tricky task, but this one is easily the best. Crack your egg on a plate and grab a clean, empty bottle. Place the bottle over the yolk, and squeeze the bottle to suck up the yolk.

No More Watered Down Wine

Who doesn’t love a cold class of wine? However, trying to keep your wine cold is difficult. You can use ice cubes, but it can water down your wine. Freeze some grapes, instead of using ice. The grapes won’t water down your wine, and it will also look cool.

Tennis Ball Holder

If you need something to hold your mail or your keys, look no further. This life hack is nifty but it’s also adorable. Cut a slit in a tennis ball horizontally, and pop some googly eyes on it. Attach the tennis ball on your wall, and voila!

Writing Sentences

Did you get in trouble at school? Need to write sentences? Then this life hack is for you! This hack can help you to finish sentences in record time. Tape five pens together, and now you can write more lines at once. Your handwriting may not be the best, but at least you won’t have to spend more time than needed on writing sentences.

Quick Dinner

Maybe you got off work late, you forgot to thaw your ground beef, and now your kids are starving. What do you do? If this has ever happened to you, then this life hack is for you. Spread your meat out in a Ziploc bag before you freeze it. This reduces thawing time when you take it out of the freezer.

Hoover Ponytail

Image result for daddy vacuum ponytail gif

Need to put your child’s hair in a ponytail, but don’t know how? All you need is a vacuum cleaner. Just make sure you don’t have your vacuum cleaner on full power. Put a hair tie over the vacuum attachment, and then let the vacuum do it’s magic.

Folding Fitted Sheets

Trying to fold a fitted bed sheet seems like it’s impossible. By the time you actually fold it, it looks like a mess. This step-by-step life hack demonstrates how to fold the fitted sheet like a professional. Now, you can impress your friends and family.

Contact Case Uses

If you wear contact lenses, then you more than likely, have a collection of contact cases. Most people throw them in the trash, but there are other ways to use them. In each pot, put lotion, foundation, or lip gloss in it. This size is perfect for vacations or wherever you go. However, you may want to label which is which.

Highlight the Problem

If someone played a prank on you and they put permanent marker on your face, then listen up. This life hack is your solution. Use a highlighter pen and scribble over the area. The highlighter should dissolve the permanent marker.

Pillows and Sheets

If your bedding closet looks like a mess, then this is the life hack for you. This is a great way to organize your closet and your sheets. Match up your sheet sets, so they’re ready to go on the bed. Then grab the matching pillowcase to keep them in.

Boiling Point

It’s hard to keep your water from boiling over. It’s also pain to clean up salty pasta water off of your stove. Place a wooden spoon over the top of your pan, to prevent it from boiling over. It really works!

Band-Aid Tricks

Putting a band aid on the tip of your finger is the worst. It’s hard to wrap it around and it never stays. Make a few snips into the band-aid, you’ll be able to keep it on your finger for longer. This hack is genius.

Reusing the Crib

This is a great idea! When your baby grows out of their crib, you don’t have to throw it out. You can reuse it for other purposes. Take one side off, paint the bottom with chalkboard paint, and hang it up some little accessories. This is the perfect homework station for your little one.

Plug Saver

It can be frustrating to have to throw out another plug. The prongs bend easily when it’s plugged in at an awkward angle. Not anymore! Use two nails that you can wrap the cable round, keeping it upright. This will stop the prongs from bending, due to being plugged in at an awkward angle.

Beer Hiding

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a refreshing beer at the beach. However, you’re not allowed to drink alcohol at most beaches. This life hack is incredibly smart! You can now disguise your beer as a can of soda instead. Remove the top and bottom of a soda can, before slipping it over your beer.

Soda Tabs

If you’re running out of hanger space in your closet to hang more clothes, then this is the life hack for you! Don’t throw away your soda pop tabs anymore. Put a soda tab over the hook of a hanger, then attach another hanger through the spare hole in the soda pop tab. This will easily double up how much space you have in your closet.

Saving your Razor

Razors can easily dry out, and no one keeps the plastic cap that it comes with. This hack saves your razor and it also saves you money from having to buy multiple razors a month. Use a bulldog clip to protect the end of your razor. You can also use the other end to hang it up in your shower.

Keyboard Hacks

There are tons of symbols on your keyboard; however, no one actually knows how to make those symbols. It seems like we still use Google to copy and paste the copyright symbol. This life hack shows you how to make all of the different symbols on your keyboard. Impress your friends by teaching them how to make different symbols.

Saving Freezer Space

Is your freezer full? Then you will love this life hack. All you need are some bulldog clips. Roll your bags of frozen vegetables and fruit, then use a bulldog clip to hang them up in your freezer. This will save you a lot of space in your freezer. If you meal prep, you can also do this with Ziploc bags of leftovers.

