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Why the Image Resizing is Important for Design Prospect 

Image resizing is a fantastic invention that has to invent till now. Everyone takes photos from different angles to enhance the beauty of the Image. After they took images or pictures of there, they choose the concept which they like the most to post it on social media platform they use a different tool to enhance their beauty such as cropping or resizing the image to make your Image look like professional in this article, I will suggest you with the two of the best tools which you can use to make your Image look like professionals.


Need to Know

  • Importance of resizing your Image
  • Visual Watermark
  • Watermarkly

Importance of resizing your Image

Resizing your Image without cutting any portion of your Image is essential. Resizing the Image is also considered as altering the Image, because sometimes size too matters. The primary purpose of resizing the Image is to fit your Image within a particular space on a screen with a fixed resolution of the Image, such as social media. If we are planning to use the Image on the web, it is also essential to resize it because smaller Image used within the web page will help the web page load faster and easier. The primary reason for Image resizing because the Image is needed to upload on webpages and websites. As to make my website gain more traffic, we never want our website or web page to take ages to load for the clients, for this reason, some social media platform such as Instagram requires you to load the Image of a specific size. The fixed size of Image on webpage or blogs makes them look organized and sweet for the client.

Visual Watermark

Visual Watermark provides various features Image resizing, watermark maker, add text to photo online, download visible watermark. The software is free to download from its website. It provides the batch watermark a large number of photographs rapidly. Adding text to photograph, embed logo, or mix of both. Add custom watermarks. Look over 260 text styles or utilize your text styles. Watermark photographs disconnected. Save watermark layouts for some time in the future—free preliminary variant. Group watermark programming runs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It helps you do the Image resizing and it, and you can add visual watermark and watermarks of your own choice. You can run this software on your PC if you are not having any internet connection to your PC. It will directly load your photo from your computer’s hard drive. It also provides security to your photos. It will not allow anyone to access your original images will not be sent over the internet. They will not even keep your photos with them on their servers to fully secure using this software.


Batch watermark photographs directly in your program. Add custom watermarks with your logo and text. Make multi-part watermarks. Add straightforward and murky watermarks. Protect EXIF data. Resize photographs before distributing them on the web. Import photographs from your PC, Google Drive or Dropbox. Moment transfers and downloads. Watermark photographs without holding up in line. Use it free of charge with discretionary paid alternatives. This software provides the best performance. It uploads images instant and downloads little and large pictures. Select photographs on your PC and begin watermarking them right away. Uploads and downloads are instant. Even if you are having a slow internet connection or your device is not connected to the internet. The software can handle a few photographs without a moment’s delay. If a portion of your pictures is more significant or more modest than others, will change the watermark size will be changed naturally to accommodate your photos more readily. Never install anything on your PC. Watermarkly is a complete web application. It works in your program and doesn’t need any product to introduce on your PC. Try not to face challenges introducing programming from obscure distributors on your PC.

Conclusion: Watermarkly software works offline. You can make your photo edit and even add a watermark on it anywhere, even if you are traveling without any internet connection or on a slow internet connection.