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Overview of Hot Tips for Creating Content for Social Media

See out insightful tips for creating content for social media and use them for running your business online!


Tips for Creating Content for Social Media

It goes without saying that strong visual content on social media is the main formula for success. If your profile is useful, attractive, and visually appealing, it makes users follow, comment, and like your posts. Simply put, good content can easily make or break your strategy.

It is really hard to overestimate the importance of content on Facebook, Instagram, or other social networking sites. Just have a look at the statistics:

  • Posts with attractive photos get more likes and comments on Facebook;
  • Posts with images on LinkedIn get a 97% higher comment rate;
  • Posts with visually attractive content get more engagement on Twitter.

Therefore, if you are going to run your business online, you need to focus on building a bright and attractive newsfeed. And this is where you simply can’t do without powerful video and photo editing software. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into this theme and provide you with a few insightful pieces of advice on how to create competitive content.

Make Sure Your Content Is High-Quality

Remember that shareable content is high-quality content. If you don’t pay much attention to content creation, you can’t expect your targeted audience to be engaged. Therefore, you need to invest time and money into creating content for your social media account. If you run your business online or you are a lifestyle blogger, make sure your photos are of high quality. However, just taking some photos is not enough. You should also post-process them using software where you can edit video and photos. And this is where the use of the below-listed tools might be the right solution:

  • Software by Movavi. It’s a time-proven and powerful photo and video editing solution, perfect for making attractive videos for Facebook or Instagram. Movavi offers different programs that allow you to edit images, video clips, add effects like transitions and filters, use animation or Chroma Key tools, record useful instructions, tutorials, and do photo retouching.
  • Magisto Software – a powerful tool for making bright social videos in minutes. Currently, this tool is considered the fastest solution for accelerating video marketing. It is mostly focused on storytelling and making strong business videos.
  • Vyond Software – a useful program for creating animations. If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool for creating professional animated videos, Vyond will be the right way to go!
  • Moovly Software – an online solution for creating promo marketing videos, online tutorials, explainer videos, etc. It features an unsurpassed variety of video editing tools and customizable templates. With this tool, you can easily cut video content, change the video speed, add transitions, etc.

Using all these tools, you can easily create professional-looking videos for social media. By the way, all of them have a mobile version, so you can also use them on your smartphone.

Be No Stranger to Creative Basics

Do you know what makes a great visual? If you have not the slightest idea of how to answer this question, see our selection of the best practices for creating social media visuals:

  • Make sure you have a focal point in your photo.
  • Always use natural light. If not, you should post-process this photo to make sure the brightness is ok.
  • Make sure your photo has enough contrast.
  • Keep your photos simple.
  • Choose a few complementary colors.
  • Avoid over-editing. In other words, avoid using too many filters and options that make your photo more attractive.

Always Structure Your Content

Remember that you have only 2 seconds to catch the attention of the audience. That’s why you need to structure your content smartly. A wall of text can turn them off. Therefore, your first and foremost task is to format your content intelligently. And here’s how you can do that:

  • Use numbered lists;
  • Use bullet points;
  • Use headers;
  • Use emojis.

Always highlight key information and make brief but catchy headers! Besides, if you want to find out more about building the right development strategy, you have to check out our five tips for creating a hot-shot social media strategy.

Create Useful Infographics

Infographics are considered to be the most shared visual content. Firstly, people love infographics because they are very easy to understand. Secondly, that’s a superb solution to demonstrate your expertise. Moreover, you can easily create them yourself without needing to hire a professional designer. The web is overloaded with a plethora of apps for creating infographics. Download the one that suits your requirements and create a reasonably top-notch infographic. This is where you can easily demonstrate your business expertise and provide your readers with valuable content.

Follow Copyright Rules

If you are going to use stock images, illustrations, or templates, you need to make sure you follow copyright rules. When you neglect them, you may face serious consequences. Therefore, you need to read the fine print attentively before you use stock templates, photos, or illustrations. If you don’t understand the rules, it would be better if you contact the owner of the photos for more information.

Always Check the Size of Your Images

One of the main rules you have to follow when sharing photos online is checking their size. When using the wrong size, photos with low resolutions can be cropped or stretched. And this will surely influence your brand poorly.

Remember that every platform has certain specifications. That’s why you have to tailor your content accordingly. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to deal with image size specifications. Your first and foremost task is to aim for the best image quality, including resolution and pixels. So never ignore these rules.

Overall, you should also remember that making engaging content for your targeted audience is all about learning who they are. Simply put, you need to know what they like and dislike, what type of content is more useful for them, monitor the new social media trends, etc. Test different forms of content, and gradually, you’ll understand what works better.