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For a Modern, Sleeker, and Bigger Looking Bathroom


Thousands of bathroom décor ideas float around the internet. Some emerge to be too dreamy, some less practical, and others too expensive. In such a scenario, it can seem challenging to expect your bathroom to embrace the best of both worlds of aesthetics and utility. A lot of homeowners believe that striking a perfect balance between these two angles is not possible. One can be better looking, and the other can be more functional. But do you know you can ensure these both simply through certain choices? Whether it is a small or spacious bathroom, you can take hints from the following suggestions to make this corner of your house live up to your expectations.


A mix of open and closed storage

This combination can feel visually appealing as it allows you to show off some and hide some. Plus, you can arrange these in a fashion to get quick access to the urgent ones. It doesn’t imply that only complicated designs can achieve this. Even minimalist and simple solutions can also produce effective results. For example, you can hang a wall shelf and do away with the vanity. But if you want to create modern-traditional magic, a vanity with legs and a simple cabinet design can be the perfect companions.

Bath and shower area

Since it has to be the most relaxing nook in the house, you will not mind giving it a spa-like touch. You can build this ambiance through a walk-in shower bath. It is useful, stylish, luxurious, and the best thing is, quite affordable too. Some people believe these can be space-saving features also. You don’t need a full door for it. That’s why it appears to be cleaner and minimalist also. Any bathroom with this shower style can look expensive, while it doesn’t have to cost much.

Similarly, you can opt for a freestanding bath. As the awareness about eco-friendliness is increasing among everyone, many homes look at bathing as a luxury. Some families don’t even dedicate enough space to the bathtub because they find it wastage of the area. But you can have a different opinion and taste. So, buy one to give your bathroom a bold and magnetic look. It can graduate to be the focal point also. Make sure you pair it with the right plumbing fixture to enhance its charm a bit more.

When you shop for tubs, you can consider concrete or other natural materials for their signature aura. Nowadays, even unique curves and shapes are also available. You can get one of them to increase the overall beauty of your space.

Sink and faucet

What about bringing a popular vessel bowl in your bathroom? These countertop sinks or vessel sinks can beat anything else when it comes to being stylish. Many modern homes embrace them for their ability to create a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom. How? Imagine fitting a short-height vanity and a high sink. The gap between the countertop and the ceiling height will give your bathroom a tall personality. In a big bathroom, you can even have two of these sinks. If you want to avoid water splashing, pair it with the vessel sink faucet only.

Some people can feel tempted by the idea of wall-mounted faucet designs. For this, you need to have a water supply line hidden in the wall. Besides, constructing it can be either challenging or expensive. You can avoid all this hassle by choosing countertop or deck faucet models. These versatile designs take care of water splashing. You can also expect a spot-free finish for a clean appearance almost throughout the lifetime. If you want to make it more exciting, waterfall faucets can be the thing. With angular shapes, these can deliver a fantastic effect. They don’t require much water pressure also compared to regular taps.


It can be another contributor to the bathroom’s look. Concrete tiles in gray and black shades often make a popular choice in modern setups. Still, natural stone tiles in beige and marbles in white and gray shades tend to be the classic options. You can never fail with them. Nowadays, some bathrooms also use tiles with textures and shimmer to decorate their walls uniquely. In a limited space, 60cm tile sizes can do wonders by creating an illusion of largeness and peace. Large tiles make a smart addition because of the less visible grout lines. These give a neat appearance to the walls by removing the streak of business.

In old bathrooms, you often come across tiles that cover half of the walls. But you have to be wary of such selection as it can make your bathroom look short and ceilings lower. If you want to use wall tiles, ensure that you take it right up to the roof to help it appear airy. It can be a useful thing for a smaller bathroom if you use the same tile all over. Just make sure that grout lines are pale. It would lead to the feeling of continuity. At the same time, it can stand out for its attractiveness.


It can have a tremendous impact on the overall bathroom decorations. That’s why you need to mix and match them well with the design. For example, you can use LED strips in the recessed shelves for a modern flair. It will feel you are in a boutique bathroom. Floating vanities can have downlighting fixtures for a mesmerizing touch. Since you use a mirror in the sink area mostly for grooming purposes, you can choose backlit fixtures. The shower area with LED strip around can instantly transform into a futuristic design. Besides, you can attach pendant lights to the vanity and bath areas.

Whether you approach these concepts one by one or thoroughly based on the renovation effort, you can rest assured of attaining the desired bathroom look. Many homeowners with budget constraints usually start with sink areas. Replacing old sinks with vessel bowls and suitable faucets doesn’t cost much. Plus, it can instantly gratify your desire to see your bathroom in a fresh and new avatar.