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This Rescued Chihuahua Was Petrified Until One Woman Changed It All

20. A Little Furry Angel Named Hemp

Image: Daily Feed UK

Imagine living your entire life in a small, dark cage. This was the reality for one little chihuahua who suffered abuse her entire life. Living with the sole purpose to breed, this little girl named Hemp had a grim future. Thankfully, due to an act of kindness, her life would change drastically. This is the story of one chihuahua who beat all the odds thanks to one woman’s kindness.


19. A Life Not Worth Living

Image: Daily Feed UK

Surrounded by her own feces, little Hemp spent her days locked in a cage. There was no light and no love. Growing up in a world filled with hate and terrifying circumstances, Hemp never knew the joy of human kindness.

18. Living In A Puppy Mill

Image: Daily Feed UK

Reports indicated that Hemp’s owners ran a puppy mill, which was the source of her abuse both physically and mentally. No dog deserves to live in such circumstances when all they want is to give a human affection.

17. The Truth Behind the Pet Stores

Image: Daily Feed UK

You may not know this, but most pet stores obtain their dogs from puppy mills. These horrible places are where dogs are continuously bred in order to produce puppies that are eventually sold in pet stores. The dogs live in horrible conditions, are constantly abused, and many die from giving birth at too early of an age.

16. Scared and Abused

Image: Daily Feed UK

Hemp was what is called a “tea cup” chihuahua, meaning she was much smaller than most dogs in her breed. The abuse from constantly having puppies took a huge toll on her body and diminished her health drastically over time.

15. Too Small for Puppies

Image: Daily Feed UK

What you may not know about tea cup breeds is that giving birth is a very sensitive and dangerous situation. Due to their small size, the litters are often small and most mothers can’t go through the natural birth process due to the stress it puts on their tiny bodies.

14. Forced to Give Birth

Image: Daily Feed UK

According to a rescue organization, little Hemp’s body was put under a tremendous amount of stress. Based on her C-section scars, it was assumed that she gave birth to over three litters before she was even three years old.

13. End of the Line

Image: Daily Feed UK

Unable to give birth any longer, little Hemp was nearing the end of her life. The owners of the puppy mill decided she was no longer useful and made the decision that it was time to put her down. While the details are sketchy, it seemed the owners were planning to drown her. ¬†Would anyone come to this little girl’s rescue?

12. A Glimmer of Hope

Image: Image: Daily Feed UK

Thankfully, before Hemp suffered from such a horrible end, a rescue group in South Wales known as Many Tears Animal Rescue, stormed the puppy mill. Hemp and many other animals were saved from a fate that was far worse than death.

11. Would Anyone Love Hemp?

Image: Daily Feed UK

After Hemp was brought to the rescue organization’s headquarters, they decided to share a photo of her on Facebook. While not the most photogenic young lady (would you be after all that trauma?) she drew the attention of quite a few people.

10. Love at First Sight

Image: Daily Feed UK

One woman named Claire Stokoe immediately fell in love with little Hemp. She had just lost her husband and was seeking a new companion. She immediately reached out to the rescue organization with the request to adopt the little chihuahua.

9. Health Issues? No Problem!

Image: Daily Feed UK

The rescue organization wanted to be frank with Claire right off the bat and informed her of Hemp’s poor health. However, this didn’t deter Claire. She wanted to give this little girl a chance at a long and happy life, so she submitted her adoption application immediately!

8. Woman on a Mission

Image: Daily Feed UK

Claire was approved for her adoption and immediately began the journey to Wales to get Hemp. She knew this dog was meant to be in her life and she was determined that whatever abuse she endured would not be in vain.

7. Scared yet Desiring Love

Image: Daily Feed UK

The moment of truth finally arrived when Claire reached the organization and it was love at first sight for her. However, she was shocked at Hemp’s condition. She was emaciated, shaking and terrified of everything. Claire began to rethink the adoption, wondering if it was such a good idea.

6. Second Thoughts…

Image: Daily Feed UK

Poor little Hemp did not connect with Claire at first. She clung to the rescue worker, refusing to allow her new owner to touch her. It was then that Claire noticed something strange about little Hemp.

5. A Light in the Darkness

Image: Daily Feed UK

The rescue organization alerted Claire that Hemp struggled to keep her eyes open in the light because she lived so long in a cage in a dark room. Hemp also was malnourished, suffering from a skin disease, and her legs were bent in the wrong direction due to giving birth too young.

4. The Beginning of a Friendship

Image: Daily Feed UK

Thankfully, Claire wasn’t deterred by any of the issues Hemp was dealing with and decided to take her home. On the drive back, Hemp began to warm up to her. This would be the start of a beautiful friendship for Claire and Hemp.

3. A New Family

Image: Daily Feed UK

Claire decided to rename Hemp, Brie, so she would no longer have to associate with her old life. Brie immediately got along with her new brothers and they formed an inseparable pack. Life was finally beginning to turn around for this little chihuahua.

2. BFFs Forever!

Image: Daily Feed UK

Claire was ecstatic with how well Brie adjusted to her new life. She formed a close bond with her new family and started to transform into a very happy little girl. Aren’t these two adorable?

1. A New Name & New Life

Image: Daily Feed UK

Today, Brie is a completely new dog. Transformed by love and kindness, she is going on daily adventures and stepping out of the darkness and into the light. It’s amazing how one kind gesture can change the world of one animal.