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3 Tips For Designing Killer Waterproof Labels


Labels mark brand identity, exactly what they’re supposed to do. Did you know that waterproof labels are put in use to protect against environmental hazards which pose a risk for exposure to water or moisture in general during manufacturing, storage and transport? How eco friendly would such labels be if implemented on your brand or business!


Aside from that, materials such as polyester and vinyl are perfect to help the label become durable and withstand harsh conditions, sticking to your product like it was meant to be.

As a result, the market has recognized a rise in the demand for clear waterproof labels as opposed to stickers and glossy labels which can rub off and tear up from being moist.

Killer waterproof labels need a stunning look. Not only should they be durable but also your brand influence should be, in the customer’s mind. Do you need to implement that wow factor upon a customer’s interaction with your brand? Do you want to know how to make waterproof labels? Well read on and know how.

The entire label must be waterproof

Every single layer in your brand label should be waterproof. This is inclusive of the material, the adhesive, the face and the print that you need to add. Labels which are produced with a face waterproof material will have an adhesive that is waterproof, for matching purposes.

You can’t stand your brand label having sections missing after getting exposed to moisture. At 4OVER4, we make sure your entire label is made of the right material which is polyethylene or polyester.

Is your business or brand directly related or does it involve bottled liquid products? Polypropylene material is a great option to implement fully waterproof labels for bottles. The material provides production of fully durable, strong, vibrant and tear resistant labels with an aggressive high-grade waterproof adhesive.

Choose a printer that provides waterproof printing

Not every or any other printer can be used to produce waterproof labels. 4OVER4 focuses on using the right and preferred printers which will help your brand have the best waterproof labels on your products. Standard desktop printers, further classified into either inkjet or laser printers, are used in production.

Laser printers are mainly put into use because they use a process of dry printing in toner bonding. This is done on the surface via pressure and heat eventually producing a print that is waterproof.

Inkjet printers, an alternative to printing waterproof labels with laser printers, use inks considered as water-based. They smudge or run if they come into contact with moist surfaces, environments, or water. Having a variety of printing options also proves a variety of quotes for each printing method. If your brand prefers to use an inkjet printer for waterproof labels, then 4OVER4 will have to source inks that aren’t water-based and tend to be more special and hence an expensive product. However, Laser printing is equally a valid option to having your perfect waterproof labels printed.

Use waterproof poly sheet labels

As mentioned earlier, the materials used for printing quality waterproof labels include; polyethylene or polyester. Other materials which might be thought of being waterproof won’t beat these. However, the factor of consideration would be durability in conjunction with a wow factor to deliver the best customer experience. Poly sheets are not ‘indestructible’ but long lasting and durable.

As a brand owner, bear in mind that after implementing a product with a waterproof label, it is not meant to withstand all sorts of conditions that will have moisture. 4OVER4’s waterproof labels are produced with industry standard material which at one time, will reach their limit and show signs of damage such as fading out. These are the limits these can endure before such occurs.

Using such waterproof poly sheet labels will save you the cost of having your product unidentified, if early wear and tear is reached, noting inability to withstand moist environments for a longer period.


Custom waterproof labels are an option for any brand that requires proper and durable labelling for their product. Waterproof labels for bottles are a perfect example of what 4OVER4 can deliver to your brand and keep your product identified in the market. Hold on, don’t give up so easily, our waterproof labels won’t!