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5 Tips For Improving Your Web Design

The website is an invaluable part of any business, which is why it needs to be as good as possible. No matter how good a web design is, it can always be better, which is why the top companies are always looking for ways to improve their websites. But constant improvement is not just for the biggest websites, every business website should be looking for ways to improve.


A Kansas City web design company will be able to help improve the web presence of any company because they will know all the qualities that make for a great website. The agency will be able to implement those changes so that the website is the best that it can be. So if you want to improve your website, consult a digital marketing agency so that you can learn about the various website designs that can improve your digital presence.

Better Navigation

A website should have navigation that is smooth and intuitive, so you should make sure that it is easy for visitors to make their way around your company’s website. There are many ways to improve the navigation on your website:

  • Make sure that everything on the site is accessible within three clicks or fewer.
  • Your main menu should not have more than seven items, excluding drop down menus.
  • The navigation bar should be fixed so that it is always accessible.
  • Links and labels should have clear, easily understood descriptions.

If you make these changes, then it will be easier for visitors to get around your website and that will ensure that they stay around longer and will be more willing to access the content on your site.

Responsive Design

This is all about getting your website to work on mobile devices, specifically smartphones. The reason is that many people use their phones for browsing the web so your website needs to work as well on mobile devices as it does on PCs or laptops. If it doesn’t, then you are missing out on a whole lot of potential customers. Furthermore, the various search engines will lower the ranks of websites that are not mobile responsive, so the lack of responsive design hurts their traffic in more ways than one.

Fast Load Speeds

In normal terms, three or four seconds might not seem that long, but in terms of website load speeds, they can seem like an eternity. In fact many people might not bother browsing a website that takes too long to load no matter how good its other attributes may be. That is why load speeds should be a priority when improving a website. There are many different things that can slow a website down like too many plugins, images that are too large, unnecessary animations, and more. Speak with your website designer about how your website’s load speeds can be improved since that can increase visitor retention and lower your bounce rate.

A Strong Call to Action (CTA)

The CTA is an important part of the website of any business that offers a service. The CTA is a link that is on each page of the website that allows visitors to access the service the website is offering. That means visitors will not have to navigate to a different page if they decide to use the services of the website. The CTA should be clear but not too in your face otherwise visitors might find it too obnoxious; it can be in the form of a floating banner, an on-screen button, or a pop-up, as long as it is present on every page and easy to access.

Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy

SEO is all about getting a website to rank more highly on the results page of search engines; all of the tips listed above contribute to SEO, but there is more that can be done. For example, keyword optimization involves finding the high-ranking keywords related to a business and then organically interspersing them throughout the content of the site.

Those high value keywords are constantly changing and evolving, which is why a website should take an audit of their keywords on a regular basis to find out if they still rank highly. SEO in general is a constantly moving target as search engines change their algorithms, which is why a company needs to stay on top of the latest trends if it wants to retain or improve its ranking.