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Logo Inspirations for the CBD Business

If you own a business, coming up with just the right name for your company is crucial. After all, that’s the first thing people will see and associate with your company. The name needs to be memorable and, in at least some way, indicative of what you have to offer the public. You have to find just the right balance of uniqueness and distinction. Of course, that’s only one step in the branding process.


Your company logo is equally essential. It helps give your company a voice and goes a long way toward ensuring you’ll stand out in a crowd. That being said, designing a logo is difficult for any type of company. Fortunately for those of you in the cannabis industry, there’s plenty of room for creativity. You can shop online at Weed Seeds USA to find some products to help get your creative juices flowing. In the meantime, consider these potential ideas to give you some inspiration for developing your CBD company’s logo.

Keep It Simple

In a world full of color, vibrance, and every business trying to visually outshine the next with outlandish logos, there’s no harm in straying from the herd. Considering the circumstances, having a simple, straightforward logo could make your company stand out in an entirely different way. If you specialize in CBD teas, your logo could be a teacup with the company name inside it. If you offer cannabis vape pods, use an easily recognizable outline of a vape with the business name in or around it. For companies that offer marijuana edibles, any number of sweet treats could be the basis of the logo. Keep it simple, and make sure your logo reflects what you do.

Use the Cannabis Leaf

Some might say the cannabis leaf is a bit too obvious and overdone for a business in the marijuana sector. On the other hand, what better way to get your point across to the public? If your logo is a marijuana leaf, there’s no mistaking what your company provides to its customers. Keep in mind, there are no limits to the ways you can manipulate the leaf design and patterns within it to make it your own. You could even make the leaf a part of your company’s name if it fits.

The Caduceus

For companies in the medical marijuana sector or those whose target audiences are people looking to combat medical conditions with cannabis, variations of the Caduceus could be part of a perfect company logo. That’s the winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it so commonly associated with the medical field. In truth, the Staff of Asclepius, a plain staff with a single serpent wrapped around it, is the actual symbol of medicine, and it could also work well as a logo.

You could, potentially, replace the wings with a marijuana leaf or have a cloud of smoke coming out of the serpents’ mouths. Maybe you could keep the serpents and have them coiling around a cannabis plant or a lit joint or vape pen instead of a staff. You could take this in any number of directions to create a memorable and recognizable logo that’s sure to make an impression.

Distinguishing Yourself in a Growing Field

Designing a company logo isn’t an easy feat. Coming up with the perfect design and color scheme takes a great deal of time and thought. Making sure your logo stands out, reflects the message you want to send to the public, and lingers in people’s minds are among the most important points to cover. Have fun with your logo development adventures, and let creativity be your ultimate guide.