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Secret Symbolism of the Musical World

Enthusiastic fans of the music world are well aware that their defining symbolism and style are of great importance in the history of various bands Often, faithful followers begin to use these symbols in combination with everyday objects.


Before gaining the same popularity, the beloved app for aspiring musicians now makes it much easier to present them to the public. They know that if you buy spotify plays you are much more likely to increase your band popularity and awareness.

Why do we need logos

Symbols of popular groups can be found at every step. The companies specially produce T-shirts, bags and hats, which is considered the best gift for real music lovers. People are constantly trying to be like their idols and at least a little closer to them, so the business masters made the right calculation.

It is important what a particular logo is based on and hidden motives during its creation. Any character is a small box of secrets that until the end attracts the viewer and leaves indifferent. And now it’s interesting to know the history of the logos of those musical geniuses who really did not have such digital capabilities during their work.


Designed by Arturo Vega,the punk rock pioneer logo is inspired by the shape and design of the US presidential ring and features the band’s classic member names in a circle. According to the author, the music of the band personified the American character, so such symbols were chosen.

The eagle holds a branch of an apple tree with its claws, which points to apple pie, a favorite American dish. And also a baseball bat related to the passion of one of the band members.

Led Zeppelin

This iconic British rock band logo was created by combining symbols chosen by the members of Led Zeppelin. Egyptian goddess Maat, John Paul Jones’ clover and John Bonham’s three circles are borrowed from the esoteric order that arose in 17th century Europe.

Wu-Tang clan

The logo is all the more recognizable and memorable if it is presented in two colors with a line that will not irritate the viewer’s eye.

A day before the landmark single Protect Ya Neck release in 1993, de facto band leader Robert Fitzgerald Diggs (like RZA) informed Ronald that they urgently needed a logo. The latter took the outline of the W from a template he made for the stencil and used it to create a well-known symbol for every hip-hop lover.


The world famous Queens logo was created by Freddie Mercury himself, who was a designer at a London college before starting his musical career.

Some details of the work are inspired by the zodiac signs of the members of the Queen. John Deacon and Roger Taylor are Leo, Brian May is Cancer, and Freddie is Virgo. The letter Q in the crown indicates the name of the group (queen), and the phoenix indicates immortality, which, given the group’s status, turned out to be something prophetic.

Rolling Stones

Perhaps this is the logo that every person definitely likes, and its use is most relevant on clothing.

The logo of the legendary British band The Rolling Stones was created in 1970 by John Pesch, a student at the Royal College of Art in London.

When he first met frontman Mick Jagger, the idea came to him, when his unusually large lips caught his attention. Rejecting several versions, Jagger inspired the artist to illustrate the Hindu goddess Kali, where the deity had a divided tongue. The sight of the painting prompted Pesch to carry out his original design, which led to the birth of perhaps the most popular logo in the history of music.

Wear the brand symbols, but read the story first, maybe the secret hidden in the symbolism will change your mind. Or vice versa.