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Is It Worth Running a Blog?


Blogging is a popular medium, people share and discuss information, which is in writing, photography, and other media published online. Blogs are straightforward to create so that anyone can go into blogging. Since we are in the digital era, and the majority of people are online, blogs are ways to get people’s attention from different parts of the world.


As easy as it is to create a blog, is running it worth it? Yes! Blogging has a lot to offer, not only for you but others. Besides bonus no deposit, blogging is not a waste of time; instead, tons of benefits are attached to it.

Promote brands

Gone are the days where people marketed their product verbally and tried to get customers, but this day, products could get customers online. Through blogs, businesses could get traffic for sale.

Make money

You can monetize your blog on Google Adsense by subscribing to ads on your blog. The more traffic is driven to your blog, the more clicks on the ads; so, the more money google pays you. You can also make money through Affiliate marketing, where you can market various products on behalf of producers, which you later get a commission if people visit your blog. Furthermore, you can publish your eBooks or written articles online for sale. There are still numerous ways to make money.

Establishing expertise in your niche

Whatever niche you are an expert in, a blog opens a floor where you can establish yourself by writing information, creating media about your niche. It builds and sharpens your art of writing and whatever art you are into.

Room for connection

The World Wide web is open to everyone in this world. Through blogging, you can connect with other people, share ideas, contacts, and information. A lot of bloggers have gotten jobs, met with people they never imagined meeting in their life.

Learning new skills

When starting a blog, you will be forced to learn new skills you never intend to learn. This skill makes you stand out among others. Examples are:

  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Web design
  • Content Management.

People see blogging as a waste of time and energy, so they end up saying blogs running aren’t worthwhile. There are some qualities it requires to get you the best result. Here are three main qualities:

  • Patience: blogs take time to grow. You might not have the expected outcome immediately; so, patience is required.
  • Consistency: You wouldn’t want to start a blog and abandon it. Sometimes, it gets boring when running a blog. Consistency makes blogging worthwhile.
  • Diligence: Updating your blog always requires diligence. Diligence will not let you relent in your effort to keep your audience glued to your blog website.


Blogs are accessible for all, and through them, people can get articles, posts, or media that has proffer solutions to their problems. Through them, voices have been heard worldwide. Skills have been learned, and money has been made. It is worth the time and energy to run a blog.