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Best Concreting Techniques For A Stunning Interior Floor

Shifting to a new house or buying one sounds exciting, but it can be quite a task as well. Decorating and building each and every portion of the house from scratch requires immense patience, along with the correct kind of guidance and knowledge.


One of the primary aspects that require your utmost attention is the flooring of the house. It is something that makes up 70% of your home and is essential. The first thing one would notice is the flooring in the house, so you must have a stunning floor. If you are looking for great flooring options, you can go check out

Acid- Stained Flooring

Concrete is by far one of the best mediums to use for flooring. It is exceptionally durable, and you will get many options related to the design and type as well. Acid-stained concrete flooring has become quite popular in urban spaces — be it for an office space or home.

It gives the illusion of marble flooring, making it a favorite among people looking for flooring options on a budget. First, the staining process of the concrete is finished, and then only can the etching start.

The prolonged etching gives a rough effect and changes the way your floor looks. The goal is to achieve a grid-finishing with either bigger patterns or intricate ones. This type of etching will surely attract a lot of attention to the floor.

Polished and stained flooring

Concrete is one such medium that leaves scope for a lot of experimentation. The main component that is used for this kind of floor finishings is abrasive pads. A basic concrete floor is treated with these abrasive pads to alter the way it looks.

If you use finer pads, then you can achieve a glossy and smoother floor finish. The more the abrasion, the shinier the floor. A lot of people want a mirror-like finish to their floors because it looks classy and is not a lot of effort at the same time.

A protective seal is also applied to the flooring once the initial work is finished. Stained flooring will add a classier touch to your home or workspace.

Colour-dyed floors

Who doesn’t like a touch of color to their boring floors? Color-dyed flooring is the best solution for you if you want a pop of color on your floors. This type of concrete flooring is suitable for your kids’ rooms or playrooms.

In the case of acid staining, concrete reacts to the chemicals, but here, the color simply penetrates the surface and takes some time to set. These floors aren’t exactly soft or smooth, to be precise, owing to the color you select. Color-dyeing the floors can make them a little harsh. But, that too can be solved easily, if you add a soft rug on those areas that you wish to make smooth. The texture is crucial for flooring options and projects like these.

Thus, you must figure out the exact kind of flooring texture you are looking for. Dyed flooring would be a little rough, so adding the rug would be an excellent contrast to the floor, providing a different touch to the interiors of the house.

Painted Concrete

Popularly known as Epoxy treatment, this kind of flooring is ideal for concrete floors. There are plenty of cases where, over some time, there may be cracks in the flooring. Epoxy is a great medium if you want to pour it into the cracks and crevices to fill them in.

It is quite strong and usually does not need anything else to go with it. Epoxy is available in various colors. It will ensure that you have beautiful patches of color on your floor, adding that extra shine to it.