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5 Key Benefits of Consulting a Testosterone Specialist for Men 

Testosterone is one of the crucial hormones in men, and when there is something wrong with it, many factors in the body do not go right. The standard testosterone levels for men are 300 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter. Some uses of testosterone are sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle size strength, and red blood cell production.    


The signs and symptoms to help know you have an imbalance in your testosterone levels are ejaculation difficulties, shrinking testicles, enlarged breast tissue, decreased endurance, and erectile dysfunction. 

Most men find it difficult to consult a testosterone specialist due to the shame, fear, and vulnerability of getting the most sensitive parts of your body tested. But this does not have to be the case. In this article, you will learn about the five key benefits of visiting a specialist once you notice an issue with your testosterone. 

1. Sexual Performance, Function, and Drive Are Improved

A decreased drive and performance can be very unsettling for men. Some signs of low libido include; no interest in sex life, erectile dysfunction, muscle loss, and infertility due to the low sperm count.   If the condition is not corrected, it could lead to psychological conditions like stress and anxiety that result in strains in the relationship.  

In the older male population, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction are common complaints.  This could be attributed to having low testosterone levels, as there is a strong correlation between libido and testosterone levels. The condition can be corrected easily by consulting a testosterone specialist 

The Whitehall clinic has specialists that offer the best private testosterone therapy for those suffering from testosterone deficiency syndrome. Many men that have undergone testosterone therapy from the Whitehall clinic have shared that their sexual function and performance started to come back within the first three weeks of treatment as well as their erection being long-lasting and more robust. 

2. Mental Acuity and Focus Return

Despite the widespread perception that testosterone primarily controls sex drive and aggregation, research has shown that its levels are also connected with cognitive performance, such as reasoning, concentration, and memory. 

This is because the cells in your brain are equipped with testosterone receptors. When you have a condition of testosterone, your receptors are left dry, which can result in mood swings.  

Consulting a testosterone specialist and beginning your testosterone therapy will dissipate the formidable cloud hanging over your head. Your memory, mental focus, and cognition improve within the first weeks of treatment.  

The feelings of sudden mood swings and depression also begin to subside within three to six weeks. Your change in demeanor will subsequently support a more evident mindset, radially ameliorated self-confidence, and an inner strength ready to take up whatever life throws your way. 

3. You Will Have More Energy

Testosterone improves your body’s capability of converting fats to energy, maintaining a healthy metabolism. A leaner body, as a result of testosterone, also increases energy. Men with low testosterone levels are lethargic.  

Also, testosterone has a role in bone density. Bone density is known to decrease as men age and the levels of testosterone decrease. This raises the risk of osteoporosis and weak bones.   Strong bones, on the other hand, support your internal organs and muscles, which can subsequently boost athletic performance. 

Visiting a testosterone specialist will help you solve all these issues. You will notice you are not as lethargic and unrested as before in one month. It also boosts your ability to increase lean muscle mass and build muscle tissue.  

Testosterone is a significant factor in protein synthesis, which is responsible for repairing muscle damage and therefore leading to increased muscle mass. After undergoing testosterone therapy, remember to do exercises as they go hand in hand. 

4. Normal Blood Sugars

Testosterone has a role in a signaling pathway responsible for glucose uptake in the cells. Hence, if your testosterone levels are lower than standard, blood sugar levels rise after eating a meal and stay high for a longer time, exposing you to the risk of type 2 diabetes 

Having testosterone therapy increases the sensitivity of your insulin, and hence your body can effectively absorb your blood sugar levels and give you energy

5. Weight Loss

Studies have found that compared to men with a healthy weight, obese men were more likely to have low levels of testosterone. This is because having the proper levels of testosterone will assist you in maintaining muscle mass and, as a result, increase the number of calories you burn.  

Consulting a testosterone specialist will reduce your risk of being obese, which is related to adverse health impacts. In addition, it can help you reduce stubborn belly fat.  


Consulting a testosterone specialist and undergoing testosterone therapy is not an easy decision or a quick solution. It needs patience and a deep understanding.  

Remember that some risks like sleep apnea, acne problems, other skin disorders, swollen breasts, noncancerous prostate growth, and limited sperm production could also come with the therapy. Response to treatment should be assessed, and if there is no improvement, the treatment should be discontinued immediately.