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The Important Occasions You Should Remember In A Relationship And How To Make Them Unforgettable

In every relationship, there are many important dates to remember, from your first date to your first kiss, to all the life accomplishments that happen while you are together.


It is incredibly important to remember that just because you and your partner are together, the romance and love doesn’t have to end. Over time, we can all become a bit complacent and may find ourselves struggling to remember important dates and not provide the love and support our partners need.


While there are many ways to remember and honour these dates, here are a few tips and ideas to remember important dates in your relationships.

How can you Remember Dates (Especially when you Normally Forget them)

There are some great resources available that can help you ensure you are remembering the important dates in your relationship.

You can download a calendar app that is specifically geared to remember these dates in your relationship, a personalized memory book to keep all your dates in, or simply program important dates into your phone contact for that special someone.

This is a small effort that will go a long way in ensuring your partner is well remembered and happy on the dates that mean the most to them and your relationship.

These items are not only to remember important dates for your significant other but can also help you remember dates that are important to your family members or close friends. While you may be a loving and caring person, forgetting certain dates can make others feel less important than they truly are. Don’t allow this to happen, and make sure you are safeguarding and doing something special on these dates.

Here are some specific dates to remember and gift ideas to honour them!


In most romantic relationships, your anniversary will be the most special time to celebrate with your significant other. Anniversaries mark the passage of time together with your spouse and celebrating these yearly is incredibly common and expected.

Anniversaries are a great time to pick out the right gift for your partner, and this may be the time you purchase bigger gifts, such as jewelry, watches and electronics. Don’t be the person who gives their spouse a tie, don’t be the person who gives their wife cleaning materials; a new vacuum is not a gift, it is just a household purchase.


Ensure that the gift is sweet and means something, there are online sources where you can order customized pictures that have your anniversary inscribed in them, or you can even make a photo frame with the top song on the day you met.

Marking anniversaries with something sweet, and entirely for your partner will make a huge difference in how they feel and how they see your relationship.


Another one of the most commonly forgotten dates is birthdays. These days are meant to celebrate the birth of the love of your life, so don’t forget these dates and make sure you mark them with something special.

You don’t need to go all out for birthdays, and there are many cost-effective ways to celebrate them. Do something special, wake your spouse up with breakfast in bed and a small gift to commemorate their birth. Have you been waiting to buy a new game for your boyfriend, or send your girlfriend for a spa day? Birthdays can be a great time for this.

No matter what you choose, make sure you commemorate the day in a way they will enjoy and remember for years to come.


This significant moment in life is often forgotten and overlooked, or only celebrated by family members such as the parents of the graduate. If your sweetheart has been working hard at school for a long time, and they are finally graduating, it is important to mark this occasion, as it will generally only happen once.

A graduation gift doesn’t have to be anything large, you can even write sweet graduation wishes for your girlfriend and attach them to a bouquet, or do the same for your boyfriend, and give it to him with a new video game or watch. A special frame designed to house their tassel and a graduation photo can go a very long way with making a heartfelt impact on your loved one.

Not only will this make them feel special, but it will also help you to ensure you are being the best romantic partner you can be, by not putting aside this special moment and ensuring you celebrate it to the fullest.

Valentines Day

No relationship is complete without a sweet treat on Valentine’s day. This day is designed to specifically celebrate love and can be a great time to give a gift to your significant other. While some people choose not to celebrate this day, the majority of us do.

A nice teddy bear, some flowers and chocolates and a card are a great way to ensure your significant other does not feel forgotten and can show that you want to celebrate the love you share.

During Valentine’s day, you can give personalized and customized gifts, or you can simply grab a cute little teddy bear at the drug store and write a sweet note. No matter what you choose to do, your significant other will appreciate what you do, because you did it for them.


These are just a few of the important dates to remember for your significant other and a few suggestions for gifts. Don’t allow your partner to feel as if they don’t matter. Ensure that you are marking these occasions in the best way possible and making your spouse feel loved and appreciated.

Gifts don’t have to be material items, they can be small sentimental items of significance, or can even just be giving them the day off of housework. If your partner normally does the cooking, cook them breakfast in bed. If your partner normally does the laundry, do it for them. You can do many things that can make your partner feel loved and appreciated with little expense and little effort.