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7 Things You Should Never Do When Visiting Someone’s House for the First Time

“We are here to guide you on how not to be a horrible visitor, so keep reading.” ☺️


A new house brings new memories, and buying a home is once a lifetime opportunity for most people, so it is necessary to give your complete thought to turning it into your dream house. Living room, Bedroom, Bathroom, and even your outdoor lawn are all the areas in your place that could be your comfort zone.

Having a house is a dream for so many people, and the ones who get to buy their homes are indeed lucky. If you are among those people who are going to visit their friend’s or relative’s house for the first time, then you are in the right place.

Surpriseee (With triple E for a dramatic effect 😜)

“Sometimes, the best surprise is no surprise at all,” and unexpected guests can be the worst of the surprises one can ever get. A study depicted by SWNS digital revealed that 49% of the host don’t prefer uninvited guests. Never show up at someone’s door unannounced unless you already had pre-planned a meeting with the person. The host may find it rude and disrespectful if you show up unexpectedly.

How hard is it to leave a quick text or a 2-minute call to find if the person is even available for you to meet or not? The best manner is always to call first and seek permission if they are available for a meet-up.

Uh, What’s a Gift?

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

It’s never a great plan to show up empty-handed when visiting someone’s house for the first time. It is not the gift that counts but your thought that you have put in the present to show your gratitude. You don’t have to spend a fortune to choose the perfect thing to bring with you. It’s the consideration that matters.

Keep in mind that the best housewarming gifts for the first home are both useful and decorative – you would want your gift to be a part of their house for a long time.

Yes, Guest Etiquette Matters

Good manners can really leave a good impression, while bad manners can close the open doors. Think of yourself as a host and presume all the things you would not appreciate if your guests would do. Some etiquettes apply to nearly every aspect of our lives. Just as we have social etiquettes, celebration etiquettes, family etiquettes, and communication etiquettes, we also have guest etiquettes.

If you don’t feel healthy, let the host know and reschedule the plan. Don’t visit someone if you feel sick. Be on time; if you decided on a specific time for your visit, don’t be late. It’s disrespectful and rude to put the legs on the table. These are some of the guest etiquettes one must follow.

Wander Around like a Ghost

Visiting someone’s place means much more than to show up on time with a kind gift. The host put effort and energy to welcome and entertain your presence, so it’s rightful at your point to show some respect and appreciation. Ask if there are any house rules to be followed as you don’t want to do something that might offend the other person.

Being a guest does not permit you the right to go and wander at every corner of the house. Some areas in the host’s house are off-limits, like the bedroom, kid room, cabinets, closets, etc. So, don’t go wandering around the house just like a ghost who has no sense of restriction.

So, What’s the Wi-Fi Password?

The one thing you must don’t do when visiting someone’s house for the first time is to offend them. Looking for an internet connection as soon as you got there for scrolling through your feed is not necessary and somewhat inappropriate.

Be the good guest you are and leave the online world for some time; it’s not going to go anywhere. Of course, there is an exception to every rule. If you happen to need the internet for an essential purpose, you can always ask your host politely for the Wi-Fi password.

Don’t bring someone uninvited

Don’t give a chance to your host to say, “I was fine until you came.” Remember, you are already going as a guest that too for the first time to someone’s house. So, it is inconsiderate to tag along with some uninvited stranger making your visit awkward.

That “uninvited stranger” could also be your pet. Always confirm if it is okay to bring your pet along with you as there may be small children or people with pet allergies. If everything is sorted out and you got permission to bring your pet, make sure to take all your pet’s necessities and not burden the host.


A good guest is someone who knows when to leave. A visit should only continue if both hosts and guests are having a good time. Don’t expect your host to entertain you all day long. If you feel your host is getting tired or irritated, take the cue to leave.

Express your appreciation and gratitude, thank them for having you over and make your exit. Overstaying should never be an option, and there is a high chance for an overstaying guest to end up on the “Never-Invite-In-The-Future” list.

So, if you don’t want to end up on such a list, leave when you should.

Bottom Line

When visiting someone else’s house for the first time, there are some things and etiquettes that one must consider to have a happy and memorable time. Be it on time with a gratitude gift, respecting their house rules, or not overstepping the boundaries.

Having a guest over should never feel like a troublesome duty that one has to complete must. Always be mindful and respect the host’s rules to evade any awkward situations that may ruin your relationship in the future.

Let us know if you, as a host, have encountered any such problems.