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Why Epoxy Flooring is the Best Design Option for Your Garage

Do you find the need to refurbish your garage’s concrete surface or revamp your commercial space? Epoxy flooring is the best to design your outlay with. It comes along with a lot of other advantages bringing both safety and beauty your way.


If this somehow doesn’t settle your concerns, here’s why epoxy flooring is the best in business for your garage.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floor coating is prepared using epoxide resin polyamine hardener and other additives and is often used as an adhesive. Mixed with different elements forming a chemical reaction, it furnishes your floor with new endurance and stability. Additionally, there is more that favors epoxy flooring being the right choice for your surface.

A cost-effective solution

Epoxy cuts off the extra costs of purchasing new tile/vinyl, including the installation costs. More so, you don’t even need to spare your time scrapping your old flooring opting for an epoxy finish.

It only requires a few coats in place with the drying time to set a smooth and bright look to your surface. Nonetheless, it is best to seek professional help for the course to avoid poor application practices. While at it, ensure you get along with a reliable equipment provider like to ensure your flooring project is handled perfectly.

Resistance again various factors

Epoxy marks resistance against several harmful elements that tend to encroach your garage space. It can withstand the effects of heavy shock, heat, water, and corrosive chemicals.

  • Heat: Typical epoxies can resist the heat of 200 degrees Fahrenheit while the one with the phosphorus content works for relatively higher degrees.
  • Shock: If you fear heavy topplings dropping and damaging your floor, then epoxy is the one right solution to calm the rage. Featuring high resistance and toughness, a thick layer of epoxy doesn’t let any tool or machinery leave an impact on the surface.
  • Chemicals: The epoxy coating doesn’t allow the chemicals or fluids from your car to seep into the concrete. Any residues left will not affect your flooring, and you can easily wipe them off in the meantime.

Seals defects and sleek appearance

Epoxy flooring makes up for any damage that your floor may have sustained earlier. It offers you various designs and tones to cover up defects without disturbing the setting of your garage area.

More so, the shiny finish produces an authentic look complementing any decorative lightning you got in place. To add more to the decorum, you can also put decorative chips of mica or quartz to the epoxy mixture for a mottled look.

Easy to maintain

With epoxy flooring, you don’t require any heavy cleaning appliances for its upkeep. You can clean the dust or other particles that your car may leave behind using a broom, mop, or vacuum.

However, ensure avoiding using acidic products for the cleaning as they might dampen the shiny surface. Instead, you can use detergent and water to wipe out the grime while maintaining the smooth, supple ground of the epoxy.

Convenient for different vehicle types

Epoxy’s tensile strength makes it suitable for parking heavy weighing vehicles for prolonged periods. On the other hand, its uniform and polished surface works to maintain the shape and configuration of the tires.

Adding epoxy to the concrete will enhance your flooring to provide better support for your cars and cause less automotive troubles.

Provides protection

Epoxy works as a protective covering overlaying the concrete surface. The membrane-like coating bonds with the rough underlying flooring, preserving it from the wears and tears.

Epoxy’s multiple layering and bonding contribute to the enhanced durability of the flooring, constraining any defects from showing up.