Parallel Parking Tips

Parallel parking is tricky. Some people just can’t seem to master it. This life hack gives you tips on how you can parallel park like a pro. This step by step guide will teach you the best way to parallel park. Now you can impress your friends and family by being great at this skill.

Cord Box

Most people have a box of tangled up cords in their home. Half of the cords probably don’t even work and the other half are a tangled mess. Use toilet roll tubes to organize your box of cables. Roll your cords, stick them in the tubes, and then pop them back in the box.

Even cooking

Who doesn’t love leftovers? However, if we take our eye off the microwave and don’t stir our food, then the middle gets cold. This is a really easy hack. Create a hole in the middle of your food, and it’ll cook evenly throughout.

DIY Ice Pack

If you get hurt, an ice pack is the perfect thing to make you feel better. However, sometimes ice packs can get expensive. You can also never have too many ice packs in the house. Fill a Ziploc bag with three parts water, one part rubbing alcohol, and pop in the freezer for when you need it.

A Stemless Strawberry

It can be difficult to remove the stem off of a strawberry. If eaten, they can also give you tummy troubles. Believe it or not, all you need is a straw. Push the straw through the strawberry to remove all traces of the stem. This method is actually quite genius.

Shoe Laces

If you’re a runner, and you have a favorite pair of shoes- then this chart is for you. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes, try tying your laces differently. This chart shows you how to tie your shoes, depending on what symptoms you are experiencing.

The Blister Pack Struggle

Whenever you receive a product that is enclosed in a blister pack, you lose excitement for the product. Blister packs are extremely dreadful. Instead of using scissors or a knife to try and open a blister package, use a can opener. Attach to the edge of the blister pack and open as you would with a can.

A Nutty Hack

It’s hard to think how a walnut can be so helpful. This hack is perfect for those who have scratches on your furniture. The natural oils in the walnut dye the wood. You can easily buff out a scratch without having to spend a lot of money.

No More Wasting Tape

One thing most people hate about wrapping presents is looking for the end of the tape. This can be a thing in the past, when it comes to tape getting tangled up. Take the tab off of a loaf of bread and attach it to the end of the tape. Now, you’ll always be able to find the end of the tape.

Butter Popcorn

It can be frustrating when only half of your popcorn is buttered. There is an easy way to make sure that each piece of popcorn is coated in butter. Place a straw down the center of your popcorn, then pour the butter through it. This will spread the butter evenly.

No More Damaged Glasses

Glasses are not only a fashion statement, but they are necessary for those who need them. To keep lenses from scratching or breaking, buy an inexpensive wine glass rack and hang it on the wall. Place your glasses on it, and now you have a glasses hanger.

DIY Muffin Pan

Do you want to make cupcakes, but you don’t have a muffin pan? Don’t worry. With this hack you can make muffins and cupcakes without a muffin pan. Place mason jar lid rings on a baking sheet, then add your paper muffin holders inside the ring and voilà!

A Wine Bottle Rolling Pin

Cooking is fun, until you realize that you’re missing a kitchen tool. Have you ever needed a rolling pin in a hurry only to discover you don’t have one? Then you should use this life hack. More than likely, you’ll have a bottle of wine in your kitchen than a rolling pin. Just use a bottle of wine as a rolling pin.

Jar Opener

It’s frustrating trying to open a jar but can’t. There are cool gadgets that help you open a jar easily, but they can be pretty expensive. Use an elastic band as a can opener. Wrap the elastic band around the lid a couple of times and twist it.

Use a Ceramic Bowl to Sharpen Knives

Over time, knives tend to become dull. Knife sharpeners can be pretty pricey. You can use a ceramic bowl or coffee mug to sharpen your knife. This works so well because the ring on the bottom of a ceramic bowl has the same texture as the stones used to make knife sharpeners shop.tsprof. This is a great hack, and more than likely, you already have a ceramic bowl. With this trick, you can sharpen your knives easily.

Double Boiler

When you need to melt chocolate, many recipes call for a double boiler. This isn’t a normal everyday kitchen tool. However, it’s easy to make your own. Just make sure that the bowl is not resting in the boiling water and that it sits firmly on the edges of the saucepan. Now, you have a double boiler.

DIY Cookie Cutters

Making cookies around the holidays is always fun. Making perfectly shaped cookies is a challenge, unless you have a cookie cutter. Use a mason jar or drinking glass to create perfect circles. Dip the glass or jar in flour before cutting out your cookies to prevent them from sticking. This is the perfect hack to cut out perfectly circle shaped cookies easily. You can also use shot glasses to make smaller cookies.

Melt Chocolate with a Hairdryer

If you don’t feel like using the stove to melt chocolate, then use a hairdryer. Put your chopped-up chocolate in a bowl, hold the hairdryer approximately eight to ten inches away from the bowl and turn it on pointing directly at the chocolate. As the chocolate melts, begin stirring it. Before you know it, you’ll have melted chocolate.

