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Things You Need to Learn About Design From the Successful Businesses Out There

You have just started a new business and you also have a decent number of clients. But you want to reach more people. Deciding to expand your business on the World Wide Web, you login onto your computer. In hopes to yourself design the website that you need, you watch a few YouTube videos] and feel confident. But – Domains, Hosting, Linux, SSL, Cloud, Shared, Woo-commerce, WordPress, Logo, – it doesn’t end. You realize it is something you need help with. Now what?


When you are starting a new website or business, it can be exciting and stressful at the same time. You have to sort out multiple things – premises, furniture, logo, and more. There, in the mix, you need to throw in a designer. But do you actually need a logo or a website when you are starting a business?


Should You or Should You Not?

Let’s take a look at an imaginary Peter who’s starting a brand new grocery delivery business. Peter wants to start this business because he feels that his local community is under-catered. At this very early stage of Peter’s business, he believes that it may not be the best idea to invest what little budget he has into having an expensive website and logo designed.

It’s much better that he uses those finite resources in raising awareness of his service in other ways – flyers, brochures, and whatnot. Two years down the line, especially during the pandemic, Peter finally decides that he needs to take his business online if he has to survive.

Now, let’s look at case two. Sarah recently completed her “chef-school” and opened a small confectionery business in the area. She decided that to reach more people; she has to take her business online. Therefore, she gets in touch with DesignBro to get herself the perfect website and logo designed.

With the professionalism of the experts and her inputs, her abstract ideas start getting a shape. Her website finally goes live, and two years down the road, she’s a major hit with things remaining consistent, if not great, even during pandemic times.

So, which was more beneficial in the long run?

When people see a logo or a website, it’s there to trigger an emotion or a memory. It basically establishes and enhances a connection to the brand. Online presence adds up to it and helps in reaching more people.

Why is Design Important?

The digital medium is a rat-race of people trying to succeed. But the best part is that everyone gets the same opportunity. There is no bias. With the right practices, it won’t take you much time to reach the “dream-level,” and this is where design comes in.


  • First Impression is the Last Impression
  • SEO score is directly proportional to More Traffic
  • Trust and Consistency
  • Competitors are Doing it, then why should you not

What is DesignBro?


DesignBro is a digital marketing and graphic designing platform that raised €400,000 in their Q4 funding, a totally unexpected number. Staying relevant, especially during the pandemic, has been a tough job for many. The free graphic generators and Google’s AI has only added to that disruption.

Amidst all this, DesignBro never squandered and stayed solid through it all. Now, they want to level up the game with their highly professional group of experts and designers. Promising high-quality and affordable design services, DesignBro has taken the virtual designing world by storm.

Christiaan, the CEO, believes, “Our current satisfaction score is 98%. However, as a startup, DesignBro is not that popular yet. That’s why we will take advantage of the ‘gig economy’ in the US. 60% of our customers reside there. With our financial resources, we intend to become a US-based Series-A investment in 2021. This will enable us to become a premier design company.”


Why DesignBro?

One of the biggest reasons why you need web design are the competitors. If you want to put up a fight and leave them behind, you also need to indulge in the best practices. To get more leads, you must have an appealing website. How do you get an appealing website and logo? Well, at DesignBro.

DesignBro connects the customers directly with the designers, hence bridging the gap. This helps convey the client’s ideas better and get their designs delivered as per their taste. If you are looking for a logo service, here are some fantastic things that will come in the bundle:

  • About 3 to 10 unique logo designs
  • Designs as per your taste – minimalist, custom, modern, original
  • Exceptional designers who have previously worked on Carlsberg, Starbucks, Kiehl’s, Havana Club, Dulux
  • An appealing refund policy if you don’t like what you get (Well, that will hardly happen)
About the CEO and CTO

DesignBro did not come alive in a single day. Behind this promising brand that we know, today is the vision of the CEO Christian Hyunen and the CTO and Co-Founder Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk. With over two decades of experience combined in different industries, including IT, designing, and marketing, the two are the working brains behind the company that is eyeing the US markets today.


To Conclude

How many times have you bookmarked a website, not because the interface was smooth but because the design was great? Your brand is much more than just a small aspect. It is just the tip of the iceberg, and the vision and mission should be apparent with your ideas. To do that, you need to build a reputation. And in the vast snickets and ginnels of the internet, designing makes that much-needed difference. DesignBro is just making just that!