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How Game Design is Crucial to Standing Out from the Crowd

There are many different types of gaming, and it seems that all of them are incredibly popular at the moment. From mobile games to consoles, online play and casino gaming, we see many different types of game created and released on a daily basis.


It is important to note here that all of those areas of gaming are in hugely popular sectors where designers are looking for small elements to make them stand out from the crowd. Whether you are playing mobile casino online at or trying your luck with a console game, you will notice that a lot of effort is put into the design of games for you.

This design work can be the difference between success and failure, with very fine lines between them. Get it right and the game can stand out and be a success, whatever it is, get it wrong and it will fail to pick up any traction, and ultimately, underperform.

How Design Can Make a Game Stand Out

This really relates to any kind of gaming sector and is vital to understand for those who wish to make a game and ensure it is a success. Whether we are talking about free mobile games, casino gaming or those on a console, having the right design in place can be the difference between success and failure.

So, what makes a great game design?

The keys involve the colours that are being use, how it fits with other elements such as music and having some recognizable characters or symbols on it, depending on the type of game. Get these right and a game will stand some kind of chance of being a success, though of course there are more elements than just getting the design right.

This is essentially the cherry on top of the cake. When it comes to casino games, or others that could have symbols and characters, things such as searching through the best illustrations is always good as research, many games use this style of design to get something together.

Getting the Theme and Design to Work Together

If you want to take this to the very advanced level, then the best way in which design works is to work in tandem with the theme of the game. It is the theme that will attract most people, for example, when it comes to casino slot games, sports fans will be attracted by sports themed games.

For example, if you are basing a game around football in a bid to attract fans who are looking forward to the upcoming Euro 2020 competition then a football theme will be crucial. Inside this theme, the design of the slot is vitally important, to uphold the theme and let everyone know what it is all about.

This could be a cartoon look at football, with some fun cartoon characters forming part of the theme and playing big roles on the board. Or it could be a serious look, with images of players that look very realistic and lifelike, aiming to appeal to players who want a serious football game to play.

The key, whichever way developers go, is to bring together the design and the theme and turn them into something that can appeal to as many people as possible. With so many competitive sides of gaming out there, this has become even more important than ever before. That means those on the design teams have far more importance and are required to do more than we have ever seen in the past.