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The Burden of Power: 5 Tips on How to Be a Good Boss Straight out of College



It is often deemed that executive roles require strategic planning and people management skills – traits gained through experience. So, when you take on a supervisory position right after graduation, it is only natural that you feel overwhelmed and even terrified.


However, remember that you wouldn’t have been hired if your employer thought you couldn’t handle the job. If you want some help accepting this challenge, here are some tips that can get you started on the right foot.

Do Your Research

Your company might train you in everything you need to know. Still, being well-prepared even before you show up on the training shows that you can take the initiative – a key skill for a leader. If you have any last-minute assignments to work on, delegate essay editing to so you can get into a research mode. Start by seeing out the management tools, resources, and training that your employer offers.

Make sure you have a firm grasp of the HR policies and other manuals. If possible, find out about the team you will be coordinating and look at their performance reviews, goals, and personal profiles.

Find a Mentor

While training is indeed beneficial, it will not prepare you for all the situations. For instance, how do you manage the budget? How do you deal with an underperforming employee? How do you handle things when your team has failed to keep up with the deadline?

On the bright side, other managers would have encountered the same challenges. Just like your senior can help you with academic tools, a mentor could guide you through this transition as well. Look for someone who can not only offer expertise but also confidentially discuss any issues with you. It’s even better if you can find a person within the company for this role.


Work on Your Interpersonal Skills

Apart from managerial responsibilities, being a boss requires you to build successful relationships. This applies to both clients and your team members. To be a good leader, you will have to earn your colleagues’ respect. The task demands much effort but is worth a try.

You will need to set time aside to connect with your employees. For example, you could tap into team-building exercises or social activities that will strengthen personal relationships while maintaining the bounds of professionalism. The trick is to find the balance between authority and being a part of your team.

Focus on Organization

As a student, you are used to handling all tasks yourself. You might rely on write my essay services to maintain academic success. Still, ultimately, you have to study and complete some assignments on your own.

As a boss, besides accomplishing set goals, you will have to oversee the performance of teammates. It will be impossible if you cannot put your own affairs in order. Lack of organization will set a bad example to your employees. Thus, effective working practices will save time and allow you to delegate duties properly.

Build Your Commercial Awareness

According to recruiters, most graduate managers overlook the importance of commercial awareness. Although you might have read up on this for your interview, keep updating your industry knowledge along the way.

Understanding your specific sector and the market space is crucial for the success of your firm. Moreover, you should be familiar with the political and economic aspects that could affect your business. Be aware of your company’s past as well, even if it requires you to look up information as old as Akkadian сuneiform. It will help you understand the journey of the company and identify the competition.

Being a boss is best suited for someone who sees challenges rather than problems in a situation. You have to think strategically and motivate others despite your busy schedule. As with anything else, being a respected and successful manager will necessitate hard work from your end.