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Extremely Emotional Dog Flies From Iraq To Meet His Best Friend In The United States

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a sweet reunion story. This one takes place between a soldier and a pup that he met in Iraq. The two were separated when the soldier came back home, however, he couldn’t stop thinking about the dog that brought him comfort. Then the biggest surprise was arranged!


20. The Soldier

Image: YouTube

Nick Pierzchalski was a medevac pilot for the United States Army. Nick was sent off to Iraq where he flew Blackhawk helicopters. He was responsible for saving the lives of many wounded soldiers as he would fly them off to safety.

19. Saving Lives

Image: Tampa Bay News

Nick was happy that he could save so many soldier’s lives, however, the nature of war was really beginning to take a toll on him. His confidence was beginning to get low and he needed a pick-me-up. That’s when he met a miracle!

18. A Pup

Image: Fox 13

Just when Nick was feeling the lowest he came across a shepherd mix puppy. He fell in love with her instantly and named her Airys. The way they met was incredibly sweet…

17. Running Over

Image: Animal Channel

The stray puppy had run up to Nick and his fellow soldiers and introduced herself. They all began playing with her as she was incredibly friendly. Nick was so happy to have her around.

16. Happy Aura

Image: ABC Action News

All of the men and women in the hangar were much happier with Airys around. She increased the morale of everyone around and Nick even went so far as to build her a kennel. That way Airys could have a home with all of the soldiers.

15. Always Together


It brought great morale to me and the whole group felt like a piece of home,” Pierzchalski told Fox 13 News. ”She’d hang out with us. She was constantly with us.” Then something heartbreaking occurred…

14. Leaving

Then in March 2017, Nick was ready to leave Iraq and return home to Brooksville, Florida. It was heartbreaking for him to have to part ways with Airys after getting so close. Nick never stopped thinking about her…

13. New Idea

Image: YouTube

So Nick came up with a genius idea! He wanted to officially adopt Airys and bring her back home with him to Florida. However, he would need some help on this mission.

12. Getting Help

Image: YouTube

So Nick went to get help from SPCA International. SPCA International runs a program called Operation Baghdad Pups. The program works to reunite soldiers with dogs that they connected with while fighting overseas.

11. Tracked Down

Image: YouTube

So the SPCA International group got down to tracking down Airys. They worked very hard on the case and finally tracked her down! Then it was time to send her over on a plane to the United States.

10. 3 Months Apart

Image: YouTube

The duo spent three months apart after Nick left for Florida. Now his dreams were coming true as Airys was being sent over to him. The day she was set to arrive, Nick drove in to Tampa International Airport to wait for her.

9. News Coverage

Image: YouTube

Fox 13 News covered the heartwarming reunion on live news. The reporter and Nick both watched keenly as one of the airport security employees rolled over a crate. Inside of the crate was Airys.

8. Crouching Down

Image: YouTube

Nick was beyond excited to finally see Airys. In fact, he couldn’t wait for her to be released from the crate so he crouched over to the opening and said hello to his old pal. Airys was immediately excited!

7. Excited

Image: YouTube

Airys was so excited as soon as she saw and heard Nick speaking. She immediately began to wag her tail with happiness and excitement. Then it was time to open the crate for the real reunion to commence!

6. Jumping

Image: YouTube

As soon as Nick opened up the cage, Airys jumped out and right into his arms. Her tail wouldn’t stop wagging, not even for a second. The two of them were in their own world and it was absolutely beautiful.

5. No Words

I can’t even put it on words, I really can’t. I didn’t think I was going to get her home,” Nick says. “She remembers! I was nervous she wasn’t going to remember but she obviously does.”

4. Special Moment

Image: YouTube

Everyone at the airport watching the reunion was brought to tears. It was such a special moment shared between man and dog. It is amazing that after all that time Airys never forgot about Nick.

3. New Home

Image: YouTube

When asked what he was most excited about, Nick stated that he couldn’t wait to bring Airys to her new home with him. There she would have a yard to run around in and tons of fresh air to indulge in.

2. Desert Dog

Image: YouTube

Since Airys had grown up in the desert she had only known a life of sand and gravel. Now living with Nick she’ll get to enjoy a living environment so different from the one that she was used to. Nick is happy to be able to give her a better life.

1. Special Bond

Image: YouTube

It is amazing to see the special bond shared between Nick and Airys. Even though they spent months apart, these two didn’t miss a beat when they were finally reunited. What a sweet story!