Egg Separator

Separating eggs can be difficult. Egg separators are a nice tool to have if you hate separating eggs. However, why spend money on a tool when you have this hack? Crack an egg into the slotted spoon and let the yolk sit in it while the egg white drips through the spoon into a bowl.

Clean Your Veggies

More than likely, the root vegetables you purchase will still be a tad dirty when you buy them. Cleaning them can be difficult. This hack will make cleaning your vegetables easier. Use a loofah to clean your root vegetables. The loofah gets all of that pesky dirt off your vegetables quickly and easily.

Cherry Pitter

Who doesn’t love cherries? They are delicious and healthy. However, pitting cherries can be annoying, especially if you don’t have a cherry pitter. There are two options to pit a cherry. You can use a thick drinking straw or a funnel. With the funnel turned upside down, place the cherry on top and push down.

Clothespin ‘Chip Clips’

It’s really frustrating to open a bag of chips, only to discover that they have gone stale. Most people use chip clips; however, not everyone owns them. If you don’t have any chip clips, you’re in luck. Just grab a clothespin. Roll over the top of the bag tightly and clip it in place. This hack will help keep your chips fresh.

Smoky Roasted Fish

If you’re wondering how you get your fish to have a smoky flavor, then this hack is for you. You can get that smoky flavor by roasting fish on a plank of cedar or hickory wood. Normally, cooking planks can be expensive. By opting for the hardware store version, it will only cost you a couple of dollars. You will still get the delicious smoky flavor, it’s just cheaper.

Tenderize Your Meat with a Can

Meat tenderizers can be quite pricey. Believe it or not, all you need is a can of beans! Wrap the can of beans up using plastic wrap, and pound down on your meat to tenderize it.

Replace Cheesecloth with Pantyhose

If you make your own cheese, cheesecloth can come in handy. However, cheesecloth is not a popular tool to have in your kitchen. Instead, you could use a pair of pantyhose. Pantyhose can come in handy when it comes to straining homemade cheese. Just cut the pantyhose into whichever shape you want. Easy peasy!

A Pizza Cutter to Cut up Herbs

Herb shears are nice, but they are really only good for one thing- cutting up herbs. If you are wanting to cut up herbs without buying herb shears, then this hack is for you. Place your herbs on a cutting board, and roll your pizza cutter back and forth over the herbs. Simple as that.

Use a Colander to Sift Flour

You more than likely, own a flour sifter if you’re an avid baker. However, most people don’t own one. Don’t worry, there’s a hack for that! Place the colander over your mixing bowl and gently tap on the side of the bowl to allow the flour to sift through.

Roast Bacon Using Aluminum Foil

Have you ever wanted perfectly cooked bacon, but you don’t have a roasting rack to cook it on? Next time, make your own rack using aluminum foil. Lay your bacon across the foil and place it on the oven’s existing rack. Make sure that the bacon is lying horizontally.

Use an Oven Mitt to Open Jars

If you’re having difficulties trying to open a jar, try using a rubber or silicone oven mitt. The rubber or silicone loosens the lid with the no-slip grip material. It’s quite simple.

Use Pliers to Remove the Bones from Your Fish

Removing bones from a fish can be difficult. You can get special kitchen tools to do this, but that can get pricey. Instead of spending a pretty penny on these tools, just pick up a pair of needle-nose pliers. The needle-nose pliers work in the same way as the pricey kitchen pliers. Regardless, you will have perfectly deboned fish.

Spoon Bottle Opener

Needing to open a bottle without a bottle opener is the worst. Next time you find yourself in this situation, try using a spoon. Place the end of your spoon underneath the cap of the bottle. Hold the bottle tightly, then push the spoon upwards, and the cap should loosen and pop off.

A Toothbrush/Pastry Brush

You more than likely, have a pastry brush if you’re an avid baker. If you come across a recipe that calls for a pastry brush, but you don’t want to pay for one, then this hack is for you. An unused toothbrush accomplishes the same goal as a pastry brush does, without the cost.

A Cooling Rack with Butter Knives

Don’t have a cooling rack? Create a cooling rack using butter knives. This helps to prevent your baking tray from burning your countertop. Place about four or five butter knives in a row, the length of your baking sheet. Place the baking sheet on top of the knives and voila.

Cut Soft Cheese with Unflavored Dental Floss

This may be shocking news to you, but you can actually cut soft cheeses with unflavored dental floss. Dental floss can cut through soft foods easily. Make sure you use unflavored dental floss; otherwise, you’ll have minty cheese. Keep floss in your kitchen, because you never know when you’ll need it.

Use a Food Processor to Replace a Cheese Grater

Not having a cheese grater while cooking can be tricky. If you are in a pinch and you need to grate cheese, use a food processor. Cut up the block of cheese into smaller cubes. Also, make sure you coat the blades of the food processor with non-stick spray. Pulse the processor a few times, until the cheese is grated to your liking. You will have perfectly grated cheese.

