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TOP 5 iOS Trends Expected in 2021

This is an incredibly good time for mobile gaming. They are one of the key issues of both the previous and the current year. At the same time, their popularity will definitely not decrease. There will always be a lot of people who want to pass the time on the way to work or while waiting for an order. Even when the quarantine is over.


The main platforms for developing mobile games remain Android and iOS. Despite the argued opinions, this cannot be called competition or confrontation. Each of these operating systems has its audience with its reasons for choosing. They are also constantly updated, delighting their users with new features.

Our today’s topic is the iOS game development trends of the current year. What will this operating system bring to us in 2021?

Language Innovations

iOS 3D game development takes place in the Swift language. It was created by Apple specifically for iOS and macOS developers. More than 300 thousand applications are written on it, which are now in the App Store. It is highly praised for its simplicity, flexibility and efficiency. Of course, it is also constantly evolving.

At the moment, 5 and 5.1 versions are available. They provided updates to the standard library, compiler, package manager, syntax and more. And although information about future updates is hidden, we can already say that the Swift 6 version will receive an improved toolkit, faster build and other advantages.

Security Updates

Privacy is one of Apple’s well-known characteristics. The company has always followed very strict security measures and closely monitored all opportunities to hack its devices. The increase in the number of attacks and the perfection of hacker methods are forcing the company to look for new ways of protection.

Information on specific measures is not covered, but the iOS 14 update has been described as receiving additional measures to protect against the leakage of important information. iOS 15, which is expected in 2021, will clearly have even more security innovations.

Apple HomeKit

Many well-known electronics and software manufacturers are now developing a promising and profitable direction for integrated automation and living spaces. One of these developments was Apple HomeKit.

HomeKit is Apple’s software that lets you use iOS devices to customize how they interact with smart home appliances. In other words, it is a software platform that synchronizes and network compatible devices and allows them to be controlled, including using the voice assistant Siri.

The advancement of Apple HomeKit will lead to the creation of new products that can be integrated into the home appliance ecosystem. This will give additional impetus to the direction of home automation and the development of the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things

Since we have already mentioned this, it is important to say a little more in detail. The HomeKit framework will be actively used to configure and control devices using Siri.

HomeKit’s integration with home accessories in 2021 is expected to be much higher than in previous years. Therefore, it can be safely called one of the key trends.

Machine Learning

Every modern iPhone game development company knows that machine learning plays an important role in shaping application development trends. Camera, Siri and QuickType have shown that Apple’s machine learning technologies are very effective.

Core ML is the basis for the different functionalities of various areas. Its functionality will be optimized for better performance and increased security of sensitive data.

Final Thoughts

iPhone game development requires a more careful introduction of new technologies and ideas. The App Store checks all new games very seriously and has a large list of rules and quality criteria. This should always be taken into account when choosing iOS as your main platform or doing cross-platform development.

There are many companies now offering iOS game development services, so you should have no problem finding a team. The most important thing is to make sure that the chosen studio has already worked with projects for this operating system and agree on conditions that are attractive to both parties.