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What They Did To A Disgusting, Old Pontoon Will Make You Seriously Envious

30. Don’t Judge a Pontoon By Its Cover


This old pontoon boat may not look like much, but wait until you see what a senior couple chose to do with it. Some items may seem like they are too far gone to restore, but this couple proved that this pontoon still had some life in its rickety old bowels.


29. Not in the Best Shape

Image: Viral Nova

As you can see, the boat is a little worn down. The back deck has definitely seen better days and we’re not sure we’d trust that gate. It seems like you could get a wicked case of tetanus just from looking at it.

28. Yikes that Looks Bad

Image: Viral Nova

The furniture has also seen better days. From the cheap vinyl to the rust and grime, we’re pretty sure no one wants to relax on this pontoon. There’s definitely a lot of work to be done.

27. Will this even work?

Image: Viral Nova

This motor doesn’t look seaworthy at all. We’re thinking that would get out to sea, but getting back might be another story. How is it even possible this pontoon boat is salvageable?

26. Dirty isn’t the right word…

Image: BoatBible

The state of decay is strong with this one. From the rotted wood to the rusty framework, we’re shocked anyone would invest in this hunk of junk. However, the couple was determined to make this the boat of their dreams. Sorry, we ain’t seeing it.

25. Maybe it’s time to give up?

Image: Viral Nova

Unfortunately, the state of the boat continued to get worse upon inspection. As you can see the flooring suffers from major water damage and wood rot. However, this was not going to stop the renovation. Personally, we would have chopped this thing up and made it into the biggest bonfire the world has ever seen.

24. Transported Home

Image: Wife Wine

The first step was to get the boat home. Thankfully, this would be the easiest part of this pontoon boat’s journey from ugly duckling to pontoon swan!

23. Time to Remove the Furniture

Image: Wife Wine

Next, it was time to remove the “guts” of the boat. The furniture was ripped out along with the captain’s wheel. Storage space and trash would also be cleared out so the couple could assess the state of the pontoon accurately.

22. No More Fencing

Image: Viral Nova

The gates were removed next along with the fencing, stripping the pontoon boat down to its base and frame. We have to admit that our faith in this renovation is beginning to fade. The boat is looking more and more like scrap metal as it’s stripped down. Hopefully, our faith will be restored soon.

21. That Doesn’t Look Too Good

Image: Viral Nova

Unfortunately, the news keeps getting worse! The foundation of the boat was so bad, it would have to be completely removed and rebuilt from the ground up. Not the most encouraging news that’s for sure!

20. Back to the Basics

Image: Viral Nova

As you can see, the boat is now stripped down to its framework and, surprisingly, it’s in pretty good shape. The couple made sure to remove all the rust and treat it with a waterproof coating so it would maintain seaworthiness for years to come.

19. New Electrical Wiring

Image: Viral Nova

Next came putting in the new electrical wiring. As you can see, things are beginning to take shape. While it certainly is far from being a boat again, the groundwork is being laid to make it a fully functional pontoon miracle once again!

18. A Restored Framework

Image: Viral Nova

After the electrical wiring was installed, the base was finally finished. It certainly looks almost good as new. We are beginning to get excited at the potential this pontoon boat could have. Let’s hope we get invited for the maiden voyage.

17. New Floors in Progress

Image: Viral Nova

As the renovations continued, new flooring was cut from plywood and crafted to fit the base. This would be reinforced to withstand the elements so the pontoon wouldn’t suffer from damage once it was out on the water. We’re already picturing a sunny day with a margarita!

16. Looking Good…

Image: Viral Nova

That is one fine looking pontoon boat! With the base done, it would be time to move on to the flooring. Just wait until you see what’s next!

15. A Little Vinyl Goes a Long Way

Image: Viral Nova

The couple chose a sleek and chic vinyl plank flooring that would give the pontoon a more upscale look. The vinyl was cut to size and laid out to make sure it fit perfectly.

14. No Bubbles Please!

Image: Viral Nova

Next, the vinyl was smoothed out to make sure there were no air pockets or tears. The last thing you want is moisture trapped in air bubbles and your flooring peeling up. Doesn’t it look incredible?

13. Always Something to Do

Image: Viral Nova

Time to cut out the new siding for the side fencing! Things are certainly moving forward at a quick pace. Thank God for sheets of aluminum! The cuts wouldn’t need to be precise because the aluminum was going to be covered anyway.

12. New Fencing in the Works

Image: Viral Nova

Ta-da! The restored side fencing. The gates were repurposed and the aluminum provided a new sturdy foundation. These seriously look brand new! We have to admit we are quite impressed with the craftsmanship that is on display here.

11. Old vs. New

Image: Viral Nova

The side fencing was reattached to make sure it was still in working order. Soon it would be time to reinstall the fencing onto the pontoon boat. As you can see, the new siding on the right looks so much better than the old on the left.

10. Piecing Things Together

Image: Viral Nova

Next, the couple installed the fencing back into place. It was important to make sure that all of the pieces fit back together properly after they were revamped. Thankfully, there were no problems and it was a simple installation.

9. The Furniture Arrives

Image: Viral Nova

When it came to the furniture, new chairs and cushions were ordered online. We are loving the tan with green accents. It certainly provides an upscale flair and will match wonderfully with the wood vinyl.

8. Final Electric Check

Image: Viral Nova

Next up would be the final electrical check to ensure the new space for the battery was up to code. This boat is definitely getting the five-star treatment. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

7. The Battery is Prepped and Ready!

Image: Viral Nova

A new battery is prepped for installation. Things are finally coming together and the renovation is just about complete. It’s mind boggling that this hunk of junk is turning into a fully-functional pontoon boat. We just hope its maiden voyage doesn’t wind up like the Titanic!

6. Aye, Aye Cap’n!

Image: Viral Nova

The captain’s steering station is finally on board. Since the old one was so badly damaged, a brand new setup was ordered that incorporated the latest technology. We definitely approve of this upgrade, and that steering stick is so much cooler than the traditional wheel!

5. The Deck is Looking Good

Image: Viral Nova

The deck is definitely shaping up nicely. Now with the fencing and back gate installed, this boat is just a few repairs away from getting out on the water.

4. Furniture Fun

Image: Viral Nova

The furniture is finally installed! Talk about an upgrade. The colors are absolutely perfect and we can already imagine so many fun days out on the water with family and friends. Could you use a few more passengers? We’re totally free this weekend!

3. Who Needs a Compass?

Image: Viral Nova

Navigation? No problem! Thanks to their adequate condition, the navigation lights were able to be reused without any trouble. There will be no issues getting home through troubled waters on this pontoon boat that’s for sure!

2. There She Blows!

Image: Viral Nova

After weeks of hard work, the moment of truth has arrived! The pontoon is being moved to the lake for its first time on the water! We really hope it floats, because it would be quite the buzz kill for it to sink like a rock after all of the time and effort put into it.

1. Pooch Approved

Image: Viral Nova

The maiden voyage of this pontoon makeover is definitely a success and pooch-approved! We still can’t believe how incredible the boat looks. Time for a cold one, a beautiful sunset, and a warm breeze on a summer night.