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Tech Tools to Support Your E-Commerce Business


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The e-commerce industry is flourishing. Many young entrepreneurs are making their mark by setting up their online stores. Such stories of the success of young people are always inspiring. However, you cannot succeed in your e-commerce business if you don’t have the right tools with you. This business comes with many challenges as you are competing with 2 -3 million other e-commerce businesses. In this way, it becomes a bit puzzling to get your business to its maximum potential.


We have made your work easier by introducing the best tech tools that will support your e-commerce business. Many experts also use and recommend these tools to people who are starting their e-commerce business from scratch.

Let us begin.

Upstream Commerce

The price is the first thing customers see whenever they want to buy a product. Many e-commerce stores continually update the costs and offer discounts to their new customers.

Upstream Commerce is an online tool for retailers that provides pricing analytics to their users. It regularly updates the users about the market’s pricing strategy to choose the best deals for their products that will help increase their sales. It compares the prices from all the competing products and helps you adjust yours to an appropriate level.

In this case, the retailers need to update the prices from time to time and inform their customers about sales. With so many products, it becomes difficult to update all of them. However, a barcode helps correct all the products at once, providing you convenience. So, besides using an efficient product pricing tech tool, a barcode inventory software is also essential for regularly updating the customers with the new prices.


Interacting with your customers is vital for growing your business. It also informs your customers that you value their purchase and their trust. So, to build a friendly and trustworthy relationship with your customers, a robust tech tool is essential. MailChimp offers the best support in this respect. It helps you send emails to your customers and inform them about the products you have. It also tells the customers that the product they want is back in stock.

Their automated messages and powerful marketing campaigns efficiently boost your business by creating an effective relationship with your customers.


A content management system (CMS) allows you to efficiently control the content of your e-commerce site, including videos, podcasts, blog posts, and press releases. You can also upload, edit, delete, and manage your website’s content through a smart content management system.

PrestaShop is one of the best content management system used by several e-commerce stores all over the world. It is a super-easy-to-use tool with 275 features, precisely fit for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a free online platform with customizable themes and designer guides that allow you to grow your business in a short time. This tool will enable you to track orders, view customer profiles, track affiliate statistics and visitor behavior.

It is very easy to install and use. That is why small e-commerce businesses all over the world use this tool to grow their business. A store owner with minimal technical knowledge can easily manage their website through PrestaShop. It also offers easy customization, and you can add or delete features according to your preference. Similarly, the secure payment method of PrestaShop makes it the biggest attraction of online retailers.


All e-commerce stores need to stay updated with their customer engagement and order status to choose the right analytics for their business. The right analytics software help retailers to gather and interpret marketing data coming daily to their site. It is beneficial in making decisions and strategies to increase sales and advertising.

Metrilo is the best analytics software that monitors and improves the e-commerce website. It is effortless to use and setup, and it would roughly take 5 minutes for you. It efficiently measures marketing performance and gathers customer feedback. It also generates funnel reports, which allow you to understand the purchasing process. You get to know which of your efforts helped increase sales and how you can bring more out of it. The best thing about Metrilo is that it allows you to access individual customer behavior. In this way, you know which of your customers are regularly buying the products, and it helps in driving repeated sales. Besides, it allows you to send all kinds of email campaigns to build a reliable relationship with your customers.


Data protection is necessary for every e-commerce business, whether large or small. The data storing software increase your website’s security and make backups convenient and straightforward. Small businesses that have just started up especially need data storing software to keep their website’s information safe and easy to access.

Carbonite is an ideal software to protect your small and large businesses from data loss as it efficiently stores and secures data. All the data is available in one place, making it easier for new online retailers. Carbonite protects all your essential data from hackers. Its other services include automatic cloud backup, rapid recovery, and 24-hours access to your information. You can quickly review your data no matter wherever you are.

However, Carbonite is not online storage. It is cloud backup. You cannot store your files just because you want to free up space from your computer. Its primary purpose is to back up the files so you can recover them quickly in case of any data loss.


Whether you are running a large e-commerce business or starting it from scratch, some robust tech tools are always necessary. They keep your website safe and help it grow. This review contains all the vital tech options related to different aspects of your business. They will not only keep it safe but also help you increase your sales and customer engagement. Although many of them will cost you money, their benefits and efficiency are worth considering. You will also get all your investment back in a short time with these tools.