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Most Important Reasons to Choose Magneto 2 for your Online Store 2020

Magneto 2 was introduced in 2015 to enhance business growth and power to generate maximum ROI. It is online-store software that involved a blend of high-quality features and responsive design. This is built with open-source technology to support small to major e-commerce platforms that satisfy all your business needs.


Furthermore, it delivers unparalleled flexibility to the users as they can easily modify the content pattern, functionally, and alter color schemes plus layouts easily. With all such outstanding features, you can say that Magneto 2 highly responsive and user-friendly design that would help you in making your working experience extremely beneficial.

Under Magneto 2 version, you can easily create 1000+ catalog of products, brief data, and easy navigation with filters. Besides, Magneto 2 provides database solutions into three categories such as product data, checkout, and orders. The plus point of using this software is also it debugs the bug issues and eliminates it after getting your permission.

In short, Magneto 2 is a full-fledged online-store platform that does not just satisfy your needs. But it is also good to provide a clean, easy, and fast shopping platform that satisfies users needs utmost. To get Magneto 2 version for your online store at discounted price visit this link.

Apart from such features and benefits, there are many more you should know about.

So, in this post, we shared the major reasons or features that would motivate you to have Magneto 2 this year. Have a look.

Boost performance

For keeping your customers engaged with buying your shopping site and pages must take less time to load on the browser and devices. Hence, magneto 2 resolved such issues. Its new version reduces the load on the server and boosts the page’s speed, so it can open in short seconds and increased user credibility.

The major parameters involved in improving performance are:

  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • PHP 7
  • Cache
  • Hosting environment
  • Ajax cart

Easy check out the route

Checkout is the biggest parameter that delivers both positive and negative impacts on the user’s buying act. Hence, the checkout process should be easy but not complicated. Magneto2 has now improved the checkout experience for the customers.

In Magneto 1 there are six steps users need to attempt and this sometimes became the reasons user abandon the shopping. Now, Magneto2 has two steps in the check-out process, it reduces the stress of logging, billing information, etc. Additionally, it involves the dynamic shipping rate that means you can see the price of the product according to your geographical area.

Hence, these amazing features and easy shopping modules can boost conversion rates as well as the ROI of the businesses.

Enhanced indexing

Magneto 2 you will also find an enhanced indexing feature that easily boosts query performance. In shopping sites, indexing is the best strategy that increases your performance on the web-store. Further, it can easily convert commercial data into index tables and update it consistently.

Magneto 2 performs best on all devices and browsers. Further, it includes an efficient toolkit that works as a competent backend operation, database suppleness, better performance, and boosting activities. With such features, the business owners can easily boost their performance as well as Sales online.


Magneto 2 is the powerful version of Magneto 1. Hence, it includes fantastic toolkits, features, and benefits that boost online-store performance on the web shortly. Some businesses have used still magneto 1x and might face check out navigation, and other issues. However, you are doing your best online, but using updated features can take your business to the next level.