Aluminum Foil Funnel

If you can’t find your funnel or you just never owned one, this hack is for you. Create your own funnel using aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can be easily adjusted and easy to work with. It’s also cheaper to use this hack, than it is to buy a funnel.

Waffle Iron Quesadillas

A waffle iron can actually be quite versatile. There are plenty of different ways you can put it to use. One way you can use a waffle iron is to make quesadillas. A waffle iron is a great investment to make. Plus, who doesn’t love fresh waffles?

Garlic Press Knife

All you can do with a garlic press is mince garlic. Most people don’t eat garlic enough to invest in a garlic press. This hack is for you, if you don’t want to buy a garlic press. Use your kitchen knife to press down on the clove of garlic. It’s that easy!

Squeeze the Juice from Lemons and Limes with Tongs

Squeezing the juice from limes and lemons can become very messy, very quickly. If you squeeze lemons regularly, you can buy a lemon juicer; however, they can get pricey. Instead, cut the fruit in half and place it between a pair of tongs and squeeze. This method is less messy and it’s super easy.

No Whisk? Just Grab Two Forks

More than likely, you don’t have two whisks in your kitchen. A great alternative is using two forks. Just make sure that they are the same size. Place the forks one on top of the other so that the tines are overlapping, and place a paper towel in between the forks’ handles.

Cookie Cutter Napkin Rings

Napkin rings aren’t something everyone has in their home. Normally, you only use them for formal occasions. Buying napkin rings when you don’t use them seems unnecessary. Instead, use cookie cutters. This is a cute and fun way to add a little flair to your dinner table. It’s inexpensive, and the cookie cutters will have more than one use.

Open Jars with Duct Tape

Duct tape is another hack, when it comes to opening a stubborn jar. Place a piece of duct tape over half the lid and give a little pull on the tape. The jar should easily come off. Sweaty hands can make opening a jar seem impossible. But not anymore! This hack will now allow you to open jars with ease.

Make a Colander with an Aluminum Pie Tin

If you don’t have a colander or you can’t find one, don’t worry. This hack allows you to strain your pasta without a colander. All you need is an aluminum pie tin. Just poke holes into the bottom of the pie tin using a fork or tip of a sharp knife. If you don’t have foil pie tins in your kitchen, you can just use regular foil instead.

Bottle Egg Separator

Separating eggs can get messy, but it doesn’t have to be. Use a water bottle to separate the egg. With an empty water bottle, place the opening over the yolk and squeeze your bottle. The bottle will suck up the yolk easily. Just release the bottle over a bowl, and the yolk will drop out.

Hash Browns in a Waffle Maker

Here is another great hack involving a waffle maker. Who doesn’t love hash browns? This hack takes hash browns up a notch! Grate your potatoes up, add in any extra spices you would like and then spread them out over your waffle iron. After they cook, you will have delicious crispy hash browns. There are so many things you can make with a waffle iron, which means investing in one is not a bad idea.

Treats Made in a Popcorn Machine

More than likely, you probably thought that popcorn machines are only for making popcorn. However, there are other uses for this great machine. Use your air-blown popcorn machine to dry out herbs or toast pine nuts. The popcorn maker is an easy way to avoid burning your herbs and pine nuts. It’s super simple and a foolproof hack.

A Coffee Grinder to Make Rice Flour for Tempura

Believe it or not, a coffee grinder is a very versatile kitchen tool. You can use it to grind up nuts and seeds to make your own flours. By using uncooked rice grains, place them in your coffee grinder and pulse them until the consistency of the seeds are as fine as flour. This method is the quickest and easiest way to satisfy those tempura cravings without having to buy a huge bag of tempura flour.

Make Whipped Cream in a French Press

This hack may surprise you, but you can actually use a French press to make whipped cream. It’s also a very simple process. Fill up your French press with heavy whipping cream a little less than half of the way. Put the lid on and move the filter up and down as fast as you can. Just be careful not to take it too far; otherwise, you’ll make butter.

A Bagel Toasted on a Mr. Coffee

This is the perfect way to toast your bagel. This is a quick and easy hack that allows you to toast a bagel and make your coffee- all in one place. Cut your bagel in half and place the first half on the hot plate where the coffee pot normally sits. Your bagel will become perfectly crisp and ready to serve.

Glass of Water in the Microwave to Reheat Pizza

Some food tastes amazing reheated, whereas, some food doesn’t taste so great reheated. It can often taste stale and tough. This hack allows you to eat reheated pizza and baked goods, to the point where they taste fresh. Place a glass of water next to the food you wish to reheat in the microwave, and that’s it! The evaporating water will add moisture to the air allowing the dough to soak it up. This means that the dough will not dry out.