This Ghost Ship Deep in the Kentucky Woods Has a History with World War I, Thomas Edison and Madonna – Page 3 – News
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Thomas Edison on the Sachem


Edison spent eighteen months investigating issues for the US Navy, eventually coming up with 48 projects, such as special coating for submarine guns, an anti-roll platform for rough seas, and a hydrogen detector to help ships avert undersea explosions.

The Sachem Becomes a Fishing Boat

After the War, the USS Sachem was decommissioned and returned to Metcalf in 1919. Eventually the ship was sold again, this time to a captain named Jake Martin, from Brooklyn. He converted the war yacht into a fishing ship. Captain Martin is a mercurial character from the 1930s. By the time he acquired the ship, America was embroiled in the Great Depression. As a result, luxury ships like the Celt were suddenly affordable to anyone.


Fishing boat captain Jake Martin aims his rifle at a shark, circa 1925. Martin maintains that the presence of sharks interferes with good fishing. (Photo by Keystone View Company/FPG/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Captain Martin charged people $2.00 to board the boat. Captain Martin’s claim to fame was pioneering the industry of party boat fishing. The first converted steam yacht that was used as a party fishing boat was his vessel, the Evelyn.