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10 Games That Are Visually Stunning

Apart from the gameplay and storyline, the only other thing that makes video games worth playing is the graphics. Now, we are at the point where realistic graphics are just part of the story. While the boundaries between the digital world and reality are pushed by some game creators, others are embracing the same technology in an attempt to achieve a simpler and more stylistic aesthetic.


Finding a visually stunning game in 2021 isn’t too difficult with all the powerful graphics engines and hardware to run them on that exists. Check out this video game store to find some great examples. The difficulty lies in finding games with a good enough story. Whether you’re playing games on the next gen consoles or slot games at an online casino, a review can help you decide whether it’s worth your time or avoiding it entirely, saving you money or preventing you from losing it!

The huge differences in the use and direction of arts in different platforms and games, brings about the wild range of visual styles that quenches the hunger of gamers of varying tests.

The Importance of Amazing Graphics in Video Games

We cannot deny the value of graphics in the world at large. One of the major reasons why video games have succeeded in gaining addictive quality over the years is through this. The addiction does not come from the swift evolution of plots, and giving every new game a unique and more complex storyline than the ones before it. The reason is the visual satisfaction that each game delivers, getting you deeply immersed and giving you the feeling of being part of the action and not just like a spectator from outside the screen.

Through the graphics of the video game, you will be able to witness the world that the developer had in mind when they were conceptualizing the game. The image of the alternative reality is properly painted, and this fosters more engagement and interaction.

The mood of the game is also set by the graphics of the video game. For instance, the use of retro styled graphics has grown in the past few years, and due to the nature of their design, one could be made to reminisce straight away and recall the older games they enjoyed. Whether this nostalgia is all about fantasy, the fact that you are made to go back in time through video games is amazing.

The fact is that the connection between the player and video games is sealed by graphics. They appeal to the eyes of the player, and this also gets them to appeal to their emotions, followed by their other senses.

Examples of Video Games with Awesome Graphics


This series of third person shooter games designed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony for the PlayStation has a new episode named a thief’s end that is to be released this year. A look at the game shows some signs of very obvious evolution from what it was in 2007 when the first edition arrived. In the game, the storyline involves Nathan Drake who hunts treasures and revels in his ability to unlock puzzles, navigating any type of terrain, and eliminating anybody that tries to stop him from accomplishing his next project. The game is a visual gem in the real sense, which stood far above its class when it comes to visuals for every release. With the visual escapades of the past releases, each new release keeps the players with high expectations.


This game is of the Indie type, and it was designed for PlayStation 3 by Thatgamecompany. It is actually an adventure game which takes you to an environment that can best be described as ethereal, taking you away from the noisy and chaotic gaming culture. Here, players are challenged to apply their sense of curiosity and emotions in navigating the unknown world of the desert, instead of searching for enemies to slay.

The light and conceptual design style makes it a very surreal experience. According to the illustrators, they wanted to move away from realism through the evolution of the game, as they sought to create a sense of timelessness. Based on the design of the game, we can say that they succeeded in this.


In Limbo, the normal realistic experience that other modern games seek to give is replaced with a 2D side scroller in black and white. So, how is its graphics special? It’s just as we explained. We are talking about the amazing eerie effect they were able to achieve with the black and white visuals.

In the puzzle game, the player is given the real sense of dread, the feeling of hopelessness and emptiness, as they venture through a seemingly endless world.

Shadow of the Colossus

Here, we are talking about a single player action adventure title, where a young warrior has the responsibility to destroy16 huge beasts if his fallen love must be healed. The entire game is about a single temple, and that is where each quest starts. Here, the graphics are very significant, and through this, you will get the chance to understand the amount of difficulty that lies in defeating a single colossus. Here, the team ICO from Japan did wonders to make the beasts as huge as whatever you can imagine and they get stronger as you slay them.


This is also from Thatgamecompany, and in the usual manner, it is a visual delight. Here, you have a very relaxing game that also proves very challenging. The player has the chance to control the wind, as a single petal is taken across the world, giving life to whatever it comes in contact with. Here, a floral trail is created by the player and this is from the magical world that you also create as you lead the petals through the wind.

When a game has colorful flowers, the graphics must be gotten right. Beating all expectations, the developers of Flower did a perfect job here. The graphics of the game will give you a dainty feeling in a very moderate manner. While on the game, you get a sense of life, giving you the chance to enjoy how to get attuned with the wind.

Sword & Sworcery

This is a product of the Superbrothers and Capybara Games, and here, the idea of heroes that gamers are familiar with is blended with quests that can only be satisfied by the world of today. In its graphics, there is nothing like realism. Here, an almost ethereal world is created, showing the type of beauty that is rare to find anywhere else.

This works in a spectacular way because the soundtrack is just as ambitious as the graphics. With this, the experience becomes more stimulating, as people get lost in the magical world that their character moves them through.

BioShock Infinite

The graphics that make first shooter games more real, also makes them better games, and the BioShock does perfectly well in creating such games. The BioShock Infinite is an example of this and it comes with the exact type of visuals that the franchise and series is known with.

Just think of a fictional city in the air, a community that is made up of balloons, quantum levitation and blimps. The game has a 1912 setting, and a lot is needed to make players feel that the reality here is possible. So, with the graphics, you will be made to feel that the floating world is real in this game, due to the entire design.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The attention of the fans has been caught by Skyrim, not because of the gameplay, but because of the graphics, which is realistic in an amazing way. Here, you explore mountain terrains as dragons zoom out from nowhere. The amount of detailing that is involved in this game will marvel you.

This game was designed by hand, and that tells the story of the unbelievable detailing that the minutest parts of the game reveal. The fact that you must choose the character with an outstanding race amongst all the others, is why more effort was placed in creating each race, so that they will come fitting for the traits and personalities they profess.

Mirror’s Edge

This game of the action adventure platform type has had a lot of mixed reviews since it was released. However, one thing is steady and constant in all the reviews; even when people believe the game to be very confusing, they still agree to the superb nature of the graphics. When you also consider the fact that parkour inspired moves makes up the gameplay, the realism makes it outstanding.

That the game can infuriate you is a sure thing. In it, the players are required to hone the main characters skills. So, before you get to the peak of each level, you must fail a couple of times. But when you view it from the point of view of the developer, the need for the level of realism that comes with the graphics to be seen in the gameplay too will come to the fore. After all, greatness is not a birth trait and to achieve it, one must practice and fail constantly – something that is taught by faith, which is the main character of the game.

The Legend of Zelda

The number 10 in the series continues the game that has held people spellbound all through. The fact that it comes with a wholly updated visual makes it even more enjoyable. It comes with a vibrant art, giving life to each character. Wind Waker chooses to be enhanced and fresh, against the original series’ traditional outlook, making the fantasy world very alluring.