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Everything About The Doshas In The Horoscope You Need To Know

The Vedic astrological chart prepared based on birthplace, date, and time reveals the planetary movements and their influence throughout your life. Specifically, an astrologer can refer to it to describe your destiny. Usually, this kind of chart contains 12 houses that have different signs and planets. Their placement in the houses speaks of the various aspects of your life, such as strengths, weaknesses, personality, traits, habits, etc. Because it’s comprehensive, an expert astrologer can predict your relationships, family, career, marriage, finance, and love. However, the accuracy of the natal chart depends on the details you provide. So, ensure you don’t mess up here, especially if you want to learn whether there are any doshas in your birth chart.


Overview of dosha

Many people show tremendous interest in kundli (birth chart) to understand if the planets are responsible for the situations they are facing. It happens when their alignment or position is not suitable for you. Their wrong placement can hinder your health and wealth. One has to go through many stress or tension as well. However, planets can also be benefic. Still, if the malefic planets are in a strong position, you may not reap the benefits of the benefic planets. While these doshas may not disappear, astrologers can suggest rituals and other ways to mitigate their effects. But let’s find out what type of doshas one can have in their natal chart.

Chanda dosha

The wrong position of the planet moon in your natal chart can affect your relationship, cause mental and physical pain, and lead to breathing issues.

Shani dosha

The planet Saturn’s retrograde position can be one reason for Shani dosha. You can also feel the wrath of this planet with other planets like Rahu, Moon, and Mars. Due to this dosha, a person can give in to greed and decadence. Temperament challenges and a mean nature can also manifest.

Manglik dosha

The wrong position of the planet Mars can lead to this condition. People with this flaw in their horoscope face difficulties with marriage. Their marital life may suffer. According to popular belief, a girl with this dosha should marry a boy facing the same problem to remove its harmful effects.

Kalsarp dosha

Experts warn that it’s one of the most harmful natal chart flaws. In such charts, all the planets dot the houses between Rahu and Ketu. People with such natal charts witness life-threatening events and agonies. It can break down a person mentally and emotionally.

A few critical points

Dosha in a horoscope may have to do with a person’s present or past birth. Some doshas may go away quickly, while others can cause long-lasting impacts. You may struggle for your entire life if you don’t attend to them and find remedies to reduce their ill effects.

Horoscope reading services have many more benefits. While this is undoubtedly a crucial aspect, you can seek the help of astrology in this area to learn about your marriage, love, career, finance, and health. Share the correct details required by an astrologer or app for the best results.