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How to Create Cloud Storage

The first effective media were paper. In the 20th century, humanity switched to electronic. And more recently, cloud storage has emerged.


Cloud data storage is a storage model in which files are not located on a specific media or server, but on distributed servers in the network. He connects to a specific node and gets access to his files. To build a data warehouse is not difficult.

“Cloud” is the space allocated to the user on the hard disk of a server. This space can is almost like a regular folder.

Indeed, a special folder is created on it. The peculiarity of this folder is as follows: everything that gets into it is immediately transferred to the cloud. In a word – the contents of the local folder are synchronized with the folder, situated on the server. So many users ask how to build data warehouse. So a lot of users ask how to build data warehouse.

What does the use of the cloud give to a common user?

For a simple user, cloud storage offers many interesting advantages. Your files, which were placed in the special folder attached to the service, begin to sync immediately. By uploading photos, documents, for example, the users can be absolutely sure that there are the files, which are safely stored in a safe place. It doesn’t matter what happened to the computer – even a hard drive failure, all the documents would still remain totally safe and sound. As for the cloud, it can be accessed anytime. And it doesn’t matter from where and from which place. For this users just have to use any PC with the Internet. Any cloud allows you to instantly share a file from the cloud with friends by generating special links. Most of the storages give great possibility for connection of any cloud folder to the accounts of friends or colleagues – for collaboration, for example. With this help the users don’t have to bother them with mail, sending each other an Excel file by mail for revision. They can just install the warehouse client from any place and any computer. So the users have an opportunity to “take work home”. The folder on your work computer is instantly synchronized with the folder on your home computer. This makes it possible not to suffer with a flash card.

What can you do with cloud storage?

Keep copies of important data. Although backups require a lot of space, they are extremely important. With their help, the user always has the opportunity to recover information. With the help of cloud can be created place to store photos of important moments for you.

Create collaboration with all the colleagues and friends to get them opportunity to organize work on one file at a time. In such a way can be given access to the storage to multiple people. They can use the files at any time. As a result, the duplicate documents are not created. Everyone works in one and the same file. As for the changes, which were done, they are visible.

The transfer of photos and videos can be done really quickly. Nowadays it’s rather easy to send them to each other without any problematic approach. Some messengers limit the size of the transferred file in data warehouse example, while others take a long time to send a heavy file. When using the cloud, the user can give access to the server or a link to a specific file and thus speed up the transfer of material.

Cloud storage benefits

  • Access to data from different devices via the Internet. This makes it easier to work with information for both individual users and businesses.
  • Reliability. The cloud storage is maintained by qualified specialists who closely monitor the health of the equipment. They are also constantly updating hardware and software.
  • Saving. No need to buy hard drives, flash drives, servers and equipment for them. Some companies even offer a low-storage cloud for free.
  • Security. The servers are stored in the data center, which is guarded around the clock. Inside, video surveillance, fire extinguishing and backup power systems are organized.

To sum up

In general, the question how to build data warehouse definitely deserves the attention of everyone who dreamed of their own cloud storage, independent of the whims of developers. Taking into account the fairly standard requirements for the host and the availability of clear instructions, any user can figure out the installation and configuration in whose head the idea of ​​organizing such a personal service has arisen. Together with the appendages in the form of all kinds of applications and the availability of code for everything and all advanced users will be able to turn OwnCloud into a strictly personalized working environment tailored for their own needs, but the use of only basic functionality quite qualitatively implements the basic and most common needs: storage and exchange of data.