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Grandpa Hilariously Babysits His Daughter’s Dog and Keeps Updating Her About Their Adventures

We all know that grandparents often love to spend time with their grandkids. This is where the fun begins and where the grandparents can spoil their grandchildren rotten. However, one Grandpa decided to send a stream of adorable text messages when left with his grandchild, a dog named Chance!


16. Megan Specksgoor

Image: ABCNews/Meghan Specksgoor

Meghan Specksgoor lives in Midlothian, Virginia and is the owner of Chance. Chance was adopted by Meghan after she went to visit the shelter with a friend who wanted to adopt a puppy. Meghan visited the Richmond Animal League and fell in love with Chance.

15. A Second Chance

Image: Bored Panda

Chance’s life wasn’t always easy. He had been brought into the Richmond Animal League after someone shot him. He had a shattered jaw and at the time was named “Chap.” Meghan decided to adopt him and name him Chance after her favorite rapper, Chance the Rapper. It was a fitting name since the pup got a second chance at life!

13. Work Trip

Image: The Dodo

Meghan had to go to New York City but she couldn’t take Chance with her. She decided to leave him in the loving hands of her father and the man agreed to babysit her furry grandchild. Meghan didn’t know what they would get up to…

12. A Stay at Grandpa’s House

Image: ABC News

Like any grandkid, Chance was excited to stay at his grandpa’s house. Meghan knew her dog would be in great hands, but of course, she would miss him when she was away. That wouldn’t be a problem as her dad would send her texts.

11. Let’s Get Takeout

Image: Cheezburger

Meghan soon realized that her father was taking this babysitting gig very seriously when she got the text featuring Chance in the back of the car. Her dad wanted to know what he could feed Chance. Perhaps takeout was in order! The texts continued…

10. A Trip to the Salon

Image: Petcha

Meghan got an update on Chance’s next outing: a trip to the pet store to get his claws trimmed. Grandpa had even promised ice cream if Chance behaved. Meghan found this sweet and started sharing her dad’s updates with Twitter. She had no idea what would happen next!

8. True Love

Image: The Dodo

Meghan then got a text about how Chance and Grandpa went to the park. The dog looked even happier than the last picture! He may have missed his mom, but he was surely having fun. Meghan continued to share the updates with Twitter and the texts got even cuter.

7. Pup in the Park

Image: The Dodo

The bribe of ice cream worked, as you can see here! Chance got his nails trimmed and got his ice cream…well, frozen yogurt. The German Shepherd looked very pleased with his treat and clearly loves his gramps!

6. Fun Weekend

Image: Bored Panda

The weekend with Grandpa wound down to an end but not before Chance appeared in one last update. This time the text was “Hey mom, gramps is going to sleep with me tonight, is there anything we need to tell him?” and a message about how Chance loved her “soooo much.” Isn’t that adorable?

5. Twitter Famous

Image: Rover

Meghan loved the updates and so did Twitter. They immediately went viral as she said: “Someone get this man a grandchild!” More than 50,000 people retweeted her updates and people began sharing pictures of their own dogs named Chance. Some people said, “No, no grandchildren, just more dogs!” Stay tuned for some more fun animal texts!

4. Tiny Pancakes

Image: Cuteness

Meghan isn’t the only one who got fun texts with her pet. Chace Stout and girlfriend Kenzie Jones had a gray kitten named Mr. Wilson. One day Kenzie had to go out of town so Chace had to feed their kitten. He decided to make pancakes, and well, the text says it all! Read on for some more funny texts “from” animals!

3. Texts from Dog

Image: Texts from Dog

Have you ever read the book or blog Texts from Dog? Both feature the imagined texts from a dog to his owner. Text topics include food, sleeping, “enemies,” accidents somehow caused in the house, more food, and other silly antics. Can you imagine if your dog could text?

2. Tail Chasin’

Image: Bored Panda

Dogs would share every single thought they ever had with their owners if they could text. Here you can see the dog almost gets his tail…almost….and…no.  If cats could text? Click to see what that looks like!

1. Texts from Mittens

Image: Texts from Mittens

Not to be outdone, the cats are texting. Let’s face it, if cats had thumbs, they would text. They’re that smart. Here’s a text from Mittens, who runs the blog Texts from Mittens. Any cat owner knows the pain of trying to be in the bathroom and then the cat is dying to get in. They don’t know why they just need to be in the bathroom at any given minute that you are. Mittens texts her disappointment.