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Smart Dog Saves A Life By Alerting Mom After Hearing Something Beneath Snow

It was a cold winter day in Indianapolis. Crystal Kelley was in her backyard with her Yorkshire Terrier, Lily. Suddenly Lily alerted Crystal to something in the snow. When Crystal got closer, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Springing into action, she grabbed her hair dryer and went to work.


16. Crystal Kelley

Image: Animal Channel

Many dogs love to romp in the snow and play around, so it looked like a great day to enjoy the fresh snow. Crystal had just sent Lily into the backyard to play when she noticed Lily reacting to something in the snow — a bird!

15. The Bird

Image: Honest to Paws

At first, Crystal thought Lily was messing with the bird. She encouraged Lily to “Leave the birdy alone” as she recorded the dog’s movements. When Lily continued, she picked the dog up to get her away from the bird. That’s when she noticed the creature needed help.

14. Helpless Bird

Image: I Love My Dog So Much

The bird appeared to be frozen solid at first glance. Its wings and body were icy and covered with bits of snow. Lily was understandably upset and looked to her owner as if to say “Can you save it?”. Crystal felt terrible for the bird’s plight and knew she couldn’t leave it.

13. Motionless

Image: Honest to Paws

The poor creature was motionless, but Crystal and Lily weren’t about to give up hope. Crystal wondered if maybe she could pick it up and help warm it. She quickly grabbed a bucket and a blanket then scooped the little bird up into it.

12. Rescuing the Bird

Image: Hero Animals

Crystal couldn’t take the bird into the house because there was a risk the bird could fly around the house, plus she had a cat. She didn’t want to endanger the bird further and decided to help the bird outside. Lily was understandably concerned but Crystal had good instincts.

11. Inspiration Struck

Image: Beau.tie

Crystal wasn’t experienced with bird rescue but she had good instincts. She knew the bird had to be removed from the harsh elements and warmed up somehow. She had a flash of inspiration. She could let the bird get warmed gradually with a common beauty tool: a hairdryer.

10. A Hair Dryer

Image: Honest to Paws

Crystal ran into the house and came back with a hair dryer, and began gently drying the bird off with the dryer’s lowest setting. At first, it didn’t seem like it was working but she pressed on. She knew she could save this bird with just a little patience and a lot of care.

9. A Miracle

Image: Animal Channel

Miraculously, the bird started to move when it was heated! The wings were moving and were no longer frozen to its sides. Crystal kept the dryer on the low setting and continued gently warming the bird. The ice continued to melt and the bird moved even more.

8. The Fight Continues

Image: Hero Animals

It wasn’t a quick process. The bird was thoroughly frozen and likely stunned by the cold. Crystal pressed on and soon she got even more response from the bird. He even moved to get more of the heat! This was a great sign!

7. Warming Him Up

Image: Happiest

In the video she posted of the bird’s rescue, Crystal shared her process. “I didn’t put the blow dryer on high and warm him up too quickly.” She made sure the process was gradual and as gentle as can be for the bird.

6. Two Hours

Image: Backyard Naturalist

The entire process of warming the bird so he was thoroughly thawed took two hours! He finally started flapping his wings, and Crystal was elated because that meant the bird was ready to take flight again. There was definitely hope for the creature!

5. Taking Flight

Image: Bird Watching Magazine

The little bird started flapping his wings and hopping about as if ready to take off. It was time, the bird was going to fly and the quick thinking of Crystal was to thank! She waited anxiously to see if he could fly. Finally, as she was still blowing him dry, he hopped away and took off into the sky! Read on to see how you can help birds like this little guy.

4. Winter and Birds

Image: The Spruce

Winter temperatures are hard on little birds, especially if the birds live in harsh conditions. Luckily us humans can help birds out by doing a few easy things to make winter easier for the birds. One thing you can do is provide a warm place to live, such as a birdhouse.

3. Thirsty Birds

Birds also are prone to dehydration in the winter and may have to fly great distances before they can get water that isn’t frozen. If you have a birdbath, you can add a heating element or opt for a heated birdbath to make sure the birds get the water they need.

2. Bird Food

Image: Kaytee

Birds may also have trouble finding food during the cold winter months, especially as the ground freezes and is covered by snow. Birds will flock together to find bird feeders, so if you have a bird feeder, be sure you fill it with something like black oil sunflower seeds or a similar bird-friendly treat. Experts say birds start looking for feeders in the late summer to early fall, so be sure if you want to feed birds this winter that you put it out early.

1. Other Bird Treats

Image: Inhabitat

Birds need fat in their diet, especially in the winter months. The fat packs the energy that they need to fly and keep going long distances. You can provide them with peanut butter, meat scraps, and suet to give them this badly-needed nutrient.