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What are the Most Popular Student Graphic Design Competitions

All over the world, with the inception of social media and imaginative arts, graphic designing competitions have paved an entire pathway to showcase your creative side to the experts in the field and clientele. Additionally, if your work is good enough, your portfolio grows stronger by being featured in the top graphic blogs that the whole community keeps a watch on.


Moreover, by not limiting yourself to social media and freelancing, you are potentially promoting your

design work to the whole globe to get noticed by prominent institutions for better opportunities. As a student graphic designer, you should invest your time and talent for recognition and a better portfolio by participating in website competitions and popular awards even if you are not confident about your work.

For the convenience of yours, we have enlisted the best student graphic design competitions that you may want to participate in without worrying about who would do my homework now?

1. D&AD Impact and Blood Awards:

Now a mighty name, D&AD was first introduced in 1962 by a group of art directors and designers frustrated about industry standards and creative miscommunication with the name of British Design & Art Direction. In the following year, they organized their first competitive award event with the participation of over 2500 designers. From which, only 16 were deemed worthy.

Today, the standards of D&AD are still considered the mightiest with the same pickiness and respect for the best.

D&AD impact award lets you participate with your projects that are already published and is not meant for the graphic designers who are just starting out. Annually, more than 400 judges from every corner of the world – specializing in advertising, crafts, graphic designing, and production – review your submission from different categories to choose the top 16 who get featured in the massively respected D&AD Yellow Pencil.

The Blood award is open to all. From a student graphic designer to a professional animator, if you have a passion for art, you get Blood. D&AD blood award is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the giants of today’s world like Spotify and BBC. There are no limits for the number of submissions in different categories.

2. Indigo Awards:

You can participate in the highly prestigious Indigo awards with the concepts and works produced within five years of the submission date. Indigo believes in an open to world concept that promotes mutually beneficial award ceremonies involving the world press.

Anyone with a passion for any graphics-related works like graphic designing, UI/UX designing, branding can participate in the Indigo award that is held annually.

With their vast range of categories and limitless submissions allowed, there is something for every creative mind like yours. Whether you are a student, graduate, freelancer, or industry professional, your work will be promoted and credited through the Indigo Book of Design globally.

Indigo takes plagiarism quite seriously and is a strict ground of elimination with hate speech, bigotry, and sexism.

3. AGDA Best Design Awards:

AGDA is THE standard of the communication design industry and a lead member of the International Council of Graphic Design Organization with over 187 member associations in 56 countries. In light of that, there’s no doubt that the AGDA award is going to be a stepping stone for your graphic design career as a student.

Contradictory to the other popular awards, AGDA generalizes the categories into print, identity, motion, and digital; making the competition quite fierce. As they introduce themselves as a representative of the communication industry, relevance to the audience carries a lot of weight in the judging process with innovation and execution.

The jury meets up in a facility for three days to judge the top talents in their respective fields assisted by AGDA representatives to quickly resolve any issue with the submissions like anomaly and plagiarism.

Any three of these awards should be enough to headstart your career as a student graphic designer. We recommend that you participate in all three of the awards with the best of you.