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What is WooCommerce? Is it For Your Business?

Every day, numerous digital entrepreneurs ask, What is WooCommerce by Nexcess?” Learning about this dynamic commercial platform can help you take your business goals to the next level.


Introduction to WooCommerce

According to Nexcess, WooCommerce is an extremely popular plugin for WordPress and every day, entrepreneurs adopt WooCommerce to turn around their financial fortunes. If you already have a WordPress site, WooCommerce can open up new horizons of commercial possibility.

WooCommerce is a perfect example of how open-source software is changing the business world. Released in late 2011, WooCommerce achieved immediate popularity with digital businesses.

People in numerous industries have used WooCommerce to attain significant market share. If you’re tired of balancing a variety of complex applications, WooCommerce can simplify the way you operate.

Using WooCommerce to Sell Services

Many entrepreneurs conduct their business using a hodgepodge of traditional and digital tools. WooCommerce is an all-inclusive platform that combines several key functions in one convenient package.

Oftentimes, people associate online businesses with retail sales. If you think that digital commercial platforms are only for selling products, put that notion out of your mind. On the contrary, WooCommerce works well for a variety of service-based companies.

For example, you can use WooCommerce to rent out guest accommodations, book appointments and market yourself as an expert consultant. Using WooCommerce can potentially help you reduce your overhead expenses. Thanks to its wide adoption, it is likely that WooCommerce will remain commercially relevant for a very long time.

What Sets WooCommerce Apart From Competing Platforms

WooCommerce is an excellent alternative to hosted platforms like Shopify. Reportedly, WooCommerce combines simplicity with a stunning multiplicity of features. Due to its versatility and ease of use, WooCommerce is used by over 2.2 million businesses in various industries.

Over the course of the next few years, it is likely that WooCommerce will continue to gain popularity in the business community. Crucially, WooCommerce includes features for inventory, tax reporting and integrated shipping. With its undeniable versatility, WooCommerce can provide you with steady support as your business grows and evolves.

Despite its deep functionality, WooCommerce reportedly features a shallow learning curve. Easy payment collection is one of the most beneficial aspects of using WooCommerce. With WooCommerce, it’s a simple matter to send any client a link to the service they are looking to purchase. Using these convenient links, clients can pay for services wherever they have access to the Internet.

Benefits of the WooCommerce User Community

As an open-source plugin, WooCommerce provides adopters with access to a vibrant community of fellow users. One can find a wealth of tutorials and user forums totally free of charge. Thanks to the community-oriented nature of the open-source movement, WooCommerce veterans are generally quite willing to share their expertise with new users. Believe it or not, open-source software typically receives regular updates.

Supposing you already operate a non-commercial WordPress site, it’s generally not a huge leap to adapt your site for business use. With WooCommerce, you can have business functionality up and running in no time.