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What is Automated Direct Mail and How It Works

Paper mail has been an effective way to engage with customers with higher ROI but there were many challenges in the process that need to be addressed. Marketers introduced the concept of direct mail automation where physical mail is handled just like email campaigns.


Automated direct mail eliminated the manual steps associated with traditional mailing. Companies and marketers use APIs for direct mail to integrate automated direct mail with the rest of the automated marketing tools. The concept of direct mail automation is actually based on the traditional mailing model but the use of technologies and API for direct mail made this an innovative tool to build relations with customers and get 30X higher ROI than email campaigns.

Traditional Mailing vs. Automated Direct Mail

When we consider the mailing campaigns of big companies and organizations, we are talking about thousands of mails. Such a massive amount of mails needs expert teams and market resources to handle the timely delivery of your message to the target audience. The involvement of different entities not only complicates the process but also increases the probability of errors. Even if the deliveries are handled with extreme care, you are still unable to analyze the performance and monitor the campaign.

Automated direct mail solved all of the issues by using different APIs for direct mail. Instead of managing and optimizing the information with manual methods, different programs are used to optimize the mailing steps. The strategic flow of work not only saves time for the companies but the managers and the marketers can also analyze and monitor the campaign performance. Here is everything you need to know about direct mail automation:

  • Manage all mails through a digital and centralized platform
  • Ease the communication with API and tools
  • Let the marketing tools collaborate with each other and optimize the mailing process
  • Automate the content optimization process
  • Send event-specific mails to your audience and deliver the right message at the right time
  • Monitor and analyze the ROI, leads, and sales with your mails

How does Automated Direct Mail work?

If you want to incorporate direct mail automation for your business, first you need to decide whether you want to use bespoke API for direct mail or do you want to use any sending platform. Direct mail campaigns require different teams to work on the same project. Direct mail automation is an intelligent approach where everything is handled and monitored with advance and smart technologies. The customized collateral for the audience allows the marketers to deliver the message more effectively to the interested individuals.


Automated direct mail campaigns may seem useless in recent times but stats indicate that most people from different sectors of life open their mails daily. Automated mail campaigns offer clear and simplified data to address the masses. Costs may be higher than email or typical marketing campaigns but the ROI is better than any other option available in the marketing sector.