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OMG You Won’t Believe What This Rescue Goat Finds Comfort Wearing!

The internet is awash in animal gifs and memes. From otters to giraffes to insects, there seems to be a cuddly (or prickly) animal Patronus for everyone. Of course felines rule the internet world, but cat dominance may not last forever. Why? Well, it has something to do with the rise of the goats.

Introducing Goats of Anarchy!


Have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby goat? What about a baby goat in baby clothing? Well, that’s just what you’ll see at Goats of Anarchy, home of one special little goat with a particular quirk!

Goats of Anarchy is a rescue group for special needs baby goats in Annadale, New Jersey run by founder Leanne Lauricella. All of the goats at the rescue are in need of help, either because they’ve been rescued from abused or have disabilities. The goats are raised as pets, not for farming, and have millions of followers online. Goats of Anarchy lets viewers watch the goats’ antics on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, and you can see these little guys get stronger by the day. The goats are so popular online that they’re even starring in their first book, out March 2017. As the book puts it, Lauricella’s mission is to “save the world, one goat at a time.”


You can’t deny that these goats are scene-stealers, and complete hams for the camera. The 2017 calendar featuring goat pics was in such high-demand that it sold out very quickly. However, for all of the goat pictures and videos that Lauricella has shared over the years, nobody expected to see what happened next with a little goat with a number of problems.